Moto X in bamboo

Heads up, folks: Just got an e-mail from Motorola saying that the new bamboo-backed Moto X will now be delivered on or before Dec. 27.

Good news! We previously estimated your Moto X with Bamboo to ship in January, however we’ve been able to work some magic.

Your Moto X with Bamboo will now be delivered to you on or before 12/27.  No need to call us—we’ll keep you updated on our progress and let you know when it has shipped via email.

And that is that. The bamboo version still carries a $100 premium. 


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Bamboo Moto X now ships by the end of the year


I have to say it's great to see Motorola take care of business lately. The messages and public postings to consumers have been very personable and without the usual "suit" jargon.

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No joke. I was told on 12/13 I'd get my Motomaker Moto X on 12/26 (which I was fine with). Then on the 16th I was told to expect it by the 20th. It arrived on the 17th.
Under-promise, over-deliver... then bask in the praise.

so you know, that delay in projection was not a part of the game. I was there that weekend parked on stuck on I-20 and in 200 mi radius everything was stopped for 3 whole days. inches thick ice everywhere. people mostly just stayed home. they freaked out because all the carriers were in a mess too.

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How was AC able to "work some magic" influence Google's Motorola to advance production and delivery date of the bamboo version?

I think you misunderstood the quote. The indented text in the middle of the article, is a quote by Motorola, and that is why it is referring to them as 'we'.

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My apology.
chadthebuilder is correct.
My misunderstanding.
The indented text is Motorola's statement; not Phil's.

Too little too late! I was considering a moto x but got an N5 instead. They should not even have mentioned the wood back at launch, such a stupid move on their part. That and exclusive for att really boned this launch for this phone.

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"Little Too Late", so I gotta hate...
Did all you guys who have to comment in Moto X comment threads about how you don't want this phone decide to coordinate on that phrase?

Weird how the X-Haters seem to have talking points.

I guess its cool but really since its real bamboo? Wouldn't chip and fly off exposing the internals or is that a little crazy

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