Galaxy S4

AT&T has announced that will sell the 32-gigabyte version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 starting May 10. It'll run $249 on contract, compared to the $199 currently charged for the 16GB model.

On-board storage has been a hot-button issue for the Galaxy S4, which until now has only been available in a 16GB configuration -- with only about 9 gigabytes of storage actually available to the user. The 32GB model should ease GS4 buyers' storage concerns, and of course it's also expandable via microSD card, just like the 16GB version.

AT&T is the first outlet we're aware of to launch a 32GB Galaxy S4. No other U.S. carriers are offering the more capacious variant, and right now the only international models available ship with 16GB of storage. Have you been waiting on the 32GB Galaxy S4, or have you already dropped some cash on a 16GB model? Shout out in the comments and let us know.

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AT&T's 32GB Galaxy S4 lands May 10 for $249


Even with 32GB out to fix the storage problem, S4 is still got overheating and half-baked gimmicky software issues to deal with.

Really, do you have an S4? I have had it since it was available at AT&T and I have not seen any overheating. It might just be your phone and something you are running. Also what you might call gimmicky others might find it useful, there is something for everyone, I don't see where someone will ever use all these features, but I think most of these features will find someone who wants to use them.

I have it and find the software very gimmicky and annoying. My GS4 gets very hot. even when charging idle. I could probably burn myself if I held it long enough.

Everybody complaining of the lag on GS3 and/or overheating issues need to take their device in and have it replaced! stop complaining about it if you're not gonna do anything about it...

I got a S4 on release day and yes, it had lag. I since exchanged it for a new one and haven't had any issues whatsoever.

I have the S4 and while mine did have a little lag I turned off animations in developer options and that did the trick. As for over heating, surprisingly I have not had one issue of over heating on this where as on the GS3 I had it all the time. Hell even on the One I had over heating issues.

Totally agree with you on this one. Rarely (if ever) does the phone get hot. Features works great. Sometimes the pause while you look away feature doesn't work, but overall, it's hands down the best phone out there.

Yeah, gimmicky software. Guess when I get mine, I'll have to install a launcher to disable the shitty Blinkfeed bloatware. Oh, wait .... :P

I hope so too! I have an upgrade availalbe at the end of May an will not buy the 16GB version. Hoping that one of these come to VZW:
- HTC One (Or whatever they call the VZW variant - DNA+..)
- Nexus 4 (waiting for Google I/O announcment)
- Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB (Hope this happens)

I am sure any of the three would be great phones to have in 2013 and it to 2014.

Yes that is my hope also. A 32gb s4 on TMO. You may want to see if the AT&T variant will work on Verizon network and buy it outright. I was going to do that but TMO confirmed I would only have 2g or Lte coverage and nothing else with att version. I will wait for the new nexus also if TMO doesn't deliver. The rumored specs are better than the s4

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the post.

yeah definitely good news for the AT&T's customer who are going to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 with more storage(32 GB). But it will be more competitive if Samsung+AT&T announce the 32 GB S4 only $199.00 and 16GB only $149.00 of course they should make it more exciting.

Thanks in Advance

If you hate the gimmicky software just disable it. That's the beauty of Android. I haven't had any overheating or surprisingly any battery issues with this beautiful screen.

Their should be a law phones that are 16gb should have 16gb of user space not 9gb same with 32gb but i only get 25 gb of space its BS if you ask me why the hell are these phones sucking up 5-7 gb and i havent even turned it on yet the biggest roms i see are only 1gb and why do 32gb sd cards only have 27gb of space i never understood how you can sell something so miss labeled the true user space should be advertised not what it might have been

The easiest explanation is rounding and system files to make the media accessible. If you want the long answer, I can send it to you.

It has been that way forever with Hard drives. Nothing new here.

As far as the 16 GB Vs 9, yeah that kinda blows but that is what cleanrom is for, or just remove it yourself.

Well AT&T, you got my money, I ordered my Optimus G Pro on Saturday, full retail no contract $549.99. Now I am sure this is what $689 or higher so I'll pass. Same processor, slightly larger screen and still 1080p, plus I returned all of my S4 stuff last week since I was told it would be months out.

I also don't see Verizon carrying it, they have said they are only getting the 16GB, but who knows if users are so unhappy as we know they are Verizon may just change its mind.


Now hopefully Sprint will announce their 32gb version soon.

Kinda sucks though that AT&T's 32gb S4 costs the same as Sprint's 16gb S4.

Maybe Sprint will drop their prices to match AT&T's??

Listening Sprint?

AT&T has some great devices, they seem to be getting exclusives on all the prime hardware. I'm hoping T-Mobile gets the SGS4 in the 32gb model. I refuse to buy a top of the line device with a pathetic 8.8gb of int memory. All these people who keep saying "JUST" buy a sd card obviously don't know sh-- about the Jelly Bean OS. Apps and very large games can not be downloaded to the sd card unless the phone is rooted and hacked. The people who are doing all the suggesting to just buy the sd card do not even root or hack their phones. Learn your OS.

Be real careful, the AT&T SGS4 has a locked bootloader and no recovery, you can get it rooted but you can also have problems. When the bootloader crack comes out, is when I will revist thinking about getting this phone.

Sweet! My wife's phone is on order, so I'll just send it back when it get's here or if it's not here by the 10th I'll call and upgrade her to the 32gb model.

Pays to wait and not be the first liming off the cliff.

I too am waiting for Sprint to get the 32GB model. Should have been an option at launch to give your customers more choice.

I believe the 16GB was $249 because it is unlocked. Maybe we need to bug Sprint to see why? I posted on their FB page to find out why.

I just got my GS4 on May 1 so I'm still within my 14 day return policy. I have 7.92 gb left after loading up the goods. The question is, do I now exchange it for the 32 gb model? It would have almost been easier for me if this would have been released after my exchange period is up. Also, I bought mine at Best Buy. What are the chances they will get in the 32 gb models before my return period is up?

Just returned my 16GB model at AT&T and they gave me a shitty Go-Phone for free until Friday. Had to pay the $35 dollar restocking fee, but AT&T corporate credited my account $65 bucks to make up for all the hassle. Hopefully they'll go up for pre-order soon. Just glad AC posted this when they did because today was my last day to return it.

I am just off contract on Verizon and am patiently awaiting a 32GB GS4. I am going to give Verizon until the end of the month, but if they do not come forward with the 32GB model, I will jump to a carrier that does.

Why in the world would Samsung sell a 16 GB version of the SG4 with only 9 GB of available Internal storage for critical operations? And for a premium price over competitors 32 GB models.

Many people who bought the 16 GB version of the SG4 are going to feel shafted by Samsung when they soon, yet too late, encounter performance issues.

Since Samsung just reported gazillions in profit, why did they determine the 9 GB version was a great method for solidifying their market share?

Wait... rapidly stamping out cheap Galaxies is the reason Samsung profited gazillions.

Wonder what price a used 16 GB GS4 will sell? $200? I wouldn't waste $200.

Wierdly mystifying! Samsung should again rapidly recall and replace their mistake and have another bonfire.