Get upThis came from one of LG's original Android phones (I forget which one exactly). I've been using it every morning for a couple years, and have realized it is the best alarm in the world.

On a good morning, it's cheerful and makes me smile while I reach over to shut things down. On a bad (and very possibly hungover) morning, it makes me want to kick things and I can't get up fast enough to shut it off. Either way gets me out of bed — and that's what it was designed to do.

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The best alarm sound in the world


Still waiting for an alarm clock from the old warner bros. cartoons that has a mallet that hits you when the alarm sounds to get up

Actually, the best alarm is Evolving Dream.. just ported it over from my BB9930 to my HTC One. I really missed it, I'm happy now ;)
The same with my ringer, I really loved Spirit from my 9930, now its on my One

Evolving Dream's what I use too! It starts out so nicely, and is downright blaring ugly by the end to make sure you're up. Love it.

Seriously I want to know how many times this gets downloaded just because you recommended it

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Could be Worse: My son uses the Prometheus Siren for his wake up, and every morning is an emergency!

That is a terrible alarm. Any of the default nexus 4 alarms get me up just fine without me feeling disgusted LOL.

I agree. It is awful. But I guess it must be a matter of personal taste. I would not want to wake up to that.

I think the point of an alarm IS to be awful. Has to be something that'll immediately get you up so you can turn it off. A sound you hate is the perfect choice.

I like this alarm though.

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Right click on the "download it here" link at the end of the article and, if using Chrome, select "Save link as". That option may be different based on the browser you use.

Grr, wish I could delete and/or edit comments on AC....

On a second try, it worked. No idea why it failed on the first try.

meh... i rather have the one that comes with the Oppo Find 5... which is almost the same as the ringtone used on the Nokia phone when in Matrix Morpheus calls Neo...

Download straight to your device. Then (I use astro) find it in your download folder and move it to your alarms folder.voila.

If I used this, my girlfriend would probably smash my phone and then snuff me with a pillow while I slept through it all.

I need a Sam Kinison ringtone, something that screams, "GET THE F@#$ UP!!! OH!!! OHHHHH!!!! YOU'RE SO LAZY!!!! GET THE F@#$ UUUUUUUHHHHHPPPPPPPPPP!!!!"

Lol! I like your idea of the Sam Kinison "wake up alarm" ringtone.

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I would probably kill myself if I woke up to that. But different people are different.

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If you're on your phone and using Chrome, press and hold on the download link and choose the Save Link option.

I know I heard this before I just cant remember where thought :( maybe it was on my sisters old android phone but either way ... this is one way to wake you up :)

Omg, I had this for my alarm when I was in Korea. My little lg slide phone had it and it definitely pissed off my wife, so here goes round two! Almost forgot about it, although I think I still ha e the phone somewhere...

Ok I just listened to that at 4pm in the afternoon and I wanted to throw my laptop across the room. This tells me its a PERFECT file for a wake up alarm.

Jerry.....hats off to you.

No way. I'd wake up just so I could turn it off and go back to sleep.

On another note though, I'd like the outro music from the podcast as a ringtone. What are my chances of that likely to be?

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My favorite is the opening theme from Space Quest 4, makes me feel epic every morning

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I put the classic Batman song up to get my day rolling. Everyday is a mission.

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I use the default buzz from Gentle Alarm. It is hideous, which is just what I need at 6:30.

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I wake up to The Leaving Song PT. 2, by AFI. That opening riff is a nice gentle wake-up, and if that doesn't work, the blasting guitars and screaming that follows will damn sure get you moving.

I use SOAD - Chop Suey, cut to start at exactly "WAKE UP" and play the first verse/chorus.

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Ha ha ha awww shiyte. I love it. But I like my phone to much to listen to this. (At risk of throwing it against the wall every morning)

This will definitely get the wife out of bed. She is going to hate it. Can't wait to try it.

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I use the Bondax alarm clock, amazing tune with a big finish, always makes me smile first thing

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I use the opening theme from the title screen in the Kingdom hearts games for ps2

swyping just like a swympingly swyperston swyper

I've known about this sound for about six years and it still amazes me how much this 22-second clip makes me want to punch someone in the face, every time I hear it.

Sorry Jerry, that would see me reaching for a mallet on day two. I had no idea you were this perky in the mornings.

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Everyone has different tastes, I guess. I definitely do not need an alarm sound so annoying that will make me want to kill myself first thing in the morning.

That's Pretty funny jerry. I either wake up to Woo Hoo by the 5,6,7,8s (as heard in kill bill) or Bang the Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren. Need something to get my blood moving. If I want something mellow I set the Sandford and Son theme song.

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I wake to smooth jazz the am host kinda sounds like Barry White talking. I'm always ready for the day and never wake annoyed.

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Thank you for this! This alarm sound is the perfect combination of cheerful and annoying. It will definitely get me out of bed.

I would have to download this on my teenager's phone and watch her squirm.

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I use this one every day on my Optimus V and have for the last two and a half years. It's AWESOME! My kids love it too.

Lol I've been using this for about a year. After I get up, I use it to wake the girls up for school. They love it!

Possibly only us Brits will know this one...

My alarm tone is called 'Chicken Man', but to anyone here in Blighty it's known as the Theme Tune to 'Grange Hill'

I've got the original length version (which does go on a bit!!) and an edited 'TV Theme' version to choose from! :)

rolling stone's start me up on one phone and coldplay's postcards from far away on the other.

I either use Freebird, by Lynrd Skynrd,on my android, or the default alarm on the BB10 alarm. It is very gentle in waking me up.....Freebird for when I get too little sleep and need a jolt.

This will not wake me up in the morning... download zedge then search for 1) extreme alarm 2) rooster

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I had this on my LG NV and ENV before Android was even around. Still hate that tone...

I use Monday Morning by Student Rick or Mario Underground.

Different people like to be woken differently. Some hit over the head, others gently. I'm in the latter group.
That being said, this ring tone makes me want to go to star on project runway and design a dress, or become a hairdresser. And there's nothing wrong with that, because I'm FABULOUS!!!

I've been using an mp3 of Nick Drake's, From the Morning since the old Pocket PC PDA days. Best wake up song I've ever found!

Sorry, that's just way too obnoxious for me. My alarm ring tone is Gentle Spring Rain, set to slowly increase in volume over 2 minutes. Wakes me up without "alarming" me. :)

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This use to be my FAVORITE alarm when I was with BlackBerry. I had no choice but to get up! It was ANNOYING!!!! lol THANK YOU!!!!

I am digging this alarm. Downloaded and will be using it tomorrow. I also like the Scott Pilgrim alarm. Also downloaded and will be used on a future date.

Doesn't matter if it's bad or good (what is it), the important thing is that it really wake me up !

Thank you very much !!!

I hear this one all the time on my mom's LG dumbphone, an MN240 (sp?) on MetroPCS. I couldn't agree more about the dual nature it has -_-.

Love/hate this alarm, lol. It was stock on the LG Optimus Black that I just upgraded to a Nexus 5. I have been listening to it every weekday for a couple of yrs. My wife just told me yesterday that she missed it and here it is. Thanks for the download. :-D

My ipod has a "boing" sound that cuts through my dreams like a well sharpened hatched through a chicken's neck. I don't know what it is about it. On the first "boing", I snap to sitting up, pulling two gs in the motion, before the first " boing" has finished. I have never reacted with such intensity to any sound in my life. It's as if I have been hit with a cattle prod. And before the third "boing" has completed, before I am even conscious, I've turned it off. It is, for me, the single most effective sound that ha ever shattered my sleep.