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$9.99 a month for regular subscriptions, or $14.99 family plans if you're on AT&T

We've been hearing of Beats Music for some time now, and today the new music streaming service finally launches to the world. Well, launches to the world so long as you're in the U.S. With the weight of Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor behind it, Beats Music is well poised to make waves in the space, and simultaneously launches on Android and iOS, with Windows Phone not far behind. 

We'll be taking a proper look at Beats Music over the next couple of days, but if you're interested in trying it out for yourselves there are a few key pointers. Subscription costs $9.99 a month, but there's at least a 7-day free trial first so you can check things out before handing over your cash. AT&T customers can get the best deal, with a family plan of up to 5 people on 10 devices costing just $14.99 a month. So if you have music hungry kids, this could work out to be a great deal for you. 

The Android app is now available, and you can grab it at the Play Store link up top.

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Beats Music launches in the U.S, AT&T customers get the best deal


What is gonna be different between this and spotify for example? Just curious.

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Branding. Those idiots that wear $300 Beats headphones to look cool when they don't sound any better than headphones a fraction of the cost will eat this up.

So yet another streaming app. Spotify, Iheart radio, Pandora, and Google Music. All asking for money so why yet another one?

When the prices are withing nickels and dimes of each other, the suggestion that you somehow have a "choice" seems largely irrelevant.

Does this app over saturate bass just like their hardware and make music terribad? Paying for a name...this is a textbook example of a name trying to fish money. Instead of putting the Monster name on it...they call it Beats!!!! God I am so sick of Beats, when will people wake up and realize they are paying arm and leg for junk? How much money has Monster and Dr. Dre made off of all these high school kids? It's insane

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It's about the base. It's not a gimmick. The crap they put in the information packet that comes with the headphones is a bunch of BS however. They should just write "high volumes and high base" end of convo.

Editor in chief of

Are you complaining about the money being made by ea with battlefield and activision with call of duty?

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It's called branding. People like Dre. They like his music. They like the look of the gear.


They may not matter in the geek world but in the rest of the world they matter. And when one of the greatest hip hop producers ever puts his name to something and does it in an attractive way it carries weight. the same way you can play just as good a basketball wearing Adidas but people buy Nike cause of Jordan. Or now cause of Lebron or Kobe or Tiger etc. People want to be like Athletes and celebrities that wear these products by the boatloads. Beats sell for a very good reason. They are cool and whatever you'd rather people buy is not.

News Flash 2: Nobody really cares if they don't sound as good as some other brand.

They look good and are stylish like the audiophile brands aren't. Cause most people aren't audiophiles. The product simply has to sound "good enough." That's why most people buy cheap stereos from Best Buy and not $10000 components from a high end boutique audio/visual store.

The only thing that's insane is that you don't get why they sell product.

For suckers only it is another beats ripoff like there overpriced cheaply buoy headphones

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The website says that have 20 million songs. How does that compare to Spotify or Google Play Music? It sounds very light compared to those others.

The only good thing I can see about it is you can share it. I have Google play music all access and there's no sharing, without logging in on someone else's device. I'll stay with play music through.

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Stupid at&t... Google all access is 8 bucks a month for me REGARDLESS of how many devices, yet crapt&t wants to charge more for multiple devices. Doesn't surprise me...

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You got the 8 bucks a month as an introductory rate. If you sign up now its $9.99 a month. And you do have a device limit with Google Play Music.

I think you misread that.

It's a ten device limit, same as GPMAA, however, the sharing is for multiple accounts. That would be a nice addition to GPMAA and I hope they follow suit.

It hasn't been 8 bucks for Google All Access since the first month after launch. It is ten dollars now, just like everybody else.

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Not bad so far. The automatically generated playlist is pretty good, and the interface is pretty intuitive (maybe a little more intuitive than Google Play, since it relies on buttons more than swiping), and it seems to make sharing pretty easy.

I'm not going to switch from GPAA, but this is put together better than I expected it to be, and $14.99 for family plan access is a pretty great deal.

Ok THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, so since you are paying for this subscription through att, does this mean the service doesnt use any of your data on your plan???

This guy gets it!
Why would anyone pay their carrier TWICE for data usage?
If subscribing to this doesn't go against you data limit then it's ingenious. If it does, well it's still ingenious that they figured out a way to make you pay for the same thing twice...

Paying for data isn't the same as paying for the RIGHTS to listen to music.

When you buy a CD or digital album/song you don't buy the music, you merely bought an unlimited listening license.

These streaming music apps are simply proving a listening license either for a monthly fee or the ad revenue a la Pandora.

Being the Beats products fan that I am I decided to give this a whirl. While the UI is nice and easy to use its just not for me. It has lots of potential and looks to be done right but not worth $10 a month. Besides who the hell actually pays for music per month when you can get anything you want for free anyway.....

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So you like terrible sounding and way overpriced products? Interesting. Try something from audio technica or sennheiser, then we can talk. And yes, Bose sucks too.

Who are you to tell someone what they should and shouldn't like? Beats provide damn good're mad b/c ppl choose to pay that price point for them? Lol how does that affect you? Get over yourself, bro.

I guess I do then....but thats my business and not yours. So more power to you

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I have a feeling I won't find much that I'd listen to this... My musical tastes are... out there. (Listening to Johhny Horton's "Sink The Bismark" right now, for example. Listened to a little Blood Stain Child earlier, will probably hit some Barnes & Barnes or Arrogant Worms later.)

They bought Mog, Mog stops working in April.

Introducing Beats Music.

Thanks sincerely for your loyalty to MOG. It means everything to us that you stuck with us while we created the next generation of streaming music services, Beats Music, using the great foundation of the MOG team and product. As you may know, Beats purchased MOG more than a year ago because we too were in love with its fidelity, simplicity, and mobile capabilities. Our goal was to go a step beyond where MOG or any other service had gone, to be more than a server, to be of service to the listener. We wanted to build an app that helped us discover music the way we discover music, through trusted curators, but that uses computers for what they’re good at, personalizing an experience to bring the right song, right now.

The result is Beats Music, an app now available for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Web, and Sonos, an app that not only has all the on-demand subscription features you came to love in MOG but also more ways to find the right song to listen to right now than any other app on the planet. With Beats Music you should always be one hand and a maximum of five seconds away from something great to listen to without needing to think or type in a search box. If you’d like to search or build your own playlist, please do. But on those many moments when you’re looking for a quick fix, Beats Music delivers.

What's the deal with AT&T?
Exclusively with AT&T, you can get the Beats Music Family Plan with 5 accounts across 10 devices for $14.99/month and a 3 month trial. Individual Plans with AT&T will be $9.99/month with a one month trial.

Will MOG shut down?
Yes. After April 15th, MOG will no longer be available in the US. Monthly billing will stop on March 15th and yearly subscriptions will be refunded on a prorated basis. Between now and then we will offer tools to help make your transition easier. Stay tuned for more information on those tools.

See for yourself. Download the app and hit play.

AT&T Mobile User?
Get up to 3 months.

555 19th St, SF, CA 94107
To unsubscribe, click here

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If I'm not mistaken, Zune was the first with this service and now it's Xbox Music. These other services saw the market and decided to seize the money. I only use the play mus variant because I have android and the Xbox Music app on Android sucks in comparison to WP8.