AT&T Moto X

AT&T this morning announced that its Moto X will be available Aug. 23. The 16-gigabyte version will cost $199 on contract, and the 32GB model will be $50 more.

If you're looking to customize your Moto X, this will be the one you want, as AT&T currently has an exclusive on Moto Maker and its numerous permutations of colors for the Moto X. We recently took Moto Maker for a spin and found it to be a quick and easy way to design a custom Moto X.

Those of you who pre-registered through AT&T will get first dibs on the Moto Maker experience starting Aug. 19, and you'll also get your phone before the general public, AT&T says. (Those lucky few will be chosen at random.)

And if you order a custom-designed Moto X, you'll get Moto's new "Skip" NFC unlocking tool free, for a limited time.

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AT&T's Moto X available Aug. 23


For the modest specs, this phone should be $99 (or less) on contract,.and it likely will in short time. Otherwise why lock into a contract when a nexus 4 is only a few bucks more. Why would I pay $200 to ditch my N4 for this? Bring on the N5 please!

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LTE, better camera, better battery, better build quality, better feel in the hand, the notification thing, always listening voice command, 32gb option. I had a nexus 4. I wasn't real impressed

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LTE - Unnecessary. I get 30 Mbps on HSPA+
Better camera - You know this how? People I've heard who have used it say they are disappointed with the camera
Better battery - Still unknown
Better build quality - I doubt that. The N4 has outstanding build quality on par with the iPhone.
Better feel in the hand - Maybe. The jury's out. The glass on the Nexus isn't the most comfy material. You might have one point there.
The notification thing - Kinda cool feature..another point
Always listening voice command - Another cool feature..point 3
32gb option - Only on AT&T. No point.
I had a nexus 4. I wasn't real impressed - Well, that's your opinion. The N4 has exceeded my expectations.

I don't your three confirmed points are worth the price difference.

Because a disposable camera is better than the N4 camera. Not getting the motto x but it IS better than the Nexus 4. Time to upgrade your expectations!

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B.S. My N4s camera is fine.

Why do people have to exaggerate to try and make a point? Weak rhetorical skills.

I can deal with lower specs if that translates to much better battery life without increasing lag....

Yes, exactly this!

Sight unseen, someone decides it less phone, without even trying it out to see how snappy it feels. With a close-to-stock system, chances are it will run circles around the bloatware laden heavily skinned phones.

Everyone going on about the Moto X being overpriced and quickly being discounted are out of their collective minds. The overhead of the US-based factory customization alone precludes this from being sold cheaply. And that's just consumer customization. Motorola also decided to use custom developed internals (X8 system) so...until economies of scale are reached and their costs come down, don't expect the sale price to hit "$99 or less" for the 32GB. Not gonna happen.

Thank you.

I'm so sick of the cheap skates here complaining. Their part of the reason why devs continue to go iOS first. They know they can make money there because iOS users are used to spending a buck for an app.

Here in Android land, people continue to want everything for little to nothing. Its so pathetic.

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Isheep (over)pay for everything because they have been told to for years. Have you seen apples profit margins on devices? They are cheap devices with hefty markups. We are not cheap, just don't like to bend over and taken to the shed just because a company thinks we should. If that is your preference, I am sure there is a happy genius waiting for you at an apple store to raid your wallet.

As far as the costs of the device to the consumer, carriers set pricing for what you pay. They will charge the $199 initially just because they know they can on any new device because of initial demand, not because the device is inherently expensive. Look at the HTC one now. Some carriers are trying to give them away now. Is that a cheap phone based on full retail price? Or has demand fallen off the cliff?

The moto x may be expensive as heck to make, but once initial demand wanes, it'll be on the bargain bins from the carriers, particularly when its competitors in 2013 sport 1080 screens, super quad cores, better cameras, etc... In my opinion the customizations are a joke. I'm a guy....who wants a phone to work really well, not match my shoes.

Owning a N4, I actually like the Mx, far better than the one or s4. But the carriers are greedy and will milk every dime they can from initial launch demand. I just don't think it ranks as the powerhouse the carriers are leading to at launch. We'll see...

After the note 3 is launched and the g2 hits carriers, will the average consumer look at the motox specs and be willing to pay the same for it as its competitors? Doubtful.

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And also, it's ALWAYS about specs with 99% of consumers. Of course MotoGoog have to say that about a low spec device. Look at consumer behaviors....we ALWAYS buy based on specs. Cars, TVs, laptops, houses, you name it, specs matter. Spec wars are a fact of life and reality not something made up just for the cellphone market, otherwise we'd all drive the exact same car, live in the exact same houses, and watch the same TV. But people buy BMWs instead of Hondas for a reason, even at much higher prices of course. Now if Honda tried to charge you $50k just to match the bimmers price and told you they were equal cars, who'd want one? Apparently a lot of isheep, but that's another discussion.

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That's kind of funny, the BMW vs. the Honda analogy. My analogy is similar but different. 1970's Cadillac with a v8 engine vs. a Porches with a turbo charger. The caddie had more cylinders but had to also carry along a lot of bloat. Bottom line, more cylinders is not equal to better performance.

Give me a nice, nimble, well designed vehicle over a big, clunky device any day. But you know some folks still like the big caddis and more power to them.

True. The Porsche 911 uses a flat six engine but it's highly tuned and optimized. It will smoke a 60's muscle car every time.

That's not really that true, although the crowd that lives on specs seems to be the loudest the average consumer is not focused on specs. Maybe 99% of the people on Android blogs are but on a whole cell phone consumers and specifically your average cell phone consumer cares about how well it works and the convenience of the phone. The iPhone continues to be the most popular phone for two reasons, the first is apps (although Android has a huge app market it's perceived that the iOS App Store has more and better) and two the os is optimized to run well on the device. It's easy to use and reliable. I know just saying that will spark a large amount of people's horror stories about iPhones and claims of me being sheep but that's what the average consumer believes.

Source: Years of and still am a manager at a Corporate Owned retail store for a cell service provider.

So why charge the same price for the cookie cutter, assembly line black and white versions of this phone? I understand the premium for the customizations.

I disagree.
This is Moto's first attempt at this, but I don't think customization adds much cost to the phone. Its all computer driven.

Un-cased phone cores probably drop into a custom burn station for a fast software load, scoot down the conveyor to get their case slapped on by nimble fingers, and into the automated test station, then into the box.

There is no reason this has to cost a boatload of money if done right. Every one of those steps would be done anyway.

What might add to the cost of the phone is the US labor pool. If heavily automated, that might not be a factor.

The real question is, (tongue in cheek), since its made in the US, do you suppose it will work anyway?

Wow I really lol'd at the last part. But you have a point also. LoL

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If you don't think that having a customization option adds to the cost of the phone you really have no business commenting here. I can tell you've never worked in a logistical capacity in the manufacturing industry.

You, my friend, are a riot. I have no business commenting here?

Anyway, I mentioned the factory where the customization is being done as the overhead we're paying for (until everything ramps up and assuming the phone sells that is). You're right though, I like many in this world, haven't worked in a logistical capacity.

Yeah I think this is a bad decision. The price point is too high for such a mid-ranged device regardless of all the unique bells and whistles.
Designed by you. Locked to AT&T.

Another mid range shit. Motorola is dead. Google sucks! Over price with yesteryear spec..Junk

No, joke I just went to and was able to customize and purchase a phone. I got an email saying it will be delivered on Tuesday 8/20.

Is this some kind of glitch? Or are they slowly let people order? I tried going back to the website and it doesn’t let me order.

wow there are a lot of cry babies in here, the moto x cost to much, the moto x has last years specs. you dont have to buy it. im off my

Like many others, I want to see what the un-subsidized price is.... No more 2yr contracts just because I want a new phone....