AT&T Galaxy Note

If you're looking to be the cool kid on the block by being one of the first to get a Samsung Glaxy Note from AT&T in your hands, Best Buy is where you'll want to sign up. They've opened up pre-orders for the device and to sweeten the deal a bit further, they'll be tossing in a free flip cover case. Pre-orders start Feb. 5 -- that's this Sunday -- with the device being available Feb. 19 for $300.

Source: Best Buy


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Best Buy opening Samsung Galaxy Note pre-orders with free Flip Cover Case offer


Ok, so I really want this phone. But I've heard horror stories about AT&T, especially in Washington, DC. (Coverage, data caps, etc.) Does anyone know if this phone is coming to Sprint? Is anyone will to jump ship from Verizon for this phone? Maybe I should ask this in the forums...

I'm not from DC but I am strongly considering this phone. I have accounts on VZW and ATT. My experience has been that VZW has better overall coverage, but I've never had an issue with ATT in a built up area (urban). So, no I'm not willing to jump ship from VZW, I also have no complaints towards ATT, except possibly their useless cust service reps, but that's true on VZW as well.

the flip cover is like the original Note back cover, but with a front flip. You have to detached the original battery cover and replace it with the Flip cover. Its one piece. Its pretty cool..especially the White Note. Do you think AT&T has a rebate plan for the Note?

so Verizon has the G-Nex now and AT&T will have the G-Note in a couple of weeks. come on Sprint! release the G-Nex!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wanting this thing ever since it was announced. I really hope it comes to Sprint in some variation.

This is cool, but these covers seem to last about a month or so before falling apart.

Still, between this, and the $50 gift card that can be applied to the phone purchase if you sign up by the 12th, it's hard to see a reason not to order from BB.

too bad Bestbuy will charge like $200 more for them off contract than anyone else. So, you're paying $200 for a case.

One thing I just noticed is that AT&T I believe said the phones would be delievered by Friday the 17th if you order from them. I already have a case planned so I might just go that route instead of waiting till Sunday. We'll see.