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The BBC has today pushed out a pretty major update for its Android iPlayer application that has a whole new look and feel to most areas of the app. The Home, Channel and Category pages now sport the hot new look, with the same three pages also now getting added, curated content by way of the editorial collections.

Folks who need subtitles are also well looked after with this latest update, with subtitled content now available to download to your device for offline viewing. Other areas of the app not mentioned above remain unchanged at this time, but the BBC is promising regular new feature rollouts going forward, with this in particular catching our eye:

New features like Live Rewind and continuous play being added in time. New functionality will also be added to make BBC iPlayer a more personal experience, with cross-platform playback and tailored recommendations planned.

Being able to pick up playback on one device where you ended on another is no doubt something more than a few folks will be wanting to see, so we're definitely excited for what the future holds for iPlayer on mobile. The new update is live now in the Google Play Store at the link up top.

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BBC iPlayer for Android gets a fresh new look


iPlayer is leading the way compared to its competition in the UK. The ITV and Channel 4 offerings lag way behind in terms of performance and UI, and have refused to offer Chromecast support, dismissed as not worth bothering. Poor form.

As much as I dislike the BBC I have to agree. The others are lagging behind badly.

Also, just seen on imore that the update release was parallel with the ios apps. That's good form

Posted via Android Central App

Use Hola to create UK VPN, then iplayer works flawlessly.
You'll need to sideload the apk from somewhere. Not too difficult to find.
The downloading also works perfectly. I love iplayer.

Unlike the web version which is a unholy mess of crapocity.

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This app was brilliant when running on the Nexus 7 tablet under Android 4.4.2. Unfortunately just after the latest update of iPlayer was released, Google started to roll out an Android upgrade (KitKat 4.4.3) which has introduced malfunctions in the playback of downloaded programmes when using iPlayer. Currently, users have no idea when this issue will be resolved. If you are things king about purchasing a device with the latest version of Android to enable off-line viewing of World Cup matches using BBC iPlayer, then don't waste your money!