AT&T Galaxy Note

If you're looking to be the cool kid on the block by being one of the first to get a Samsung Glaxy Note from AT&T in your hands, Best Buy is where you'll want to sign up. They've opened up pre-orders for the device and to sweeten the deal a bit further, they'll be tossing in a free flip cover case. Pre-orders start Feb. 5 -- that's this Sunday -- with the device being available Feb. 19 for $300.

Source: Best Buy

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EvanGMan says:

Ok, so I really want this phone. But I've heard horror stories about AT&T, especially in Washington, DC. (Coverage, data caps, etc.) Does anyone know if this phone is coming to Sprint? Is anyone will to jump ship from Verizon for this phone? Maybe I should ask this in the forums...

JtothaR says:

I'm not from DC but I am strongly considering this phone. I have accounts on VZW and ATT. My experience has been that VZW has better overall coverage, but I've never had an issue with ATT in a built up area (urban). So, no I'm not willing to jump ship from VZW, I also have no complaints towards ATT, except possibly their useless cust service reps, but that's true on VZW as well.

kembry says:

What does the flip cover case look like? Is it leather?

rchap says:

If I had a guess it would be this one.

I already pre-ordered a decent leather case on ebay, but I'm sure it won't be here for a bit because it has to come from Korea.

jkarlo76 says:

the flip cover is like the original Note back cover, but with a front flip. You have to detached the original battery cover and replace it with the Flip cover. Its one piece. Its pretty cool..especially the White Note. Do you think AT&T has a rebate plan for the Note?

Gekko says:

so Verizon has the G-Nex now and AT&T will have the G-Note in a couple of weeks. come on Sprint! release the G-Nex!!!!!!!!!!

deltatko says:

I've been wanting this thing ever since it was announced. I really hope it comes to Sprint in some variation.

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Uncle Louie says:

+ 4

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E_man says:

This is cool, but these covers seem to last about a month or so before falling apart.

Still, between this, and the $50 gift card that can be applied to the phone purchase if you sign up by the 12th, it's hard to see a reason not to order from BB.

gravage says:

too bad Bestbuy will charge like $200 more for them off contract than anyone else. So, you're paying $200 for a case.

konman795 says:

Do the price match.

rchap says:

One thing I just noticed is that AT&T I believe said the phones would be delievered by Friday the 17th if you order from them. I already have a case planned so I might just go that route instead of waiting till Sunday. We'll see.


Verizon, hello? Verizon, hello?