Beer Pong HD

Over the past couple of years the Beer Pong scene has grown and grown and the game has become quite popular, but not everyone wants to have to drink to enjoy the fun. But now you can play right from the comfort of your Android powered device. The folks over at Codeglue have just released an extremely realistic, and feature loaded game, Beer Pong HD, that is sure to provide hours of fun to users, while allowing custom table creations, various difficulty levels and cup set ups. The game play is extremely smooth, the various views are excellent, and the best part is you don't wake up with a hang over after a long night of Beer Pong. Be sure to head into the Android market and download your free copy today. Download links and demo video after the break.


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valorian says:

15MB? Is this able to be moved to the SD Card?

mjneid says:

Just installed it, HTC Glacier, CM7 powered. it's on my SDcard. 616KB footprint on the phone.

wraith404 says:

Why on earth would someone play beer pong without beer?

Justadye4 says:

for the same reason people slingshot birds at pigs, it's FUN!

jaswolf says:

Cute game, but freezes up a lot on my EVO 3D

n64kps says:

+1 I can't even finish a full game

uscguy says:

I hate it when everyone calls it beer pong... it is Beirut (or sometimes spelled Beruit). Beer Pong is a game using paddles.

Eazy123 says:

I hate it when people nitpick over dumb stuff like this. I bet you're the life of a party...

"Hey matt, can you get me a Kleenex?"

"It's not a Kleenex. It's a generic brand of facial tissue."

bladerunn3r says:

I hate it when someone else nitpicks someone else's nitpicking. It's just too much irony for one day....

got2much1 says:

It won't let me install. It says couldn't install to internal storage or SD card. And I certainly have enough space.

Edit .. it actually says cannot install to usb store or SD card.. but nothing is connected to the usb.