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In acquiring Beats Music, Apple will have its first non-iOS mobile applications under its control and importantly it looks like those apps will live on after the acquisition. According to Tim Bradshaw of the Financial Times, the Android and Windows Phone Beats Music apps are safe:

A bold statement from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and just leaves us yet further wondering what the future holds for an Apple controlled Beats Music. Further to this, Cook has also told the Financial Times that Beats Music is the best streaming service in the market, and is "the first to get it right."

So while we ponder, at least folks rocking Android and Windows Phone aren't in any immediate danger of losing their Beats Music access. And that's absolutely fantastic news. Our pals at iMore are all over the Apple/Beats deal, so be sure to head on over there to check it out!

Source: Tim Bradshaw (Twitter) via 9to5Mac


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Beats Music apps for Android and Windows Phone to live on


What's beats subscription bare in comparison to all access?

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We're fast approaching a decade since hl2 which I believe came out in November 2004

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So they think Beats Music was the first to get it right? What do they mean? What exactly is it that they got right? Beats Music is no different than its competitors aside from its design

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Obviously the new owner of the app isn't gonna say its shit...he's gonna say its the best. Even though it blows.

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The new owner that spent $3 billion on it instead of going after something else? So that new owner probably does see something good in it, don't you think?

Yeah which is partially what I was getting at. He's not gonna say its anything other than the best, would he?

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It might not be the music itself that they really liked. A profitable hardware division is also nice. Spotify would be more expensive and isn't profitable. I doubt it is the music service itself that made Beats the best choice.

Well I certainly prefer the layout over that of Spotify. The curated play lists are nice for my music tastes as well. I just wish they would implement a new releases section.

Of course Cook is going to say that Beats was the first to get it right! It's a pretty bold statement if you ask me, considering the streaming music world was pretty crowded when Beats finally launched its service. I can't really say if it is or isn't, since I haven't spent any time with Beats -- their format just doesn't appeal to me.

I honestly think the first to get it right (at least on price for what you get) was Google with All Access. I came from Napster, got pushed over to Rhapsody when they bought Napster, and those subscriptions (even though those two had huge music catalogs) were just too bloody expensive (14.99 got you access on only 3 devices?!). I tried Sony's streaming service, too, since it was a free trial thanks to my gamer hubby with his Playstation account. Spotify had a Faceplant-only login when I first looked at them, so they were a no-go, and even after they did allow you to sign up without Faceplant again (sadly, I missed out on Spotify before they went to the FB login), it was too little, too late. Google was already there and at $7.99 a month for access on my phone, tablet, and even my Windows 8 devices, that was pretty much all I needed to see/hear. Google's price was right and they had an app that actually worked well on all my mobile devices (phone, tablets) and my PC (web) -- and it has only gotten better.

I still find the Apple acquisition of Beats to be an odd pairing because of iTunes (2 brands for music services seems strange to me from a marketing perspective), but whatever. I stay away from iTunes (never cared for the software), and the only reason Beats even made me curious was because of the deal they had offered through AT&T. With Apple running the show, I think I'll pass anyways -- I've never been a big Apple software fan. All Access is great, and there are lots of other options should I ever become disenchanted with Google.

Good move to sell the company. I feel most of the people who want a set of headphones have already got 1. Most people who want streaming service have already got 1 and doesn't have to be Beats.

No thanks. I am quite happy with Spotify. If I didn't have that, I would go with Google Play Music. If I didn't have that, I would go with XBox Music since I have Windows 8.1, two 360s, and an XBox One. Plenty of options I would use before Beats.

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I've never tried the Beats music service but I really enjoy the All Access service from Google. I think they got it right too.

Beats music, please let us download to are external sd card! Then it will be 5 stars!

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