LG Nitro HD and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

One new smartphone and another revamped are now available from AT&T. First up is the LG Nitro HD, the carrier's version of the LG Optimus HD. It sports a 720p display and has AT&T's new LTE high-speed data. The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket -- AT&T's LTE version of the Galaxy S II (and scaled up to 4.5 inches) -- also is now available in white.

The Nitro HD is going for $249.99 on contract, as is the Skyrocket.

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AT&T's LG Nitro HD, white Samsung Skyrocket available now


So SO tempted to pick up the Nitro, but its got 2 strikes against it imo.
Lack of NFC and it's an LG... :(

You can always get an sd card with nfc built in. Lg makes some nice phones and seem to be getting better with updates and if nothing else they have a decent dev following. Especially with this being such a high end device.

How does nfc in the sd work? How would that interface with the OS and apps if it's not natively built in? Interesting. Tho id rather not buy yet another even more expensive 32gb card...I'l look into that. Thanks
As for LG, I've bad blood with Goldstar and my brother is STILL waiting on his GB update for his Thrill.. lol

Lack of NFC...really? You really going to use it daily? That big of a deal? I have the Nitro, the Nitro screen is GORGEOUS! Makes the GS2 look rubbish. I had the GS2, GS2SR and now the Nitro. LG did a DAMN GOOD job on this phone...I am really impressed.

whether i would use it every day or even at all should have no effect on you. Its a negative for me. just like no sd on the nexus is while not for others.

In the end, its rather difficult for nfc to become a mainstream thing when the device manufacturers continue to not put it into their devices and cariers continue disabling the chipset.

If the iPhone had it I bet everyone would be rushing to have it implimented tho, but since it's not who cares right?
[edited] my appologise if i sound as if i came off harsh. im at work, n im a little cranky. =p

Wow! At&T is coming out with some really nice phones! About time AT&T really got into Android. Good competition for Verizon now!

Doesn't really bother me on the status bar much.
Behind the digitizer glass where I am unable to get at it is an entirely different story however. o_O

just purchased the LG Nitro. Was looking at the samsung skyrocket and the HTC vivid. I really like the white skyrocket. it is very "iphone" looking. For me, I am not a fan of glossy black in anything. I really liked the textured back of the LG. I cannot believe they make slick backs for phones...this just makes it easy to drop them..and drop them you will. the LG so far is very nice..i like the simplicity of the look..I also like the 3 buttons instead of the 4..they are nicely separated...don't find a separate search button necessary at all. the screen is beautiful. I looked and looked at the skyrocket...still don't understand this "amoled" thing..to me, PPI is PPI..period..and the LG wins. I had a samsung infuse before..loved the big screen but that is about it. I am very glad I returned it...I feel sorry for the people who bought the infuse and then the galaxy SII comes out 3 months later which basically makes the infuse irrelevant.

so far, LOVE the phone!