OK, all you BBM users out there. Today's the day that version 2.0 drops in Google Play. It's a pretty major change, indeed.

The big strokes of what's new? How about ...

  • BBM Voice: You can make free calls to your BBM contacts on BlackBerry, Android and IOS, anywhere in the world, over Wifi or your cell connection.
  • BBM Channels: Chat with other BBM users about ... well, whatever you want.
  • Location sharing using Glympse.
  • Attach pictures, voice notes, calendar events or contacts.
  • DropBox integration.
  • New emoticons.
  • Larger BBM groups.

And that's that. The update is now live, so hit the link above to get your update on!

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BBM 2.0 dropping today, brings Channels, location sharing, multimedia, DropBox, emoticons, bigger groups and more!


Uninstalled yesterday. Kept it for awhile, but was useless for me. Only had two friends with it. The same two I had for years when I was using BB.

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That's usually the case with apps like this, like Whatsapp and Kick. So many friends one, some use the other and the rest just use SMS....

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The next stage for these messaging applications from the end user usefulness point of view are Mobile Platforms having a Default Contacts-Messaging Application that contains expansion plugins for VOIP/Messaging services, joint interoperability agreements and possible mergers!

O look... Another post by the Gekko about how he wants BlackBerry to vanish...

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It is also an American issue. Look at all the security features from RIM used by your government. BBs cannot be simply sold.

with as much press as BBM gets I feels like I am missing something here? Then I realize no, I am not. It was great when we had blackberries as company phones but switched to iPhone when the 5 came it is iMessage!

A bb7 or bb10?

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Ironically if I was forced to use a blackberry for work I'd actually prefer bb7. 10 still has some ways to go.

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That is so wrong. Do you actually have any logical reason to why you posted that?

BB10 is way better than BB7. At the initial release of BB10 a year ago a lot of feature were missing but not now.

Something I found odd, working for UPS I have seen mostly 9900 Bold there, no BB10 phones at all, and someone the other day using a Curve 8530!

(the Curve being the oddball that makes no good sense at this point. The Web browser isn't even Webkit!)

Most everyone else is using Android phones on the supervisor level, and the bottom people mostly have iPhones!

That's quite the observation there, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

This is not odd at all. Once you leave the echo chamber that is androidcentral that is. Most androids in the wild are the cheap versions. I can count on one hand the amount of GS4s I've seen people use. Have yet to see anyone with a Note 3, and most people I see with iPhones are still on the 4s. I work in a high rise building with thousands of people and it's more of the same everywhere else I go.

The thing is, most of these people make good money. The driver with the 8530 I know for a fact makes over $90,000 annually.

I'm only one folk but I use it and so do a lot of my family and friends. This new update looks awesome can't wait to check it out. Hangouts has been horribly unreliable as of late.

Love the Dropbox integration, the voice calling and location sharing in real time looks awesome. I just hope that it is ready and works well.


Awesome! I have BBM with Channels on my BlackBerry Z 10 and a few Channels of my own that I have set up. One is dedicated to South African rugby (channel pin C00079207 if you would like to follow the channel). Can't wait to see how BBM channels will look on my Note 3.

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yep, likely 80 million+

Could be more, but most here will say it's definitely less, as nobody uses it.

But however you slice it, 80 million is a lot of nobodies.

....and for those of you that keep on talking BlackBerry down I have the Z10 and it's an excellent phone comparable in all respects to what my other phone, a Galaxy Note 3, offers. Recent update to the BlackBerry 10 OS gave BB users access to all the apps in the Play Store so no app gap anymore to go with an excellent phone and smooth operating system!

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As a former blackberry Z10 user I am happy to see this update. I hope I get my channel back with the update. I am enjoying my S4 but do miss some aspects of me Z10.

Same here. The browser for one was second to none. If they'd only make apps like remember, movie maker and video calls on BBM I'd be one happy camper.

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Heck yeah! Happy Thursday been waiting on this update! Loved BBM channels on my Z10 and finally the much needed huge update arrives! I love BBM. Not sure why there are so many haters. Keep drinking that haterade, BBM is the shit!

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Hopefully they have added some notification customization with this update as well.
All I want to do is silence group chat so it isn't constantly dinging all the time!

All that's left is to get BBM video out there for Android and iOs and then it will be truly cross platform!

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OMG I remember that with my old BB with having a group conversation open. Every time someone sent a message even not to you it would ding. So many bad looks at restaurants lol

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I'm looking forward to the improvements. My bf and I use BBM all the time to keep in contact with each other. His phone is a work phone and texts are limited so BBM works great. He's on a Curve, I'm on my Note2. Have had at least 1 issue where I had to re-install and re-PIN him so I hope the bugs get sorted out. I had a BB for many years and loved BBM.

I just don't understand why they have to put all those icons over the keyboard? They have the options on the side, apparently?

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Some of these features need to come to Hangouts in one form or another... I'm thinking:

BBM Voice: Google Voice integration with VOIP like in the iOS Hangouts app.
BBM Channels: Some kind of public chat-only Hangout, with the ability to turn into a Hangout party / HoA maybe?
Attach voice notes, calendar events or contacts: At least Google Calendar / contacts would be neat.
DropBox integration: At least Google Drive integration, if not also third-party file managers. Frankly, why can't attachments work similarly to the way Gmail / Drive integrate? Or better yet, upload a file from a third-party service, have it go into my Drive in the background, and show up as a link in the chat?

Channels aren't chat rooms. Check it out for yourself. I like Channels a lot.

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If this runs smooth hangouts will get its data wiped and disabled. Hangouts still breaks my visual voicemail app so it's already on my shit list lol


No, its not Google's fault but he wants a working phone.

Maybe it is Google's fault for fragmentation.

I disabled Hangout integration because it kept messing up on MMS, and bigger is the fact that it can deal with the amount of text I have.

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Fragmentation. Right. it's not the fault of the developer for releasing an app with bugs, it's Google's fault. If you can't make your app work without bugs, don't release it. plenty of other devs make great apps without any problems.

Still no:
Desktop support
Multiple device support
Tablet support
D/R receipts in group chat

Still looks like it was designed in the early 2000's

Oh, and it's still not a secure system.

Why always focusing on the negative ? It's a great update with a ton of new features. Have you used Channel's ? It's not just chat rooms, and many big name companies have already jumped on board to promote their brand. Now that iOS and Android users can make their own channel, more and more brands will start noticing the potential of BBM.

Btw if your interested in making your own channel for promoting BlackBerry hate you can use a desktop to do so.

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I'm focusing on the lack of core functionality. Who cares about channels when you can't do something as simple as switch between your devices or desktop? Folks (justly) gave Apple crap for taking forever to add Copy/Paste to their OS. BBM is devoting resources to things like adding Gingerbread support (GINGERBREAD!) while there is apparently no effort to add some really basic funtionalities. BB was a great company once, but it's increasingly clear just how far behind they have fallen in the mobile world. They insist on leaving out basic elements and trying to pass off the decisions as 'security features'.

Lord have mercy! This dude really, really must love bb. The hating on a freaking company is out of this world. Do you have a job, life or what? Its unreal mate. Are you not embarrased reading your own posts???

i'm a fan of bbm, and lots of people where i'm from still use it but i honestly don't think i can take this app seriously until the implement proper push notifications with gcm. the connection icon is a weak attempt at keeping the process alive in order to guarantee delivery of the messages - sometimes the app process somehow kills itself and the icon disappears anyway.
that splash message at the launch of "connected icon means bbm is always on" is an insult to my intelligence. my other messengers are always on, why don't they need this same icon?
i'd love to use this, but i don't think i can until they really get their act together.

Uninstalled BBM after only a few days when it first came out for Android. Didn't have any contacts who were using BBM, other than a few other Android users that wanted to test the app along with me. We tried it, realized it was no better than Hangouts or Whatsapp and uninstalled.

Pretty sure you can't make a phone call or send a live location with Whatsapp. This article is about the new features not what is better.

You can send location with Whatsapp. You can also send location with Hangouts and make video calls with hangouts. Also, iOS users can use Hangouts to make phone calls too, it'll be coming to Android as well.

Notice I didn't mention Hangouts or the app for Apple and I said a LIVE location. You could already send static locations, but BBM now uses Glympse which tracks exactly where you are for a specified amount of time that you choose. BlackBerry users can also make video calls with BBM and also share their screen. That will be the next update for iOS and Android BBM.

You can actually install the Glympse app on Android and share your LIVE location with a whatsapp contact (or any other chat app for that matter using androids built in sharing).

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So you need to install ANOTHER app?

Man some people are all over the place.
A/C ~" BBM is now available for Android"
A/C Users ~ " What, who needs this, we already have chat apps, I don't need another app"

A/C ~ "BBM not comes integrated with other apps and features, Dropbox, glympse, VIOP, file sharing etc"
A/C Users ~ "What, but I can already download an individual app, with limited functionality, why would I need an app that can do something I need 10 other apps to do?"

Funny how Rene is in the video talking to Jeff from BlackBerry and Jeff from BlackBerry is no longer from BlackBerry

Seems to be live!! I just updated and called my little brother on his BB-Q10 and working well so far!!
Thank You BBM Team!!

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Based on the reviews on Google Play, a majority of people seem to like it. 10-50m downloads, it seems pretty popular. Maybe they have something here?

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I have a Z30 and a Z10 and I usually use BBM on both devices with the same ID, the only thing is that you can't use it at the same time you have to change device, but it is no big deal, just seconds.
What it needs is a pc version and being easier find people who use it within your contacts. Anyway it's getting better with each update

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10 - 50 mil downloaded with many of those just to try it and then uninstalled for one reason or another. I personally don't know anyone who installed or evens cares to.

WARNING - Update BBM to version 2.0 through Blackberry App World, it has caused my BBM to fail to open. Even when re-booting does not fix the issue. Unsure if this will happen on android devices. Please be aware of problem before updating.

No, it's just that you're on an old BB10 leak like 1055 or 1295. Update to 1925 thru Sachesi, tada

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Installed BBM on my Galaxy Note 3 today and tested all the functionality. Tried out BBM Voice calls, the cool new Glympse feature to share your location for a defined period, sending voice notes, sharing items from my Dropbox folder and last but not least BBM Channels. Everything worked flawlessly.

Well done Blackberry!

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I just finally.FINALLY got all my family and friends to start using hangouts. Why do I need to convince them to use yet another messaging app? No-one I know of has had a BlackBerry for 5 years or more and has no desire to use bbm no matter how neat it may be. Just saying.

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