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The Bard's Tale has found its way to Android today, and is available in Google Play and soon in the NVIDIA Tegra Zone for  $5.99. 

The action RPG provides 20 to 30 hours of gameplay, which drags a nameless rogue to unwillingly defend mankind against nefarious evils. He has a hard time getting there, but thanks to the occasional incentives of coin and cleavage, plus back-up from creatures summoned through song, he seems to get by. 

If you're sitting on the fence about this one, we're working on a review which will be up real soon. From what I've played so far, the dialog is hilarious and sells the game pretty much on its own. Anybody play the original game on PC or console? How about the old Interplay version from 1985 (which, by the way, is bundled with the game)? 

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armeddroid says:

Loved this game on the PC.
One of my favorites while growing up. Played the whole series. So i think i might cop this but i will wait for the review.

robrowald says:

I remember the 1985 version, played it on a Commodore64

jasonsf says:

I played it on the C-64 also. I remember hand-mapping the dungeons on graph paper.

Lawbreaker says:

Haaa! I didn't even remember that I did that until I read that!

3rdpig says:

Somewhere in my pile of crap is the original boxed C-64 version with all the maps my Brother and I made. The remake from 2004 sucked IMO. If that's what this is it's not worth $6.

pckocher says:

I played on the Commodore 64, too!

Erckul says:

you had me at "cleavage"

I sort of remember the original game but was much more into the Ultima series and Phantasie series.

I will wait for the review but I can only hope that this is the start of being able to play some old PC games.

IIRC the iOS version has the original game built-in. Does the Android version?

Ironcladz says:

The Play Store says the original version is included. Part's 2 and 3 are coming soon. For $6, seems like a pretty sweet deal.

betsuni says:

The screenshots show them.

kamui957 says:

I do believe this qualifies as RTFA. It says it comes bundled with it. Most likely this is just a port of the iOS release.

betsuni says:

The original PC game was one of my favorites.

youareme7 says:

will it work with gamepads natively? how about the sixaxis?

ungibbed says:

I have this game on the iPad 2. At this point, all three original games are now included and are ports from the Apple //GS. The third original however is a port from the original Apple II.

This game stands up extremely well on its own with wonderful music and visuals. On my iPad 2, it was a solid 60FPS affair and for the newer iPad, higher (but not native) screen resolution and visual detail. It's an easy pick up and play and I recommend it on any platform you have available to you.

bkupris says:

Got it on my Playbook, great fun :-)

pahern says:

I'm tempted, but from what I read on another post about this game the HD Tegra version is 3.5 gb. Considering my Nexus 7 only had about 14 gb free when brand new, that's a full 1/4 of the device's storage - that's insane!

Google really needs to rethink the "no micro SD card slot - stream everything!" approach it has taken considering games are already getting very large and will continue to grow.

ynomrah says:

Google needs to just hurry up and release its equivalent to game center now. We need a central hub for all of our gaming besides openfient, gree, ect. This way we can have our games saved to the cloud (good drive i suppose) and get achievments, gamertags ect. I cant understand why they didn't compile something like this into jelly bean when they launched the nexus 7 knowing that it had this great gpu for gaming..

serverfull says:

I am trying to finish NOVA 3 because that is 1.7gig. Between that and Horn that is the size of this game.

Either way. I already bought it and did the push install to my Nexus 7. I will just need to finish NOVA then download the content for Bards Tale...Any one try it on there Galaxy Nexus yet? I wonder how good it plays on a smaller screen...

dmcincubus says:

3.5 gb. That's just retarded.

jimed43 says:

I played the 1985 Interplay Bard's Tale on my Apple //c

Ahh, The Bard's Tale (the original pc version, not this abomination)... I've been chasing that high since 1985. Garth's Equipment Shop, Sinister Street, Mangar's Tower. Great stuff!

eagle63 says:

Same here, loved it on the PC. Was it originally in 4-color CGA or 16 color EGA graphics? (it's been a while and I don't recall..)

eagle63 says:


The voice of the Bard is Cary Elwes, from The Princess Bride.