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Many of you probably spend a bulk of your social media time on the new shiny Google+, and if that is the case you probably would like to keep up with your favorite Android Central crew, right? Well, let's make things really easy for you and give you our links, so you can add us to your circles, and chat it up with us!

Still not invited? Don't worry, we've got you covered for that, too. Click this link to get in before they're all used up! (New link is up, seeing as how you burned through Josh, Jason and Alex's invites in a few hours!)


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Be sure to add your favorite Android Central writers to your Google+ Circles!


Don't add Jared though, he can't figure out why we do it. lol

"People continue to add me to circles, yet I never post.

I am active on Twitter, yet don't have the same results"

LOL. I do read it, and have been getting more into it :) Just having a hard time placing it in my daily routine but its growing on me with more and more users!

People shouldn't add you to either. You will probably just change your twitter name/G+ profile in a few months, and make everyone re-add you. Prick :p

Even if you know him personally, that's foul to speak like that. I can't fathom what he might've written to earn this level of disrespect from you, but I doubt you're justified.

If this was BBM, then I would have added a sarcastic emoticon, but it's not.....figured the sarcasm was plain as day, lol

Nope. Don't facebook, and am not going to G+.

You surrender too much just signing up to G+ to make it worth the risk. Love Google for everything else, but this is one tok over the evil line.

What do you surrender (with the exception of having to use your real name). Granted, the real name thing is a limitation for who you might want to add. But I don't see what else you're giving up. yes, it is more data for Google, but after using facebook and google for several years, I'd rather give Google that information.

I rely far too much on Google to have my account zapped due to Non-real credentials, or any of the other things that violate G+ terms of service. (Have you actually read them?!? Really?).

If you are asking this, I suspect you haven't read them at all.

Your Docs, Books, Apps, Contacts, Pictures, backup data can become GONE in 60 seconds. Your android becomes basically useless for anything other than phone calls and basic web surfing.

Go read.

I've read their TOS, and articles like Gizmodo's. I've also read the dozens of posts written by Googlers which state that the ONLY thing that's hit by the naming policy violations are things that require your profile to access (G+, Buzz, and I think Greader) The data is not "Gone" unless the user is spamming from their account as well. Furthermore, they've now implemented a grace period for you to change said name before the account is even suspended. I'm not arguing that their "Real name" policy is the right one. In fact, I'd argue that it's not the right one. But blowing it out or proportion in the name of sensationalism doesn't help anyone. EDIT: I also know people who had their accounts suspended because of the naming policy. All of their other information was fine.

You're buying into the fear hype they want you to buy into. I know a couple people who didn't use their real name, before this grace period was introduced, and all they "lost" was their profile for Google+. Perhaps there was a case where somebody lost more, I don't know, but believe me, that's not the norm. And in fact it's much more likely that some user had their account down for violation and decided to get pissed and spread rumors that they lost everything "Google" of theirs, which of course spread like fire around the internet, with G+ being so new. Not saying that's what the cause of it is, just a damn good possibility. This is, after all, the internet. Wouldn't be the first time. Or second. Or third.
And I'm not saying Google isn't "evil" or oversteps their boundaries sometimes or that it's not sometimes frightening to think about how much data they have on their users. There have been PLENTY of articles on all of that, way before G+ was introduced. You can go read those and choose your side. But, for this particular stance on G+, no, users didn't lose all of their data on Google like that. Users were just upset because there was no real warning before their suspension, which is why there's a grace period now.

I was wondering why I had 5 new people who circled me in the last 10 minutes. Hello everyone :) I talk about android, coffee, and whatever I'm thinking about while I'm drinking said coffee.
And just like that, over 300 of you have circled me. I'm trying to catch you all, but I know I missed some overnight. Insane. For those of you still looking for an invite, My profile is showing the link is used up (using mine in the article currently) if it doesn't work, check back in a bit. Trying to find a working link now. You guys blew through 140 invites in no time!

Now I am a little protective about my personal info and not someone who shares every last thing about myself online. Should I request an invite?

There's fairly simple and comprehensive privacy settings on Google+. You can determine who can see what parts of your profile right from the "Edit Profile" menu, and the settings range from "Only me/No one" (I forget which), to "My Circles" to "Everyone/Public." As long as you set everything up when you first join (which is EASY!), I don't see why you shouldn't join Google's social supercenter.

As usual.. people are blowing the privacy thing out of proportion, fact of the matter is, if you use the internet. Someone, somewhere has your information whether you like it or not.

Google+ is vastly superior in one aspect. You easily control which subset of friends sees your posts. You can add your boss without fear of him seeing an incriminating post on a day off. Just don't post to his circle. That difference makes it highly advantageous to add more obscure friends, someone you want to follow, but may not want to share your family photos with, like your favorite AC writers. Put them in a separate circle, and they won't see anything you don't want them to see.

Here's one of the goodies from the Google~ terms of use...

"You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. "

So while you own the rights to, say, a picture, Google gets to use it FOREVER and FOR FREE if they like it, too.

Just like Facebook, or twitpic, or imageshack, or flikr, or any other online image host that needs that license to convert your content into a thumbnail?

I just scanned through and searched my flickr and Facebook TOS for some the scarier terms. Nothing similar.

And if you select to leave Google+ it will do everything it can to remove said picture from public places (as they list in the relevant section). That's a standard TOS. You'll see that NOTHING in the TOS gives them the right to sell your content, or "re-license" it. This "scare" is just like the Dropbox scare, and the lightbox scare, and the.. into infinity. Companies need this type of wording largely because without it someone will try suing them because people will sue for everything.

True...they don't say they'll sell it, but they can use it, display it, adapt it, use it in their marketing, etc. For free.

And, as mentioned, I just read and searched the TOS for Flickr and Facebook and this type of language is missing.

What is wrong with using your real name? We don't give out fake names in real life and your name as stated in the above post, is already out there If you are worrying about the goverment they already know who you are and where you live they own the post office. Unless you are in the witness protection plan quit hiding behind a fake online name be yourself and be proud of who you are.