AT&T today released its earnings for the second quarter of 2011. Revenue was up $680 million (2.2 percent) to $31.5 billion compared to the second quarter of last year. AT&T says 70 percent of its postpaid sales were from smartphones, and that it had a record second quarter with 5.6 million smartphones sold. On top of that, sales of Android "and other smartphones" (are there any other kinds?) doubled year over year.

AT&T currently has the HTC Status and Inspire 4G, LG Phoenix, Motorola Flipside and Atrix, Pantech Crossover, and the Samsung Captivate and Infuse 4G in its Android arsenal.

Source: AT&T; More: iPhone numbers from TiPb


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AT&T's Android (and other smartphone) sales double year over year in Q2


Well yeah! They pumped up the Android with way better phones. I see so many people with Inspires.

Now if they would just get the updates out for these phones I would be happy. Why is AT&T always the last carrier to provide updates for Android?

Well, count me as one of the 5.6M and, so far, no complaints. Of course my decision was sorely based on the phone signal strength (Vrz shucked hard) but customer service has responded and no bogus charges, and data signal is first class. Again, so far so good.

My family and I have been with AT&T ever since it was Cingular and have never had any problems with customer service or with phone signal strength. Just because you think AT&T sucks doesn't mean everyone else does.

I personally have no reason to hate AT&T, I still have unlimited data , and have never had a dropped call, and don't really need updates when I can just install a new ROM on my own... Although I'm still waiting on the LG THRILL, to drop.....

Unfortunately the average consumer doesnt have the luxury or even know of the luxury of being able to install a new ROM on their own...

Soooo, I mean, that's good for you...but everyone else?

Meaning the average customer doesn't really care if their phones OS gets updated? Half the people I know that have an Android powered device don't even know what OS version they are running, so my guess would be that they don't care if they get an update...

Some of these updates don't even provide much of an "upgrade." Just because some of you are obsessed with having the latest OS doesn't mean the majority of people feel the same way.

With AT&T you buy a capped data package (meaning they charge you again if you need more data), and then they charge you to stream the data you already paid for to your wifi enabled device.

They have more business only because they stopped sucking the iphone's dick.
But they act like they still really want to.

I like their roll-over minutes and the tethered data is pooled with regular data plan. I think Verizon views them as separate data plans and incurs separate overage charges for each. I've been a customer over 4 years and despite a few dropped calls, the service has been great.

I'm the guy who loves the latest updates. I am always volunteering to update my family and friend's phones. Most of them don't know about the updates or even care about them, and most of the time don't even see the difference between the updates. So I could see the point of not caring for updates. I think sites like this are slightly one sided because we come for the info and the latest. On this site most of us are all in agreement about software and hardware updates and changes, compared to the rest of the world, we are the minority. Let me tell you what you all probably already know, the majority doesn't care. They hear a buzz about Android, you could give them a 1.6 device and say ANDROID and they would be happy. AT&T is catering to the Majority not the Minority. Ignorance is bliss