Motorola Backflip

OK, so AT&T hasn't officially said it's bringing on the Motorola Backflip (see our hands-on here) as its first Android device, but ... well, it's bringing on the Motorola Backflip as its first Android device. Remember that it's "A Motorola smartphone, powered by MOTOBLUR, with a unique form factor and an AT&T exclusive." That's the Backflip.

Now comes word from @eldarmurtazin on Twitter that AT&T's ordered 400,000 units. We're not talking millions and millions of phones, but it's definitely a sign that AT&T's serious about at last this Android device. [via Unwired View]


Reader comments

AT&T serious about Motorola Backflip -- as in 400,000 serious


yup yup CHEAP!! Moto your killing your self, Blur is nice but your hardware leaves much to be desired.

That back-flip design is craptacular. AT&T can keep it. It doesn't look functional at the least (but is suitable for their network then, huh?). I can't imagine holding my phone with my hand and fingers on the keys all the time. It looks bulky...and just all around ugly.

You guys need to chillax...the phone looks fine. The touchpad on the back and front facing camera (when the keyboard is flipped open) seem to be pretty cool ideas. And from the videos; the keyboard itself looks rather spacious.

Every phone that has a large screen looks more or less like an iphone...why werent any of you compaling about this when the droid was rolled out?

I think that AT&T should have held out for a better phone than this. Especially when compared with the Droid, this looks like the poor-man's entry into Android. The one that comes out to appease those unable to purchase real smart-phones.

AT&T is so far behind in the Android race that it just looks like it don't really care about improving its image. I am still reserving judgement somewhat until I play with it hands-on, but until then I don't think this phone will be able to compete.

Pardon the grammatical error above. it should read " just looks like it doesn't really care about improving its image."

you folks need to take some time and go to CES as I did and look at all the "craptastic" phones as I did. This one was the best from ease of use / interface hands down it was the best phone I saw there and used. So wake the heck up you Iphone morons and smell the coffee if you can.