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We still don't have BBM for Android, but we now have a landing page that talks a little bit about BBM for Android. Let's hope that design isn't quite finished yet either — white text on gray is kinda hard to read, but what it says is "BBM is the best way to connect and share instant messages, pictures and more for free, in real time."

Kinda like every other messaging app available.

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BBM for Android inches closer to release (and/or obscurity) with landing page


At my previous job we had blackberries supplied by the company and many of us used personal android of iphones. We would have been excited by BBM two years ago.

Now, not really. If I was a teenager on Android and still had friends on BBM then I would care.

Agreed. My company migrated away from BB some time ago. This would have been hugely useful in 2011.

As it stands now, I suspect that this will be something I download, like a lot, and get really frustrated when no one else uses it.

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Not sure I understand the snark. BBM isn't just like every other messaging app and it is the only thing I still miss from using a Blackberry in the past. Anything I have tried on Android thus far has fallen short. My whole family is anxiously waiting for this app to be released.

Just another snark by a clueless guy who admittedly hasn't used a blackberry or bbm to understand what it's about. I really dislike reading this guys stuff because of his comments like this.

Once you've tried WhatsApp you'll never care about BBM anymore. You and your family

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I tend to agree. I was a Blackberry user for nearly seven years and I remember using BBM during that time (especially during a service outage, we could message PIN to PIN). After I went Android, I just depended on SMS/MMS. Recently, my wife and I started using WhatsApp due to bad phone service area at her place of employment, and I was just amazed how much better it is over SMS/MMS. Pictures get through 100% of the time (can't say that with MMS), messages are near instant, so on so forth.

While I know BBM has these features, it would almost be better if WhatsApp had a Blackberry app for those to join us than a BBM app for us to join them.

WhatsApp already has a BlackBerry app. There's no comparing to BBM, it works much better than WhatsApp in so many ways. For one thing, you can add who you want on BBM and it doesn't go through your address book adding contacts for you. Plus, BBM has delivery and read confirmation while WhatsApp only has delivery confirmation. Switching phones and phone numbers is again better with BBM because you simply sign in with your user name and password and all of your contacts are there. And don't get me started about privacy.
Anyway, I can keep going on and on why BBM is better than WhatsApp.

Are you here to preach the BlackBerry Gospel and convert Androideans to Crackberrianity?

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these sad pathetic canadian crackberries remind me of the Jonestown cult. they try to preach and proselytize and drink the poison kool aid of their inferior dead platform right up until the bitter end.

I am a former Blackberry User and BBM fan, I have been on Android for over 2 years now, and I say you are wrong. I have used WhatsApp and would take BBM over it ANY DAY!

What exactly does BBM give you that every other messaging app doesn't? Not trying to be smart, just generally curious. Whatsapp seems to do everything that BBM does no?

Nothing. BBM doesn't actually do anything special, aside from scratch some nostalgia itch.
Other apps do read notifications, heck, Hangouts does that.

BBM is/was the most fluid way to communicate via mobile. Whatsapp and GroupMe are great and I use both but they still don't have that 'Je ne sais pas'

Going from a HTC Desire to a Bold 9900 and now to a HTC One I can tell you that while Whatsapp and Hangouts are great. Bbm really does blow them out of the water. The real time d and r icons tell us when a person has read our message and recent updates can tell us about their status updates,picture updates etc on bbm. You can also connect the app to Facebook and other social networking sites etc. On blackberries, you can even play some games multiplayer using bbm for invites and a connection. I like using pins as it avoids using my phone book. Barcode scanning and NFC are also an option for those who want to avoid pins. The easiest method though is having a friend broadcast your pin on bbm and all his contacts will invite you, and you can choose to add,ignore and reject a request.

BlackBerry user for many years here, now part of Android for about 2+ years.

BBM is the most secure out of the messaging apps. Not only that, the server capabilities of RIM are not matched by What's App, Kik etc.

Plus, you have the ability to securely pin message as well. It basically comes down to reliability, security and privacy.

Sure many will say, why do I want to switch and that's a justifiable position. But if BBM is for free on Android and iOS, you can be damn sure millions will get it, especially since a lot of places in the world still use it religiously.

Why would anyone, from this point in, then choose What'sApp over BBM? You can't underestimate the power of new apps either. Look how quickly snap chat has taken off.

Agreed! There are still zillions of ex BBM users waiting for this download. Nothing beats BBM for instant messaging.

But what's the point?? I don't see many people using it. And didn't the Q10 sale horrible? I'm still curious to see how it will look, and try it out. Also, to see if it will perform better than hangouts and imessage...... Then again hangouts is my least favorite of the IM clients.

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What do q10 sales have to do with bbm? No matter what, when this releases, it will be the best messaging app out hands down.

Q10 sales were not entirely part of the last earnings call as that device had just been released when earnings were announced.

Yes you have other options but to be honest they all fall short of BBM. For me it just needs to be stable and reliable to win. The current offerings fall short in that they either take too long to get messages or messages don't get to people. BBM will be the go to app if they can deliver the performance people are used to on blackberry.

Do you actually have facts to back this up? Whatsapp delivered 27 billion messages in one day, quite a feat to handle. Can you actually quantify that BBM is more reliable than any other messaging app?

"BBM will be the go to app"
yeah... not likely. Why would people adopt a new app that nobody they know (outside of Africa and Jamaica) is using put out by a company that may very well be out of business in two years?
RIM is in deep trouble as a business, and this is only going to make things worse as the one feature people clung to on their Crackberries stops being exclusive.
I'm curious, can you even send a BBM from your web browser like you can with just about every other messaging client on the planet? I've never heard of that being an option.

I could see of BB still had the privacy factor it once had but those days are long gone. Can't really see a need for this. Seems a waste of resources for the company but I could be wrong. Maybe it has some use for business.

A little too late. I could have used this years ago when I first switched to Android and my friends for still on the BB but they are now on Android too....

Two or three years ago this would have been huge. Now it's just another glaring example of BlackBerry being behind and out of touch. The snark in this story is entirely deserved and as usual BlackBerry fans can't see past their blinders. Too many people using too many other options for this to ever take off. It will be released with great fanfare and then promptly fade into obscurity... Much like BlackBerry itself.

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On the mark here. Had BBM been available a few years ago BEFORE competitors like Whatsapp established their user bases, this could have been huge for them. Sadly, outside of the diehard Blackberry loyalists, this product will probably be DOA. iPhone users already use iMessage or Whatsapp, no reason for them to switch. Android users use Whatsapp and now are using Hangouts, another messaging app at this point is just overkill. At launch it won't even support all the features, people will likely download and try it, realize it's just another messaging app and promptly delete it never to go back again when all the other features are added "in the fall".

Enough of the Had BBM been available a few years ago bla bla bla.... We all know that. You are entitled to your opinion but i disagree with the fact that It is just another messaging app and people won't like it.

Thanks =) I agree. I used to post some nasty comments, but now, I try to find humor in whatever I can.

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Meh! Whatsapp with its 300 Millions active users has already killed BBM with its tiny 60 million and decreasing userbase.

300 Million "active" whatsapp users vs 60 million "active+inactive" BBM users is all that matters in the end, Whatsapp being on all platforms is their hardwork and achievement, it is blackberry's fault that they are left behind in the dust.

Yep, they were very slow to respond to demand. I don't deny that. That's the reason so many have left them for Android and iOS.

But what I'm saying is wait until BBM has had a chance to establish itself across all platforms, THEN compare the numbers. I think the number will surprise you.

Let's not forget that BB was the pioneer of the smartphone game, so many of us over 25 have had at least one BB device, and when asked, most of us will say that BBM is the biggest thing that is missed. It was always one of the things that RIM/BB did VERY right...

By pioneer you mean right behind Palm, right? Being a two-way pager does not make one a smartphone...

Come on BlackBerry, just release it already! Can't wait to start using it in my Android phone. Hopefully the Android version is as good as the original version and include BBM Voice, BBM Video and Screen Share...

Whatever :-) I still have more than 200 contacts in my BBM and 9 BBM groups, three of which are very active. Having BBM in Android will help me to stop carrying multiple devices around.

You were carrying a second device so you could use BBM? Wow... forget "Crackberry", more like... "Nutberry".

And there was a time when we all carried a laptop for mobile computing, a dumb phone for communication, and a CD/MP3 player for music.

Just because there are devices that all do them, doesn't mean that they all do them WELL.

avidberry has decided that his Android device doesnt do messaging as well, so he carries a communication device to be used exclusively for communicating. It's not that crazy.

Besides, everybody has a few old phones in a drawer collecting dust. So why not pay a few bucks for a few megs of data a month for that device, and keep getting the service we love?

Thanks for your reasonable comment. Looking at how brendilon cherry-picking certain part of my comments out of context, I think it's safe to conclude that he just wanna troll around. Well,

It's not that I decided my Android device doesn't do messaging well. It's simply that I need BB for communication. I live in a country where 8 out of 10 of my friends are using BB (it used to be nearly 10 out of and those who are still using it prefer BBM over other apps. Heck, even I still prefer it over other messaging apps and I tried many well-known apps (WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk, etc).

"It's not that I decided my Android device doesn't do messaging well."

Yeah, that was poorly worded. I should've said something more along the lines of "doesn't suit his messaging needs as well".

well there is going to be a limited market for this. I know I will probably use it. But by now the majority of people have found good enough solutions that this is mostly a non starter.

No matter how much you imaginary haters for no reason or whatsoever scream and moan that nobody is gonna use BBM... I am sure you all would use it once you realise what you're missing out. I use WhatsApp and its one of those annoying apps that work sporadically and sometimes you need to open it to receive a message or whatever. I've used it on BBOS and currently on BB10. Also used it on Android and I can assure you it has nothing on BBM.. and especially BBM for BB10 which is what the Android and IOS versions would be like.

BBM is here to stay and you're all gonna love and use it.

#whyumadtho lol

I have no prob with BBM as I had a blackberry before and it was awesome. But it's not gonna come near Whatsapp as in popularity.

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I have no doubt people will download and try it, but unless it does something very special for users what's going to make people *continue* to use it? Just to message their friends who are still using Blackberrys? (which is quickly dwindling by the way) As it's already been pointed out, something like Whatsapp already has a user base that dwarfs BBM, it's a hard sell to make so many users switch to another service that essentially does the exact same thing.

I disagree...not because I use BlackBerry but by looking at other examples. Skype does the same thing and more as Whatsapp; why hasn't it taken off? MSN was ahead of the game; maybe not timing wise, but it was there from the beginning of smartphone use.

BBM may not catch up to Whatsapp, but I do feel it may do well IFF BBM is a quality product. Whatsapp does the job, but it lacks the polish that BBM has. Its sort of like comparing a Mustang BOSS to a Porsche 911; the Mustang does almost everything as good as the Porsche, but lacks the refinement to consider it a high end sports car.

Hopefully you're right. Although facts would indicate otherwise. Like the fact that BlackBerry is rapidly going into obscurity and therefore people are finding and have already found multiple other messaging apps. I just got all my friends on Hangouts and it took forever but we all love it. There's no way in H that I am going to try to get them all to switch over to BBM when BlackBerry FINALLY decides to release it.

It might be a great messaging app and i'm sure there's things to love. But if it was as good as everyone pretends it is, BlackBerry would have been able to retain more customers in years past cause no one would find it worth it to switch to a new ecosystem.

I know I'm right simply because I use both. You guy's don't have to agree but thats ok too. I'm not being smug here. The way BBM has advanced is such that it is now so engaging and makes you actually want to use it instead of WhatsApp, WeChat and the like. I literally just deleted my WeChat app like an hour ago and have sent an email to their support to delete the account. Nobody in the UK uses it. WhatSapp is the next best thing to BBM without a doubt and I'll big them up anyday on that. Google Chat or is it now hangouts... nobody uses over here and if they do.. then I don't know them. There's no doubt WhatsApp is the next best thing to BBM and have defo overtaken it in terms of subscribers but thats just a number. If only half the people that used whatsapp also started using BBM it would mean that BBM subscribers would rise to 210 million users in no time and that would then most likely cause it to grow even more. I'm under no illusion that BlackBerry did not mess up... they did BIG TIME and are late however... they are not TOO LATE which is what the haters would just spit out even though they cant back up their argument. It's gonna be tough but they do have a good product so why so many are quick to knock it down just because its owned by BlackBerry is what makes me laugh. If Google bought it, made no changes and released it you can be sure they would all sing it's praises and nobody would hate.. even if it's just a repackaged BBM. As a BB10 user i do know how good the new OS is and how BBM is but I also use WhatsApp so I'm not a blind fanboy or whatever... BBM is really good and better than WhasApp giving it's features.

Trust me.. you guy's would love it and if you don't and still hate it.. no love lost feel free to use your preferred choice. Just don't force it down the rest of the world that we should not use BBM if we choose.

Its sad that people think like this. The whole spirit of Android is to explore and not be self contained. With that said the nay sayers should really give BBM a try before they discount it. When there was an outage, I will still able to communicate with my clients via BBM. Sadly I lost some clients when I switched to Android but hey you can't when them all.

Actually, BBM's lack of compatibility with any other messaging app makes it so that you DO have to get other apps shoved down your throat.
Plus RIM being a financial mess means you don't have much longer to enjoy BBM.

As for being too late... yeah, they are. The OS is all but dead, better apps have already been adopted by most users.

No one cares that you're a BB10 user or how good you think the OS is. I was a WebOS user, it's still my favorite OS, IMO it's still the most intuitive and functional OS (conceptually). But it's dead because it was too little, too late. RIM is in the same boat. You have my condolences, but that doesn't change the fact that the ship is sinking and there's really no way to stop it.

"As for being too late... yeah, they are. The OS is all but dead, better apps have already been adopted by most users."

I certainly wouldn't say the OS is dead. It definitely has the deck stacked against it, but the OS itself is fantastic. In fact, the only thing holding it back is the venom of naysayers. Certainly not its capabilities.

And as for there being better apps than BBM? Show me. I haven't seen one yet. There are MORE POPULAR apps, for sure, but better?

"Plus RIM being a financial mess means you don't have much longer to enjoy BBM."

Also probably not true. There is talk of breaking off BBM into its own company. So even in the unlikely event of BB's collapse, BBM would live on.

But, better is purely subjective and varies from person to person. BBM will never be better than WhatsApp, and vice-versa. Both are generalizations.

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Fair enough, but just reinforces my OPINION that I've never encountered an IM app that I thought was better than BBM, only ones that were more ubiquitous.

Unless it can be used on anything I'm typing on, Phone, Tablet, PC, Mac... And stay synced across all devices, plus do video chats from any of those devices, its not superior.

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To be fair, whatsapp has the same limitation - smartphone only, not even tablet support, no web or PC etc. - and is pretty popular if you believe the commenters here (all my friends use Facebook messenger, because everyone has Facebook).

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Phil sure touched a nerve with his snarky post, I fear the next time he sees Crackberry Kevin he might be tasting a knuckle sandwich. (see how I went all retro in my comment just like the Blackberry is retro...) ;-)


There is more than one app to do something


some people prefer one app over another!!!

No film at 11, no one cares either way

seriously tho BBM is just a glorified AIM. the only real difference is it was built into the blackberry and only they could use it. it did nothing unique or special. now after a good 5 years of a steadily declining blackberry demand they want to release an app for non-berries. this will only cause those who held on to their blackberry jump ship for something they really want.

Decline in the U.S.? I would say yes but you have to remember Blackberry is not just about the U.S. BB is still the go to choice of device for government agencies, big corp and private sector. While the Android OS offers freedom like no other the security is still lacking. I'm currently using a Nexus 4 and I'm considering going back to Blackberry just because the battery life is horrible on the Nexus and I rely on email for a living. I shouldn't have to download an app to save battery when it should just be built in. Its sad the Rim suffered not because of the lack of having people there who could implement the latest technologies but because you had 2 people who could not even agree to disagree. The dual CEO role was the dumbest move in the history of business.

Welcome to the world of modern smartphones. The Z10 isn't exactly rated with great battery life either. There's ways to increase your battery experience in Android without resorting to using an app. Turn off unnecessary features like location reporting, NFC and you'll see your battery life improve.

Actually more and more corporations are moving away from Blackberry's. People simply don't want them and don't want to have to carry them along with the smartphone that they own. Blackberries simply don't have the leg up on security that they once had. The increasingly shrinking gap on security isn't worth the fuss of dealing with devices that people don't want to use.

I was gonna say exactly that.

The government still uses them because as always, governments are slow to move on from anything.

Corporations on the other hand can move pretty fast with an alternative. Especially on to a platform such as Windows Phone.

"The government still uses them because as always, governments are slow to move on from anything."

They're also surprisingly reluctant to open their communications to foreign hackers.

Go figure...

BBM is the instant messenger that could very easily be the defacto service for all the OSs. I'm hoping that they will complete the bridge for complete access by also releasing a desktop client.

The fact that there isn't a desktop client is pretty much a death knell.
How do you not have easy browser integration? Seriously? That should come before going multiplatform.

Oh, and the DEFAULT (defacto's definiteion doesn't fit the use) service for all devices already exists. It's called a text message. I can send one from my phone (and my web browser) to any mobile phone on earth, regardless of operating system or even if it's a feature phone.

bbm is one of the only thing I miss about blackberry... I had a lot of my friends in one circle, now we are all on different messengers just something so cool about bbm...

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I think one thing missing here with the BBM fans is that they are assuming the new app will be as good as the native blackberry app. I got my money on it missing features at launch.

I'm still waiting to hear what feature this is supposed to have that other messaging apps don't have.

this is the near perfect messaging app which many other messaging apps have tried to emulate its perfection. I own an htc one and use whatsapp, and to be honest i can not wait for BBM to release its version for android.

I jump from Blackberry a few month back and BBM was one app I never used. Last chance from a sinking ship called Blackberry. I give it a year and no one will even care. Don't believe the hype. They promised us BB10 on Playbook and that never happened. BBM will happen but has become just another messaging app. Like all the others.

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I changed my bold 9900 to a S4 Just because of that broken promise... :'(

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Please enlighten me!!

I am on sprint with a GS3, yes the one that does not support group conversations, only outgoing group texts ( all replies come back individually). I have been looking for an app that supports group messaging and have not found a good FREE alternative. Now forgive me if I'm wrong but when I download whatsapp it said its free for the first year or something like that.

Second almost everyone here is saying that BBM is too late saying that there are soo many apps that do the same thing yet the only app that has been mentioned here is Whatsapp and AIM. I have never tried BBM but was defiantly gonna try it out when released. Please any of you BBM haters give me that HUGE list of apps that do the same thing as BBM so I can join you in the "BBM, ain't nobody got time for that" campaign. Until someone replies with that huge list, BBM please be released AOSP ;)

Viber, Kik, Hangouts, Skype to name 4 others besides whatsapp. People say whatsapp because it's the most popular

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Hangouts, you have to have a gmail account, and it doesn't support SMS

WhatsApp you can't use your own number to do a group chat

What I'm getting to, is if you can use your phone number as well as email on BBM like you can on iMessage it's gonna kill all thrones you mentioned

Hangouts will support SMS shortly, and it comes pre-installed with Google services so basically people will use it much like people use iMessage on iPhone since it's pre-installed.

I have no idea what "you can't use your own number to do a group chat" means for Whatsaspp, group chats are available in Whatsapp, and people use them. The mechanism of how they work isn't important to end users, as long as it works -- and it does -- they will use it.

My point is, BBM has a huge hill to climb. Sure the Blackberry faithful will use it, but to think that Blackberry will suddenly take their app which has been exclusive to their own platform for years, and make it the defacto best cross-messaging service right off the start, well that's very ambitious and naive to think. Other services have had years of head start and millions upon millions of users. Blackberry has already said it won't launch with all their features, other features will be coming "in the fall", so it's already going to be crippled on non blackberry devices.

using an android but will tell u bbm is still better than whatsapp i think bbm coming out will make whatsapp improve cant wait

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