AT&T Galaxy Note

We go hands-on with the Android 4.0.4 update for the AT&T Galaxy Note, with Samsung Premium Suite

AT&T will soon be pushing out Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy Note, and we got a chance to have an early look at the update, with it's own Value Pack of features. The Note was (to everyone's surprise) a very popular device, and Samsung has followed in the footsteps of their last popular device's ICS update -- leaving the UI much the same as it was with Gingerbread. Like the Galaxy S II, Touchwiz is basically unchanged. Nobody really expected Samsung to change the basic UI on a phone in the midst of it's lifespan, and that's a decision we can understand even if we don't like it very much.

The good news is that we do like it very much. All the features you know and love about the Note are still there, as they were, with the API changes and ability to run the latest apps built-in. Updates to the Google apps and others like Chrome for Android make the Note better, and the ICS features like Android Beam and Face Unlock are along for the ride. If you just can't accept TouchWiz, having ICS allows you to install Nova Launcher to get the stock feel. ICS improves the speed and stability of all the software, and those changes do come with the update. 

Along with the ability to run the latest apps and all the under-the-hood changes that come with Android 4.0.4, Samsung has tossed in what they're calling a Value Pack or Premium Suite. Consisting of a revamped S Memo app and the S Note app we've seen and heard was coming to Samsung's future tablets, it's two great pieces of software that you won't be calling bloat. S Memo's great home screen widget make it an app that's easy to use when you need to jot something down quickly, and the extra power that comes with S Note make it one of the best note taking apps we've run across. Check it out in the video and gallery after the break.


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AT&T Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich update coming, with extra sprinkles


I mean really! Soon coming from Samsung means nothing. Not to mention we all know what it freaking looks like, there has been how many leaks already? The question is when, as it is already looooong overdue. How bout some useful news AC, instead of rehashing old info.

FYI. Samsung had this update ready a long time ago, and At&t has been testing it since CTIA back in April.

Samsung did their part; we have have just been waiting on the carrier to do theirs.

About damn time. Though i have been running a leaked ICS Rom for about 2 months now. This is still good news for those who do not flash.

So where in the hell is the AT&T SGS II Skyrocket ICS? Considering the Skyrocket came out before the Note, not to mention we know Samsung finished the ICS update for the Skyrocket as Rogers in Canada already has it on theirs.

No kidding. I rooted & flashed but I know a few people who bought skyrockets hoping for ICS for a few months now.

Well, now if THAT doesn't take the cake, nothing will. Here the NEXT version of Note is about to debut, WITH JB, and AT&Fee is finally getting around to making its FIRST update to the NEXT TO LAST VERSION of Android.

Brother. I certainly hope that they release the Note 2 to all the carriers, as they did with the GSIII.

Better yet, just make it a NEXUS device. They should, after all, ALL be Nexus devices.

I do own a Galaxy Note and I love it as it, but if the ICS 4.04 coming out it`s fine too. My Note working perfect and does what I need it to do.
If no update I`ll not sweat over it.... And if no update at all I`ll upgrade to Galaxy Note 2 if I have to.

My upgrade is currently uploading via Kies. You can have ICS tonight via your computer upgrade.