Best Buy Cloud Music

Best Buy this morning officially rolled out its Music Cloud service available on Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices. It aims to make storing your music simple, allowing access on all these devices from just a single upload.

The basic "lite" package allows web streaming, along with 30 seconds of each song from your mobile device, but for $3.99 a month you can upgrade to the premium package which will give you all of your music on the go (no limit announced yet) along with thousands of web radio stations.

For just shy of $50 / year the Best Buy Music Cloud appears to fall in line with other services, especially if there is no upload cap. Be sure to check it out, and let us know how it compares to the others, like Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music for you.

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Best Buy Music Cloud hopes to draw cross platform users


Have they even considered the fact that every broadband carrier in the US is moving to make this business model impossible through the use of data caps?

Beat me to it, dvddecrypter.

Was going to say that Best Buy is probably wishing they'd got this out before the verizon leaks re: tiered data. Are people really going to want to pay an extra 50 a year for something that will chew up their data allotment faster? mm, don't think so.
Be better off investing that 50 into a larger memory card, and just taking your music with you.

The idea of paying $4/month to access my own music doesnt exactly blow up my skirt. Plus, as others mentioned above, tiered data caps are going to make this rather expensive. I like the idea of cloud storage, but there are some things that need ironed out. Until then, I'll just keep my music/data storage local.

The fact that it's Be$t Buy makes it an automatic "No" for me.

Also, the fact that data is now limited is probably what prompted them to jump on the bandwagon. Limited data = people paying full price but not using their servers as much. Profit!

Amazon's service is free up to 5GB and 20GB is only like $1.67 (or free thru this year if you buy an album, even a $1 album). Google Music is free in beta with a pretty high capacity limit. How is Best Buy's service competitive at all?

I would also like to add that you better make sure all your mp3's hash values do not match any that would be found on torrent sites. These cloud storage servers will be goldmines for feds with broad warrants looking for hash files of known pirated material. On top of that your name and billing info is now attached to the account. It's easy pickings and it would only take a minute to scan billions of files for violations. Many may think this could be a good place to launder their stolen music but I would argue not.

This is all a big experiment and many in the industry see big profit in moving to a thin client environment for the consumer. Take away all of our hard drives and you take away the control. At some point you won't even own music, you will pay to have the right to listen to it for as long as the provider deems you can. Miss a payment? Your entire music collection is gone. Want it back? Pay a penalty.

This is not the direction we want to go as consumers, but I feel pretty safe in the fact that a majority of consumers can't even figure out what the hell is being sold here.

Although this service is $3.99 per month, I can see where it will have benefits. Per to TOS, you can use the service on up to 5 PC's and 5 mobile devices. Between my wife and I, we have over 500 albums that we have ripped to itunes and we both have android phones. My daughter also has an Iphone and we have a Xoom, so we could use this service across all 4 devices with a single subscription.

I used to have a Zune Pass subscription for $14.99, but that was getting to be more of a hassle than it was worth, plus you were stuck using a Zune (which is not a bad device). I just got tired of carrying an extra device.

As for people afraid of getting caught for piracy. Well, if you pirate music you probably wont use these services. If not, you have nothing to worry about. Cloud services like this are an alternative, not a replacement. As I see it, you can still go through the task of putting the physical files on your SD card if you want, but that is getting to be too much of a pain for me with the amount of music I have in my collection.