BBM for Android

Some will be waitlisted when app is available this afternoon

Update: OK, folks. The app is (mostly) live. Go ahead and get on the list.

OK, folks. Here's the deal. BBM for Android — that's BlackBerry's proprietary messaging system — is finally going to be publicly available later today, BlackBerry announced in a blog post.

Only, things aren't quite that simple.

Here's the deal: BlackBerry is going to release it in Google Play and in Samsung's own app store in a few select locations. (Yes, Samsung has its own app store.) If you've already registered with BlackBerry somehow, you'll be good to go and BBM should work. If you've yet to sign up, you'll be able to today — and you'll be placed in waiting list. No telling how long that list will be.

The official word looks like this:

The demand for BBM on Android and BBM on iPhone continues to be amazing. About six million people signed up for information about BBM at As you know, in just seven hours, about one million Android users were using the unreleased version of BBM for Android. What you don’t know is that more than one million people have found creative ways to “side load” BBM on their iPhone. This is incredible.

To help manage this unprecedented pent up demand for BBM, we are implementing a simple line-up system to ensure a smooth roll out. Here’s how it is going to work…

BBM Roll Out Details:

  1. Download BBM – the easiest way is to visit from your Android or iPhone browser*
  2. Once you install the app, open it, and enter your email address to hold your spot in line
  3. We will email you as soon as you reach the front of the line and can start using BBM

So. BBM's coming. Probably this afternoon.

Stand by for proper links when we've got 'em.


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BBM for Android finally here today ... later ... eventually ... NOW!


Oh, and it's not compatible with the Nexus 7.
Thank you BB, for once again proving how very full of fail you are.

Wow, lol. So, they turned their backs on the tablet market? Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.

Posted via Android Central App

They never said it would be released on tablets. It's not even compatible for their tablet.

Posted via Samsung Gs3 Wishing it Was a N5

Have you even given it a chance? Why bash it if not? I think it looks great and works like BBM on a blackberry. It's a shame so many people think they're cool to bash a product just because it's BlackBerry. Not pointing anyone out, it's a general statement.

Posted via Android Central App

I would say the reasons for bashing it are pretty legitimate.

1. It doesn't work on Tablets. Period.
2. It doesn't support message syncing across multiple devices, so you can't send a message on one device and see the response to it on another.
3. There's no desktop client. At all.
4. There's a persistent notification in the status bar. It never can be dismissed. If you turn it off, your messages might be delayed.

If this list of faults was attributed to any messaging app other than BBM, everyone would be too busy laughing at it to summon the will to even bother downloading it. if those four qualities were applied to Hangouts, whatsapp or iMessage, then BBM lovers would be, rightfully, bashing the apps as being ineptly designed.

Wait, why is this BBM app developed by Blackberry, and all the other Official Blackberry apps are developed by Blackberry Limited??

Is this a fake again?

That would be hilarious. but considering the problems folks are having (wait on pin, notifications not swiping away) it's probably real, only BB can screw things up this way.

If you knew what you were talking about you would know you can choose to not have the icon in the notification bar.

Posted via Samsung Gs3 Wishing it Was a N5

Yes, you turn off notifications. Except right now people without PINs are getting a perpetual notification that cannot be dismissed. That is a programming fail by BB.

I think it might be fake again. Developer name is "BlackBerry Limited." with that period at the end. Official BlackBerry doesn't. Why would BlackBerry create a different developer account?

Android 4.4 will most likely launch this week with Hangouts with SMS so too little too late in my opinion. But I'll give it a try, see if its worth it long term.

Posted via Android Central App

It may suck now but wait till it gets SMS integration. I think more android users would use it if they knew it was essentially the same thing as iMessage

Posted via Android Central App

Well then to answer slider999, that is why some people (including myself) do not like it. Btw thank you for the answer

Your profile shows you have a Nexus device. So you already have a Google (at least Gmail) account. There is really no difference between Hangouts and using the chat feature in Gmail.

It requires a Google+ account and that is something I do not want to deal with. Personal preference.

Are you sure about that? Did you get a message to sign up for Google+ when you signed into Hangouts? My young son does not have a Google+ account and is still able to video chat with me on his iPad when I travel via Hangouts.

If you have a gmail account pretty sure that is the same as having a google+ account. Just sign in and you should be good. You may not ever log into google+ but you still have one. You dont need to log INTO G+ ever.

If you have a Gmail account, then you have a G+ account whether you like it or not, so your whole reason for not trying Hangouts is silly to say the least. The whole point of having a "Google Account" is for it to work with every service that they have without additional hassle.

Does iMessage or BBM automagically know who you are and where to send messages??? All messaging services require you to have some sort of account, what's the difference?

It's no different than with Hangouts/iMessage. YOu need to have an account. A BBM account is ONLY a BBM account. A Hangouts/Google account also comes with other tools. With any of the services, you need an account. Whether that account comes with other services or not doesn't really matter unless you want it to..

How is NEEDING a BB account any different than NEEDING a Google/Apple/Yahoo/AOL/whatsapp account?

Posted via Android Central App

Well obviously you need SOME email or it wont work. So stop acting like Google and Apple are wicked sinners while BBM is the Savior of us all. Either way you have to have an email somewhere to use the effing thing. Get over it!

Not trolling here...but I really don't understand why so many folks say that "Hangouts sucks".

I use it all the time and think it's great, it's one shortcoming being that too many of friends (even those with Android) simply don't use it...what sucks about it?

It works great across platforms (Android, iOS and desktop at least), does group messages very well, keeps an archive of my conversations, and supports picture messages as well. Frankly, it does everything the BBM on my old BlackBerry used to do, but I'm not limited only folks with other BlackBerries.

Maybe I'm missing something?

I agree, hangouts has been great for me. Like any newer messaging app it will take time to get people on the platform. Once SMS is integrated into the app I think people will convert in droves.

Isn't hangout available in the play store so you shouldn't need to have 4.4 as it will be updated via the play store

Posted via Android Central App

At this point it's purely speculation, but popular theory is that *SMS integration* with hangouts will only be supported on 4.4+ devices.

Again, Google hasn't really said anything one way or the other, so it's pretty much futile to start a conversation about it...yet.

Well, the Hangouts+SMS thing has been mostly talked about with the upcoming 4.4 update. So that leads me to believe that it will be a 4.4 feature.

Posted via Android Central App

It may very well be a 4.4+ feature. It may also be that Google wants to announce all of the awesome all at the same time. We'll find out soon, which will be well before the rest of the BBM features roll out.

Posted via Android Central App

I doubt it'll be an exclusive 4.4 feature. The app will get updated along with the release of Android 4.4. My guess is those with 4.0+ will be able to continue to us the app as before. Why would Google make an app that EVERYONE on 4.0+ can use and then only hold the SMS feature to 4.4? Doesn't make sense to me. If you have an updated a hangouts app, you're golden.

Posted via Android Central App

Hangouts with SMS has been rumored since April. Haven't seen it yet. Wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. I stopped a long time ago.

To be fair they announced it in May (days before Hangouts came out I believe) and then delayed it in Sept. The people that were excited about BBM probably had reason to be annoyed.

But being annoyed that a product that is already out doesn't have an unannounced feature is a lot different.

Maybe you should get an iphone then.. their crap only gets updated once a year. You would be really pissed off then yeah? Get over bro. Its been a few months.

Maybe you've been under a rock the last 3 weeks or so when it was shown that the next update to Hangouts would include SMS - I believe they called it Super Duper SMS.

I was on it when I had my BBTour but my, my, my, how times have changed.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

You're kidding, right? As far as I'm aware ZTE and Huawei are very profitable companies. There are markets other than the US and EU. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Posted via Android Central App

No, you're not wrong. I'm not sure, why ZTE and Huawei were even mentioned.

Posted via Android Central App

As much as you don't them to. ZTE and Huawei is here to stay at least for the foreseeable future. Even though they have a extremely small but increasing presence in North America.. Their growth in the last few years in every point of the globe is almost as head scratching as the Chinese Economy.

Better late then never. Obviously there are still millions of people that are waiting for this.
So from the announcement it sounds like some people will be able to download the app, but won't be able to use it right away? If that's the case, then that is kind of messed. Doesn't seem very professional....

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

Most people that want to can since they would have signed up... it's being run like a closed beta which is unprofessional though

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

This all sounds like they are scared of what might happen to the servers.

"Hold your spot in line and hope shit don't get all fubar and hopefully you will get to BBM a friend before the servers crash. We know your excited and so are we! We are also very scared and not quite sure we are ready but what the hell it's now or never "

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Also agreeing with your signature, I'm really fighting myself from caving and upgrading my GS3.

Yawn,move along young man,there's nothing to see here.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

I really just wish we had hangouts with all the goodies that are coming already. I will probably try this and use it until hangouts are updated but after that its out.

6 million is unprecedented? I wonder how many signed up with 3 different emails like I did ;-)

Oh BlackBerry what has happened to my favorite communications device maker?

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

Lmao they are full of shit. Who whitelist. Give me a break it's so simple. Put it on the store and let people download. If your servers can't handle then RIM has a bigger issue.

Editor in chief of

What's the point of BBM when there are so many other multi platform messaging systems already - all I missing the point here?

Posted via Android Central App

The delay was an enormous loss. BBM had a lot of hype when it was supposed to be released, all that excitement is gone now.

I completely understand why Blackberry wants to release this to other platforms since their platform is practically dead. But, outside of business purposes, what would be the need for this for non business purposes? To this day I still don't understand the need for other instant messaging applications when the majority of people have a texting plan.

Well, there are markets outside US and EU, quite huge markets which don't have texting plan. In my country, a lot of people don't speak English properly and the so called "old people" (50+ yrs old) just can't keep up with all the new apps and technology. So they still rely on BBM that has been around quite a long time (BB got lucky here, found huge popularity since 2008). From my personal experience, I only use my BBM to keep myself updated on family news (we have very large members of extended family) through BBM news. For other personal usage, I use mainly Hangouts and WhatsApp. I only use BBM to text my dad and uncles, aunties, etc etc (old people)

Posted via Android Central App

Excuse my ignorance but what is the point of BBM? It's just a text messenger from what I understand. Just seems like it has blown up for just a messenger, hangout never gets the attention so there has to be a point to this app that i'm not seeing.

Need to have someone's pin to message them, offers video chat, bigger file messaging, and has the delivered and read function

Posted via Samsung Gs3 Wishing it Was a N5

Don't know how that's annoying... Just adds more security. Kind of like exchanging your phone number.

Posted via Samsung Gs3 Wishing it Was a N5

I would have to contact all the people that have bbm and get there pin code or I just block the people I don't want to talk to with hangout.

"Kind of like exchanging your phone number."
Or giving them your Hangouts ID?
It's not more secure, it just sounds that way.

Should I bother trying the BBM if I don't know anybody
who has a Blackberry?

Since their last botched release several weeks ago,
I have found out that none of the 112 contacts on
my phone uses Blackberry. 60% use Android and the
other 35% use iOS. (the remaining on dumb phones)

The computer geek at my company's IT department also
said there are no Blackberry users in our company
of 280 employees. (according to the access logs
to the company internal server)

You don't have to know anyone with a Blackberry THAT IS THE IDEA!
Multi Platform! If you know people with Android or iOS then you will know people with BBM.
So what is your point? It's a GREAT instant chat app, way better than Hangouts, whatsapp or kik

Beat me to it.

As far as your comparison to Hangouts, we'll have to wait and see what Google has yet planned for it, when 4.4 is released.

Posted via Android Central App

What's better about BBM over Hangouts? I used to use a Blackberry back in the day (2007ish) and I used BBM a lot at that time. I don't remember anything particularly impressive about it. It worked, I used it. What am I missing? What exactly is so great about BBM? I keep hearing people say it's better, but no reasons to support why?

I think what he was saying is that in order to use bbm you need other people you know to use bbm and that just wont work.

Buuuuut getting them to use Hangouts is ok? Or imessage? or Kik? or whatsapp?

BBM is waaay more than SMS.

I'd write a list, but you're all Google experts, should take no time to find feature comparisons, you might even have an app for that.

"you might even have an app for that."
We do, sorry if you BB folks don't have the marketshare to get one.

"Buuuuut getting them to use Hangouts is ok? Or imessage? or Kik? or whatsapp?"
You're correct in that it IS the same thing. The thing is, most people are already using messaging platforms (Hangout integrates seamlessly into Google's other products). Many are using multiple platforms. And I don't know about you, but no one I know has ever said "Gee I need yet another messaging platform on my phone." Most people want fewer, why should they add another one that brings no added value to their messaging experience? And with no desktop client?

Fewer apps goes against the entirety of Apple and google's "We have Hundreds of millions of apps" marketing, so you're wrong.

Actually we do have an app for that, Excel.

Most people are using 'other' messaging apps, cause there 'was' nothing like BBM.

Now with BBM, the users can start doing what your last statement says to do, get rid off useless apps that do one thing good, and get the one that does them ALL well.

"Most people are using 'other' messaging apps, cause there 'was' nothing like BBM."

Really? So what amazing features does this app have that none of the others have? I can think of at least three big, basic features that BBM doesn't have.

1. The other apps all work on non-cell tablets. BBM doesn't even work on my 4G Nexus 7
2. No desktop client. Fail.
3. No support for multiple devices.

All three of those are so incredibly basic, it's absolutely embarrassing that BBM doesn't have them.

Since you've used BBM, I have a question. If i'm using BBM on my phone, and then I leave it in another room but I have my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and want to see if anyone has responded in the BBM chat, can I open BBM on my tablet and read from where I left off from my phone? Cause if not, this isn't better than Hangouts. I'm hearing that it doesn't support tablets. IF that's the case, they missed the mark big time and this will not even compare to Hangouts.

No, for two reasosn.
1. You can't be signed into the same accoutn on two devices (which is stupid).
2. You can't use it on a tablet (which is even more stupid).

Conclusion, BB is stupid.

My friend downloads 10 messaging apps a week, I started ignoring messages from any app that wasn't hangouts because I don't need 10

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

Why do you think SMS integration into hangouts is such a big deal on this website? Because it removes the barrier that's why I message is popular and the reason hangouts is highly anticipated. No one will stop using what they are already using to sign up for a completely new messaging service unless its integrated into SMS.

Posted via Android Central App

What's the waiting list looking like for viber and whatsapp these days? ... Oh... Oh right...

Posted via Android Central App

Didn't realize those two released a new app with millions ready to install.....

Posted via Samsung Gs3 Wishing it Was a N5

Sorry, but as of August whatsapp had 300 million monthly ACTIVE users. That's not downloads or dead accounts, that's number of users that use it on at least a monthly basis.

BBM has I think about 60 million active users on Blackberry devices alone. Android and iPhone has a much much bigger market than BlackBerry, so there's a pretty good chance will be closing the gap on Whatsapp. I don't think the US market will can't on though.

Based on the traffic this post is getting on our real time analytics system, lots of interest in BBM from Android users. I guess there is a pent up demand.

Will be interesting to see how the growth goes over the next few months!

Lets call it curious demand, but if they release it and its just a basic messaging service BBM should be alarmed. Curiosity will only be there for the initial download after that BBM better bring something to the table especially with hangouts update looming. What Im saying is it needs a killer feature for people to continue to use it and not uninstall it right away which I have a feeling that it will just be too basic for people and it will soon be forgotten. But who knows maybe some pigs will fly today.

i agree with this, especially the first sentence. these installs aren't people saying GIVE ME MY BBM NOW, these are people who are quite curious to see what all the hype is about and uninstall soon after. the same thing happened with Facebook Home. A lot of them are techies or bloggers who want to know what it is ahead of official release. installs will drop off dramatically after the first week, as will active users.

Yeah, almost every article about BBM, that is posted here on Android Central, reaches well over 300 comments. I can only imagine how many page views that translates to!

Not to mention, the Mobile Nations sites and forums, often, show at the top of Google Search results.

Posted via Android Central App

None of that means anything tho. All this page views and comments mean nothing if BB doesn't deliver something special or different something that keeps the interest of users. One thing about messaging apps is that if none of your friends are on it than its worthless. Its one of those deals that without sms intergration and the need for everyone of the people you know to be on BBM makes its chances very slim


I know what you mean, brother. It's a tough sell. Most of my friends hate texting, anyway. After one or two texts, we usually just call each other. Unless one of my friends decides to use it with me, then I won't even have a reason to download it.

Posted via Android Central App

I clicked because I was curious. Now that I find out this BBM has nothing to offer me that I don't already have working with my acquaintances, the curiosity is gone and I will not be looking to "get on this list" for a download.


Bbm is different because it enriches you're exprence you can veido call there is BlackBerry. Channels it soo fantastic please give it a try

Its going to be funny when this thing drops and everyone downlaods it and then automatically uninstalls it because it wont support any features that are necessary such as sms and video calling. Its going to be a basic messaging service and at this stage its just not enough.

Thank you for registering for blackberry messenger. Due to higher than normal registration volumes, all our operators are currently assisting other customers. You are currently number 3,642,781 in line. Your estimated wait time is 1 million minutes. Please stay online as your registration is very important to us.

Posted via Android Central App

Thank you for registering for blackberry messenger. Due to higher than normal registration volumes, all our operators are currently assisting other customers. You are currently number 3,642,781 in line. Your estimated wait time is 1 million minutes. Please stay online as your registration is very important to us.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm downloading and using for sure but the way this roll out is happening makes me think that they still are not ready.

BBM is bar none the most immediate and most reliable messenger out there for those who keep asking the difference between it and text.

The D and R is something wonderful. I can't really explain it other than I've used most if not all messenger apps out and I miss BBM. You really have to use it and give it a chance to appreciate what it does.

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

But they all do the same facebook messenger, hangouts they all let you see the read and not read and facebook even shows you when they are typing. As for reliable I can't think of a single time I have had a problem with texting or a messaging service going out. Maybe I just dont pay enough attention.

only time have had an issue with reliability in hangouts/skype/steam (the three messaging clients i use) is when my internet connection is acting up. but that's not the service's fault, its my carrier's fault, or the fault of shitty wifi.

I see similarities between this snafu and that of Obamacare's registration snafu (not meant to be political).

As a former BlackBerry user of 6 years, I am NOT downloading BBM. Didn't use it then, no reason to now.

Does anyone know if an old BIS user name and password will work from when someone had a BlackBerry before or do you have to register for a new account?

Posted via Android Central App

Downloaded BBM just sometime back... It's working well. Sorry I'm not in the waiting list... But need to get friends to chat on BBM...

Posted via Android Central App

Good but won't do anything for me. I don't know anyone who wants to use or uses it or who have ever used that's a big "PASS"

From my Note 2 to you

So many people ask and no one seems to answer.

What makes BBM that much better than Hangouts or anything else available??? When someone asks the only response given is it's a great messenger for places where texting plans aren't available.

Keep in mind it is going to be a crippled version of BBM. It won't have channels or Video or screen sharing I believe.

So... Without all of the above, what makes BBM better than anything already available on Android???

I don't know anyone with a Blackberry and most of my contacts aren't excited,anxious, or even know about the soon release of BBM for Android and IOS.

I'll probably give it a try but it seriously has to impress before I even try telling other people to make the switch. It being crippled is already strike 1, their horrible plan on releasing is strike 2.

every time i go to on my pohne it takes me to the play store then says," Couldn't find the details page for the item you requested." or "Item not found"

This is not me trolling but I just don't get it. Why do people care so much about BBM? I just don't see why.

I don't think anyone has a real answer. I'm thinking that alot of people are just excited for the new thing on Android but will be upset when they realize we're getting a crippled version.

Some are excited about something new. Many of the REALLY excited folks are BB fanbois who never got past the shift away from the dead platform. They're excited to use an old platform with fewer features.

BlackBerry changed their BBM page, but the link doesn't work and it's nowhere to be found on Google Play. More fail from BlackBerry, what a shock.

With all due respect... Who gives a crap? I loved BBM when I had a BlackBerry but I can't see the need on Android with so many other viable mechanisms. Not to mention the fact that RIM will be lucky to still be around in 6-12 months at which time BBM will be dead... totally!

i have both kik, and whatsapp, and i dont see a problem adding bbm to my messaging collection. why would we all argue about it?? its just another messaging aplication that we will use. i dont know anybody with a blackberry, but i know all my friends will get bbm.

I'll believe it when I see it. As a former BlackBerry user, I missed using BBM. Not getting my hopes up. I'll be waiting for the update "BBM delayed again" to come up later.

It's There Now. Took Me To The Play Store With The App Available To Download.

Posted via Android Central App

maybe not I just get the unexpected error occurred message.

edit Whoa, its downloaded wait now I have to wait .....for....something?

SO are people downloading these apps so they don't have to pay for regular text messaging?
I just don't get it. I am not going to ask all my friends to download this app or whatsapp etc just to text them.
I think the best messaging system I have is the one built into my Moto X called Messaging...
Using the alternate apps seems to disable the phones system notifications.
When I had the LG OGP, using any app that wasn't default made the color LED / home button not work anymore.
Using something other than the stock app on my Moto will disable the notification home screen tap slide feature that is baked into the OS.
I have unlimited texts on my plan and it serves all my needs when it comes to mms/sms and it doesn't matter if they have a certain app or brand of phone. I will stick with That.

The official BBM is available on the Samsung appstore. Will be soon available on Google play store.

Posted via Android Central App

I was able to download, but it didn't recognize the email I registered with at So, I'm somewhere in a waiting line anyway.

mine did recognize the email, but stupid that I am... I deleted the app for whatever reason, then it told me to wait for the email... after about 8 hours i got the email but the app still wont let me pass that page where you can click " i got the email"

What about people that already have a BBID? I've had one for years, and still have to wait to login?

Seems I have to wait for the email even though I have it installed. No biggie.

Posted via Android Central App

So, a bit of a snafu with registration but im sure they are having network hiccups as everyone is feverishly downloading (kinda funny considering most comments are wtf would i do with that)

-Entered Email... got your already in line and ready, just create bbid
-Entered info clicked create... phone just hung at page
-Back and re-enter... your already registered
-Back to beginning enter email... now your in line :(

ill just wait for email or try again in a few hours to see if its cleared up

Downloaded and it's smooth as butter! Messages are instant and the UI is a joy! Woo hoo! B-)

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

I gor it and it woeks. I signed in with my blackberry id from before and all my contact are there

Posted via Android Central App

I gor it and it woeks. I signed in with my blackberry id from before and all my contact are there

Posted via Android Central App

So, I downloaded the app and am all signed in. The problem is that I don't know anyone else who has a blackberry anymore or anyone else on BBM. My PIN is 7571A810

2 Annoying ass bugs are still here from the leaked version:

1.) Show My country and Time option will ALWAYS reset apon reboot

2.) Phone freezes 9 times out of 10 when trying to invite contacts via SMS

USA, PIN me: 7BAD45B6. Back on BBM!

Posted from my "CrackDroid" Nexus 4 via the Android Central App

Yeh downloaded it on my gs4 and my iPad but I haven't started using the one on my iPad

Posted via Android Central App

Working for me, I'm just posting my PIN.. only want to communicate with people I know..

Oh, and I'm on an SG2, but I used to have a BlackBerry, so already had a BlackBerry ID to use and it let me register right away and gave me my pin.

So I installed it and says I have to wait. And then there is an icon in notifications that I can't swipe away. I hate apps that do that. Uninstalled.

Posted via Android Central App

Like no kidding. What the heck is this crap? Granted I can't get into the settings to see if it can get turned off because I haven't been activated yet. If this doesn't go away I'm uninstalling too. Whatsapp works just fine without a persistent notification that it is connected and signed in.

Thats what BBM is all about you're connected 24/7 and the icon is there to let you know that you are. You can choose to disable it in settings but you might not get full functionality.

Hangouts and Whatsapp are also connected 24/7 and have no persistent notification. Exactly what extra "functionality" will I miss with BBM if I disable this setting? I never miss a Hangouts video call or Whatsapp message and I don't have to switch anything off.

As far as I know you can't send videos via Hangouts so this will be used

Posted via Android Central App

Just downloaded it from Samsung app store and signed in with my old blackberry id and I am good to go, working perfectly

Posted via Android Central App

Got it....again! I had a BB ID because of the last time, signed in and it's up and running.

feel free to add me since I have ZERO people on my list

My PIN 747FCD19

I heard the BBM team was also in charge of the Obama care website. Two big project launches probably got them all tuckered out. :-\

Posted via Android Central App on my S3

So with BBM running constantly, how much battery/data is this eating up? I understand it has to run all the time to receive messages, but does it seem worth my battery life I guess?

BBM Pin: 795720D5

Posted via Android Central App

Can someone kindly explain to me what makes BBM different or better than FBM, Hangouts, or iMessage? I've looked at the Play store and couldn't figure it out, and I'm really curious before trying it.

Posted via Android Central App and Droid Mini

Because it's Blackberry and Blackberry Messenger used to be a big deal. But pretty much every feature that BBM ever had, is now available in just about every other messaging app.

Oh, so just like everything else BlackBerry: too little, too late. *ducks*

Posted via Android Central App and Droid Mini

Do you also hate life? Jesus. Look at your comments, man. Never seen a bigger troll on the AC forums. Go Cardinals.
Edit: This reply is for Mr Boston "I hate everything BB" Strong up there.

Oh, OK, thanks! I know half my own posts have been anti-Sprint lately, but when it went out of its way trying to rip you off, you should be angry. Besides that, I think I quite like life!

Am I wrong? Call me a troll if you want, but when I see people claiming BBM is all that and a bag of chips, yet they can't clarify what it is exactly that BBM does that other apps don't do, I'm going to call them out. Especially when it's pretty clear that there are things that BBM doesn't do that it should (unavailable for tablets, no multi-device support, no desktop interface).

The UI is bloody ugly! Wtf were blackberry doing?! is it that hard to make some ui adjustments its not like they didnt take them time getting this crap ready!

I love how the toggle for the persistent notification is only accessible AFTER you have a BlackBerry ID, so if you're on the wait list, you just have a persistent notification sitting there reminding you that you can't access BBM yet.

Stuck @ Setting up BBM! Goes no where! Another server crash maybe? Reminds me of my old Pull the battery days when the actual Blackberry would be locked up! Oh the days!

Samsung galaxy 3..... Stuck... Screen say setting up for the Last 10 minutes.... Wth

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Samsung galaxy 3..... Stuck... Screen say setting up for the Last 10 minutes.... Wth

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I was stuck in set up for a long time but as soon as I uninstalled n re-installed the app I was able to move forward n get my pin.

For those still stuck maybe try that.

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It's working nicely, it took me 1 hour to get past the waiting list.

The constant notification is kinda annoying though.

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Doesnt work properly, lol. Keeps saying it needs a Wifi connection to finish of installation. Other people I know dont have this issue. Bbm flops again. I really think there is an idiot at the helm of that company.... Complete and utter morons!!!!

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Absolutely true. BB used to be a great company making great products. But they stopped innovating and refused to look at what the market was demanding. Now there's a very good chance the company simply won't exist any more in three years. Sad.

Fn bs, I finally got to register after waiting 24 hours, just to find out I already had an account saved from when I had a BlackBerry years ago...reset password and now I'm stuck enqueue again to register all over again

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