BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins this morning on the company's quarterly earnings call reminded us that BBM — that's BlackBerry Messenger — will be available for Android and iOS "before the end of the summer."

He didn't give any further details, and it's worth noting that summer officially is all of a week old.

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BBM still coming to Android before the end of the summer


I usually buy like a 100 McRibs and freeze it for later consumption.

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Who cares... No longer I care... If whatsapp introduces video calls then it will be truly too late for BBM in the game

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BBM offers more features and functionality that WhatsApp. I think WhatsApp's numbers will drop drastically when BBM cross-platform is finally released. I know for sure I'll get rid of it and all of my contacts using it as well.

For people like me who communicate a lot with people from other countries like Jamaica, this will be a God send. Forg Jamaica, the BB services are separated and you have to pay more to use social networks like facebook and that social network package includes whatsapp and skype. BB messenger is include in the basic BB package so if it comes to android, it will save me and them a lot of money. I don't use BB but it's very popular in other countries.

No it's not. It was. But it's not anymore. BBM hasn't been relevant in the US, or in other countries for years. Maybe it's still relevant in somewhere particular like Jamaica, I'd buy that, but otherwise, meh, shrug.

yeah lots of people in jamaica use family love bbm but they are catching on to WHATAPP and they are moving from bbm to that app

They do. I've been trying to convert some of my family to Android or iPhone but it's like pulling teeth almost. But yeah, Whatsapp is gaining steam, the only thing it needs is the ability to make voice calls and such as someone else said. Problem is that at any point Whatsapp may go paid, so BBM for other platforms might be really nice if they include voice calling and such as well.

Funny you should say that. I switch to Android when Blackberry announced that BBM will going cross platform. I keep my BB phone active(w/o sim) because all my remaining contacts are in Jamaica. Hope they release the app sooner rather than later.

Agreed. If it can function like whatsapp it will be perfect but it will take time. I use hangout for video calls as I believe the quality is better than the over rated Skype. As for BBM, it can recapture market but if whatsapp releases video call it could be their end especially before people moving back to BBM and hence I would expect whatsapp to be working hard to introduce video calls. It could also be the end for Skype. There are some features on whatsapp which are better than BBM and probably BBM has some features which are better than whatsapp. Since I got my HTC one, my z10 has been in my drawer mostly and most if not all my contacts are on whatsapp.

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The major issue with Google Hangouts right now (and I don't mean this personally or in reference to me, because I actually use it) is that it requires some setup and also integration with Google+. It's a bit more complex to initially get going.
First of all, you need a Google account to use it. Second of all, even if you have a gmail account, you will still be required to join Google+ to use it. I know this because I tried replacing Google Chat on my Mom's laptop with Hangouts and ended up having to put her on Google+. When I switched to Hangouts it was natural and nothing different or out of the ordinary happened, since I already was using Google+.

This isn't as transparent, "no strings" or brainless/easy as Whatsapp, which pretty much just installs and then attaches itself to your phone number when you use it. If you need to change your number, you back up your conversations, delete your account and then run it again and have it attach to your new number. Nothing could be simpler.

I keep hearing about WhatsApp around here.

I live in the Silicon Valley (Northern California/Bay Area), smack dab in the heart of tech.

My cell phone has about 350 contacts, and I don't know anyone who uses WhatsApp nor do I really hear anyone talking about it. Sure, a few people who told me they tried WhatsApp may have DOWNLOADED the app, but they don't actually use it.

I hear a FEW (emphasis on few) people mention Viber, a slightly few more who talk about Kik, and about the same amount of people who talk about BBM (usually by iPhone/Android users who bring it up when one of the aforementioned apps is brought up) and say they would still use it if it were available for their phone.

*shrug* It seems to me there is no clear "winner" for the messaging realm, which means BBM can still be relevant. The features it packs all into one app (screen sharing, file sharing, voice calls, video calls, delivery/read receipts, etc) makes it a formidable player. If/when it actually goes live on Android and iPhone, and assuming it is a full-fledged app with all the features I just mentioned (hopefully they don't cripple the app for iOS/Android) then it will definitely be a winner.

Well, in other parts of the world WhatsApp is used a lot. BlackBerry as well but the devices with Android have a bigger market share almost everywhere you go besides USA (where Apple is still bigger).

In Argentina for instance, you have old BB devices at similar prices ton a nice Android phone that is touch, has bigger and better screen and many more apps. That means that such a user ends using WhatsApp.

Of course BBM has some market. It will take a cut on WhatsApp for sure, but not much I believe. If they did that a year ago or two we wouldn't be talking much about WhatsApp.

And I don't really miss much from BBM (had many BB devices years ago). The only thing I would like is the read notification.

Exactly this (to what JC is saying).

Texting right now, especially in the U.S is way cheaper than it used to be and still cheaper than it is in many other countries. Here in the U.S, most phone plans include it for free or it can be added pretty cheaply.

Whatsapp is/was mainly a boon here for people on prepaid plans or data intensive plans and is used to skirt SMS fees in most cases. It's, in a way less relevant than it used to be because of the way our cell plans have evolved. It's not so long ago that we had to pay for the amount of texts we transferred, yeah? I can still remember plans with 100, 300, 500, 1000 text allowances. It's only very recently that packages include unlimited texting.

In other countries though (and on some prepaid plans here) there's no such thing as unlimited texting so Whatsapp and apps like it are still popularly used in order to workaround having to spend on a SMS bundle or texting, period.

BB10 was promised for the PlayBook too and look where that is now.

I'm glad I put down my 2 month old White Z10 and now belong to the Nexus 4 club.

4 years ago I would have cared when I still knew people with BlackBerry's. I don't know anybody that has one or uses it anymore. When I still had a BB 3 years ago myself and most people that still had them were transitioning to gtalk anyway. They should just sell out to MS or something.

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Most developing world, BB are more popular than iPhones. While Android also popular, BB is certainly more popular than all suing expensive Apple products.

In a lot of those countries people carry two phones and for a lot of them the only reason they have a BB is because BBM. Over at Crackberry they tend to think that by going cross platform people will get a taste of BB10 somehow and want to flock to a BB10 devices because of that one app...I don't think so. I don't know anyone who ever used a BB or BBM nor do they what too...I'll "PASS"

I think more people will flock to droids after making this a cross platform app... Not good time for BB

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Seriuosly all you lot that keep throwing your toys out of your prams wanna stop crying so what if you dont like bb who cares its a good way of marketing for them and its good for the people that like it who dont have the cash to buy the new bb10 quit ya moaning sheesh!!! -_-

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One more messaging app. Great.

Let's see. I've got regular SMS, Kik, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, and Skype. Each one has contacts that prefer it over anything else, which means if I want to keep in contact with them, I have to have them all. While I do know a few ppl with Blackberrys who prefer BBM, they all use SMS as well. I'll probably pick up the app to try it, but I'm trying to get FEWER messaging apps instead of more.

Competition is good though. If BBM has solid cross-platform features that are super stable and worth switching for, it forces everyone else to up their game. And THAT is nothing but good news for everyone.

BBM does have it's place. Maybe not in the US where Blackberry seems dead. Possibly not in Canada (where Blackberry seems to be starting a slight comeback). In other parts of the planet, however, Blackberry and BBM was king -- and likely still is.

Time will tell.

TL;DR - Probably not useful for >>> me <<< but good for us all in the long run.

He also promised bb10 for the playbook! And we just learned his promises are empty.

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I'm really trying to care, but I didn't care for BBM when I had a BB and I care even less know.


What i can't figure I'd why would people leave app like whatsapp and viber for bbm. What extras does it have to offer?

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I wonder if this will happen before bb good bankrupt...they should have done this years ago to save the company...

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It was a big risk they took by not allowing this to other platforms. BBM is just not enough reason to keep people around anymore... Those days are gone.

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Would like for Google to just fix hangouts with SMS and Google voice integration now! I'll just prefer for all my communications to be very tightly integrated.

Don't like that I can't use whats app on more than one device at the same time and I don't give a rats tail about BBM.

I like hangouts because I can use multiple devices at the same time including my PC, but Google is slacking off big time.