HTC Thunderbolt with BBM

It's kinda been the white whale of smartphone nerds -- RIM's BlackBerry Messenger running on something other than a BlackBerry. We've seen a number of third-party clients come and go with occasional success. But as a poll at indicated late last year, you all (and us, too) want BBM on your phone, be it BlackBerry, Android or iPhone.

And according to an anonymously sourced post at BGR, it might finally happen. The anonymous sources claim BBM will be headed to Android and iOS by the end of the year. And while it'll be functional (and free), it'll also be stripped down from the full BB version, meaning you'll get basic messaging functionality but not location or picture sharing, and the like.

This all, of course, goes hand-in-hand with the rumor that the BlackBerry Playbook tablet might end up running Android apps in some shape or form, so things are certainly getting interesting. [BGR via CrackBerry]


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BBM again rumored to be Android-bound, possibly by year's end


Without sharing of pics, video and location, how is this any better of a solution than Google Talk?

I did and here is some directs quote from the BGR article:

"According to our sources, RIM has not yet finalized details surrounding timing or pricing, but we have heard that the company might make the software free to all users. We’re also told strategy is still being developed, however, and RIM may end up charging users a one-time fee or even a recurring fee for access to its BBM service on third-party platforms......

"As far as what Android and iOS users can look forward to, we’ve been told RIM will offer stripped down versions of the BBM experience BlackBerry owners know and love." Sounds like it is not fully functional and not free.

because it's then integrated with RIM's BBM for inter-OS communications. It's also gonna pull on the heartstrings of those with a BB that want to switch to Android but don't want to give up their BBM

I'm pretty excited. I only use BBM for messaging anyway, so this is very good news indeed. Makes me feel better about having left RIM for Android!!! I miss BBM, so this will make things all better again.

edit: I would pay for this app in a heartbeat!!!

I would pay for the app (one time fee) if it had the full functionality of BBM on a Blackberry. I will admit BBM was the hardest "growing pain" I experienced moving from Blackberry to Android, but now I'm over it and using Google Talk. Aside from BB users getting dumped out of Google Talk on a fairly regular basis, it's o.k. I can always text them to tell them they are offline.

Speaking of text...why can't carriers just open the character limitation and then voila...functionality for everyone.

I am getting rid of my TOur soon and I would like to bring my BBM with me, so this would be a real nice added bonus when I switch. Pretty much BBM and the keyboard are the only things I LIKE about the Tour over my wife's Droid X.

There's several, check the free portion of the Communications category. Live Profile is one off the top of my head. Me and some friends tried it a while ago and it was quite fast (when it worked) however pretty buggy. Being beta software that may have changed by now.

I miss understood Phil's comment. I that he was saying there were 3rd party apps that hook BBM and that RIM was just making their own "native" BBM app.

Wow this would be great. The thing I miss the most from RIM. It would be great if it was free for sure. I'm also willing to pay a one time fee for it.

BBM shows a little ,S for sent; a R for received. They allow you to account for groups, calendar sharing, and file sharing and some other stuff. It's nothing special but a HOLD ONTO for dear life item for some people.

Honestly, I don't see how they could do this. It would involve issuing a PIN to non-RIM devices, and giving them access to BIS. HUGE Security hole for the blackberry folks.

Also, I really don't see the appeal of BBM. I have a few BBM contacts, but I don't really use it. Maybe it's because all my friends are on different platforms (a few iPhones, some Androids, and my one Storm), but we just text message. Who doesn't have free unlimited texting these days?

I had to seek out people just to find a use for BBM. It ended up being two people that I was already texting regularly and who also preferred SMS. Why people feel they can't live without it, I'll never understand.

That said, I don't use Google Talk or any other IM client either.

Back in the day, before I became a man and discovered Android... I enjoyed using BBM. I actually missed some features of BBM for awhile but now really don't care all that much. My problem with all of the new "BBM-like" apps is that there are too many of them and each has their own registration/user id's. Now if someone would come up with an open-source communication system that had a universal id that could be used from several different applications, and had all the best features of bbm/gtalk/iwhatevertheirapiscalled then it would be something worth checking out.