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Top 10 travel apps for Android

The best travel apps for Android

With these apps your Android phone or tablet becomes an essential travel companion There are a whole bunch of great apps available in the Google Play Store for those of us who travel, be it regularly or only occasionally. Whatever the trip, whatever the purpose, with an Android smartphone in...
Android Keyboards

The 5 best keyboard apps for Android

Tap away to your heart's content with these great keyboards for your Android device One of the perks Android users have long since enjoyed is the ability to switch out the stock keyboard for a more preferable third-party solution. As the years have passed, the selection has got bigger and the...
The best free Android games

The best free Android games

Did you just pick up a new Android device? Maybe you’re looking for a new, cheap way to kill time? You’re in luck - we’ve got some games here that look and play great on the big and small screen alike, and they’re all available for the low, low price of free. It’s worth keeping in mind that...
Podcast apps

The six best podcast apps for Android

Get the very best podcast experience with these 6 great apps While we usually think of our mobile devices as great for music listening of all kinds, increasingly our Android phones and tablets are being used for listening to podcasts. We produce a bunch of them here at Mobile Nations, and...

The best Android apps for Chromecast

The Chromecast is a fantastic little device that has quickly made our TVs leagues smarter than they were before. Every day new Chromecast-friendly Android apps are beaming all sorts of new content to the big screen, and it's getting to the point where finding the really great ones can be a...
The best adult Android apps

The best adult apps for Android [NSFW]

In an ocean of apps done poorly, these rise to the top If you're reading this, chances are you have an awesome pocket computer running Android at your disposal. Today's Android phones and tablets can pretty much do anything, and that includes things of an adult nature. We want to help you find...
The Best Verizon Prepaid phones of 2015

The Best Verizon Prepaid phones of 2015

We’re taking a good hard look at the selection of Verizon prepaid phones available, and are rounding them all up here for your reference.
The best T-Mobile phones of 2015

The best T-Mobile phones of 2015

We’re compiling the very best T-Mobile phones across all platforms, so you can take a quick look at a glance, and find more information easily. Whether you’re a long-time T-Mobile subscriber, or you’re switching and want to find out what’s available at a glance, this should help you out.
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The Best Tablets

The Best Tablets

These are the best tablets that you can buy right now. We spend a lot of time across Mobile Nations looking at what’s hot, and this handy reference should help you quickly assess the latest and greatest.
These are the best Android Wear smartwatches

These are the best Android Wear smartwatches

Our continuously updated list of the best Android Wear watch you can wear It's been a number of months since we last updated our list of the best Android Wear smartwatches. And in that time the number of watches available has increased yet again. The early choice was pretty clear, as the Moto...
The Best Android Phones of 2015

The Best Android Phones of 2015

What is it that makes a phone a great phone? There are a dozen measurable factors and a dozen more that are purely subjective. But in 2015 there are a lot of excellent choices for an Android phone, both flagship and entry-level. Simply put, these are the best Android smartphones you can buy.

These are the top Huawei phones you need to know

The smartphone space is an increasingly populated – read, crowded – place to be. And it's getting more so as manufacturers such as Huawei start to pump out more, and better, phones, and push to expand its availability into more western markets. The past year was a pretty good one for Huawei with...

The best Chromebooks, as of April 2015

They all run the same software, but there are big differences between these Chromebook models We've done our best to keep up with Chromebook coverage here at Android Central for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that we use these machines every single day. We spend time with...
The Best T-Mobile Prepaid Phones of 2015

The Best T-Mobile Prepaid Phones of 2015

We’re going to make your hunt for a prepaid phone on T-Mobile a whole lot easier. T-Mobile’s prepaid service has made a comeback, and combined with some of their high-value plans, there are some fantastic options for those on a budget.
Nexus 6 Google Camera

The best photography apps for Android

The best camera is the one you have with you, and for most of us that means our go-to gadget for taking pictures is our smartphone. Choosing a phone with a great camera is only part of the equation, though. The apps you use with it — and after the fact, by enhancing your photos — are equally...
There's quite a few ways to get the weather on your phone.

The best weather apps for Android

We can always talk about the weather … and weather apps. And these are some of the best weather apps for Android. Unless you happen to live in a holodeck or maybe a climate-controlled biodome, the weather has ways of encroaching on our lives if we're not prepared for it. Maybe you should've...
The best Cricket Phones of 2015

The best Cricket Phones of 2015

If you’re considering prepaid service on Cricket Wireless, there are some great phones to choose from. You won’t be locked down to an old, outdated device, as Cricket has some great new phones like the ZTE Grand X Max+ in their arsenal. You can get a high-end device if you’re willing to pay for it...
Android Phones

The top phones you need to know, by manufacturer

How many different Android phones do you think are out there? Chances are whatever you guessed is low. We're talking thousands of models from more manufacturers than we care to count. So we don't blame if you if you're new to the smartphone game and feel a little overwhelmed. It's a big, big...