AT&T drops more LTE across the country, now you can hit your data cap 10 times faster

AT&T has announced that LTE service is now rolling out to 14 new locations in a series of press releases this evening. The announced locations are:

If you're living in one of these areas and have a 4G LTE device on AT&T, give it a look and see -- you might be pleasantly surprised. 


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AT&T rolls out LTE to 14 more locations


At one point I was getting at least 60 down (peak at 63 mbs) but uploads are all over the place from 10-30, mind you that this was done before it officially went live. Other than that, I still get 5 bars of HSPA and 5 bars of LTE.

I was in Houma Louisiana Easter weekend visiting the family. I did a speed test and it showed 10+ download speed. Upload was only 1.4.

10+ that's so, so, nothing exciting. Sometimes I get 30+ on Verizon's LTE, here in Connecticut.
But of course that depends on signal.

With speeds upwards of 60MB down how well is that unlimited LTE holding up?
My bad, thought I was posting on a Sprint article.

Can you even get unlimited LTE on AT&T?

Haha, damn shame for ATT customers, I have grandfathered Unlimited LTE on Verizon, I either pay full retail for a new smartphone on Vzn to keep Unlimited Data, or switch to Tmo and pay $99 down/$20/mo for a new smartphone, but I have a Samsung Droid Charge, no 4.2+, no dual-core processor, no 2GB's of RAM, so sometime this year I'd like to upgrade, preferably to a Snapdragon 800 smartphone!

Shame for us? I'm grandfathered on at&t, and they'll still subsidize... And it seems like 80 percent of a conversation when I'm talking to somebody on Verizon is "what?" or "huh?" cdma was a joke 5 years ago, now it's just sad. But to each their own, I guess...

That's rapidly changing. Anyway, if you drop off Verizon's LTE you've got to deal with their crappy 3G service. On AT&T if you drop off LTE then the next step down is HSPA+ which is MUCH faster than Verizon's 3G. When you consider the entirety of both networks, I'd say AT&T has the edge.

Unlimited LTE here on ATT. CDMA is so 90's technology. That is why the radios are so heavy and battery life so bad. I have an iphone 5 on Verizon for work. Verizon LTE is so slow..

@ Jay

No wonder you are always complaining about the price of things. Sucks to be on Verizon and not able to get a subsidy.

Where I live Sprint hasn't rolled out LTE, never did roll out WiMax, and EVDO caps out south of 500 Kbps, so they're not an option. Coverage is pretty garbage too - get below -110 dBm on Sprint 3G in my apartment but around -90 on AT&T HSPA+.

That was barely a shot of any kind. I don't even agree with that premise.

Just because you have a faster interweb connection doesn't mean you automatically change your use case (unless your going from a 3g enabled feature phone to a 4g enabled smartphone).

At&t officially launched LTE in Northwest Arkansas last fall. Not sure why it's on today's list as well.

Edit: It is an expansion. That wasn't specified in the article.

We've had LTE for about a month or a little longer in Lincoln, NE, but I haven't seen any releases announcing it. They've even been advertising the fact that it's up and running on radio commercials. Seems like AT&T is a little hit and miss with their announcements, but I don't care as long as I have LTE.

So how long before AT&T fully implements LTE over their existing 3G footprint? I mean Verizon is supposed to be done by the end of June, and so far their LTE speeds suck in my market compared to what I read about everyone else's.

Considering a move to AT&T, even with a smaller LTE footprint their 3G HSDPA still kills Verizon's 3G and in some cases 4G LTE speeds so it could be a decent trade off.

LTE was also added to the Jackson,TN area over Easter weekend. I am getting 19MB/S Download and 11MB/S Upload.

You know I would complain that Olympia still doesn't have LTE but I can see up towards 10 down and almost 3 up on HSPA+. I will take that over Verizon's crappy 3G any day.