Over the past few years Aviary has been making a name for itself by offering its photo editing solutions to the masses through its web applications. They've produced an Android SDK, iOS SDK and even a Windows Phone 7 SDK but now they've gone ahead and released their own self-branded standalone photo editing app. It's quite beautiful and feature packed, as you would expect, and there's an equally impressive feature list --

  • One-tap auto enhance
  • Gorgeous effects
  • Fun stickers
  • Color balance
  • Crop and rotate
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation
  • Sharpen and blur
  • Draw and add text
  • Create your own memes
  • Cosmetic tools: fix redeye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth

In addition to all this, there are add-ons that can be purchased from the Play Store, including extra effects packs. Just a quick look at the app tells you Aviary took their time in making this one, it's a showcase app for them that will not only serve consumers but also show developers what Aviary is capable of. We'll get a deeper look at this app later, but for now we've got download info after the break.

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757EliasHZ says:

Tried it out and it's a very nice photo editing application. Works great on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I wouldn't spend the extra money on the viewfinder effects, but the Grunge and the Nostalgia ones are certainly worth it.

mdoades71 says:

Does the photo being edited represent anything in your personal life?

I'm kidding.

But I do need to check this app out again. I really enjoyed before.


IceDree says:

Uh guys, its Not new , they just updated it recently & changed the icon .
I used it before, maybe 4 months ago