Samsung Impulse 4G

Now here's a conundrum. This Samsung Droid Charge lookalike apparently will be known as the Samsung Impulse 4G on AT&T. And BGR's opining that it could be AT&T's first LTE smartphone. And that could be. AT&T's first LTE modems just went on sale this week, and smartphones are next -- but we don't yet have a date.

AT&T's going to find itself in a pickle with this naming convention, though. You've got the likes of the Samsung Infuse 4G and Motorola Atrix 4G and HTC Inspire 4G -- all of which use that special little brand of "4G" that requires mentioning "HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul" whenever it's uttered. So what are we going to call AT&T's 4G phones when LTE devices finally do hit? How about 4G+? Or we could revert some to 4G-, we suppose. It makes the brain hurt.

Source: BGR


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AT&T Samsung Impulse might be 4G ... but which kind of 4G?


Why don't they revert all non-LTE "4G" phones to 3.5G since HSPA+ was never a TRUE 4G technology anyway. Of course, when compared to what 4G is supposed to be, LTE isn't there yet either so that should even be 3.5G (or 3.9G).

A) The Charge is only a few months old.
B) How do you know this will be single core with only 512MB of ram like the charge? Even the Infuse on AT&T has slightly beefier specs than the Charge... 200 Mhz higher clocked processor and 128MB more ram.
C) Apparently that isn't even a Samsung phone lmao.

That's definetly not a samsung product, google huawei ideos x5 u8800, even my friend has one and that is the exact same product.

Sounds like AT&T wants to be the first to try "5G" as a descriptor. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

This doesn't look like a Samsung product, different capacitive keys, no Samsung or at t branding and it just doesn't look like a Samsung product.