Six months trial on the new A3, after that it's a $99 minimum per six months

At CES we saw more than one example demonstrated of cars with integrated 4G LTE connectivity. Audi is about to make it a reality on an actual roadgoing model with the new 2015 A3, but it comes at a price. Audi has partnered with AT&T for the service that does at least offer a six-month free trial for all new A3s with the Audi Connect system.

After this, you've got to pony up the dough to carry on using it. The cheapest plan is $99 for 5GB of LTE data spread out over a period of six months. If you want more than that, AT&T will sell you 30GB spread over 30-months, for $499. You read that right.

Audi also says that starting this summer, you'll be able to add your car to your existing AT&T Mobile Share plan. That's right, your car. Audi isn't going to be the only ones offering 4G LTE connectivity in the ar this year, but it's pretty much first out of the gate with delivering.

Sure, you're maybe not going to use LTE as much on your car as you will on your smartphone, but it's still pretty darn pricey. This isn't the first example of connected cars we've seen from Audi, either. Back at CES we took a look at its first efforts using Android, with its Smart Display and Google powered satellite navigation. Is LTE in your car something you're really pining for, though? Especially at these prices?

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Audi and AT&T putting LTE in your car, for a price


2015 GM Pickup trucks will also offer AT&T LTE service via Onstar. Thus they are switching Onstar from Verizon to AT&T, but only for 2015 vehicles.

I'm putting LTE in my car every day when i sit down with my phones in my pockets he he he...

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That's very true. Plus I don't think just because someone can afford an Audi means they gonna pay that much, whereas a unit that mirrors your phone will do the same thing and you only pay once.

With head units that can pair and mirror your phone I don't see this getting much use. It is cool but too expensive.

Eh, you can get a pretty well-equipped A3 for like $35,000. That's certainly not cheap, but it's hardly the exclusive province of people who don't have to give a shit about money.

I have a new A4. I am not rich by any means. It also has T-Mobile in it now and you can get the service for about 10.00 a month if you sign up for 3 years. They don't specify how much you get but I have never run into any throttling problems.

You know in all honesty that's not really all that expensive. Hell Sirius XM expects people to pay 165 a year for satellite music and I can see much more utility out of a 4G LTE connection. I just wish Audi would let me buy the RS6 here stateside because I would in a heart beat.


Second off: The price is not bad until they start making apps that need the LTE and then GOTCHA! I'm down with Audi but not at&t.

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I think these priceses are reasonable. although, its sad they couldnt give you that extra gig so it would be 1GB per month, but thats at&t, what are you going to do?

cars should simply have a SIM Card slot in the dash. buy your own prepaid LTE SIM Card of choice and simply insert it into the slot and independently power the in-car NAV, Radio, Web, TV/Movies, Secondary Phone, needed.

open and free always beats closed and proprietary.

thats a really good idea, add it to your data plan just like you would with a tablet? or just use straight talk?

I'm usually the one to jump N something like this. It's not the price that I dont like. It's the slim Pickens on the gigs per month. Forget expensive. I just don't think it's worth it.

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If you lose service, does the car stop? I suppose that this has its uses by just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. How hard is a car dock?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

You are better off getting an LTE hotspot to keep in your car. That way you can connect anything to it instead of just the crappy head unit that comes in these cars. I say crappy because I'm a mechanic for Toyota. Have been one for Honda too, and we replace those things all the damn time. Sometimes under warrantee, sometimes not. When it's not they cost twice as much as a better aftermarket head unit.

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Yep, and 5 years after you buy the car you're still paying for old tech, instead of using the new tech that's built into your new smartphone.

No need. When you are in a car the only thing you need to be doing is driving.

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the one in the picture is the new 2016 TT i'm pretty sure. They just revealed it at Geneva last week. The AT&T plan is going to start out in the new 2015 A3

This is priced to fit in with 36 month leases. 6 month trial + 30 month subscription means you'll have LTE for the entire time you have the car. Makes it an easy sales pitch by the finance manager, they just amortize the price over the entire lease term.

I don't understand the need for this service. Just about every mobile device has a dedicated data connection that is far cheaper than this.

Silly. Why do I want this technology in my car? I keep my cars a lot longer than my phone, so the in-car technology will become increasingly obsolete, while that in my phone gets upgraded every couple of years. I'd much rather have car tech that just interfaces with my mobile device, and uses the device for communication and display.