Autobirds to rollout against Deceptihogs in Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio has announced it's next Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Transformers. The developer is partnering with Hasbro to create not just a new game, but also a new toy line and set of licensed consumer products featuring the Autobirds and Deceptihogs.

The game will utilize a new line of Hasbro's TELEPODS toys, action figures that can be imported directly into the game. Holding the toy over your device's camera will add the character to the game with special abilities and power-ups. TELEPODS were also a part of Angry Birds Star Wars II, along with the Angry Birds Go! racing game. TELEPODS will also feature in the upcoming Angry Birds Stella

The announcement of Transformers comes directly after the release of Angry Birds Epic, a new take on the franchise in the form of an RPG. Rovio did not announce a release date for Angry Birds Trnasformers, with the teaser site only saying that it is "coming soon to app stores" below the first shot of the birds and pigs as bots. The TELEPODS toys will be available later this year.

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Autobirds to roll out against Deceptihogs in Angry Birds Transformers


I'm expecting this game to be as good as the upcoming Transformers movie

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Rovio should consider releasing their own phone. I just can't get enough o dem Angry Birds!

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Fucking die already quit milking the angry birds franchise. I can see it now angry birds transformers on everything...
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