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Motorola has sent out an email to folks registered as official testers for the AT&T Moto X. This is the first round, where we're asked to take a little survey to make sure we're interested. If everything goes according to plan, users will see a new email with further instructions to get started soak-testing.

This almost has to be Android 4.4.4. Stay tuned!


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AT&T Moto X soak test ramping up


If you didn't masked that link so I would know its I wouldn't have clicked on it, I think Fox News is a more reliable source. I still am confident of Android L for the unlocked version of Moto X, however, just a bit AT&T bashing from me.

Nope, Stayshifter was right to mask that link -- otherwise, that URL would've totally filled the screen on anything non-modern, and it would've been nearly impossible to verbally convey, and ain't nobody got time for that.

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The article said it was confirmed to receive android L. Android L has not been released yet so someguy01234 is correct that it is getting 4.4.4

Got the email for the Sprint soak test a few days ago but no follow up email to confirm that the test is starting. I don't think it has started yet.

All you guys talking about sprint not updating your phones should read the article on android geeks about the the att moto x soak test
In the article it says,"The Android 4.4.4 KitKat Update has been already pushed for Verizon Moto X models, while the Sprint Moto X variants have received the Android 4.4.3 build instead. Sprint has decided to incorporate all Android 4.4.4 changes in the Android 4.4.3 release."

The link to the article is here:

Well they should hurry the hell up. I received the email nearly two weeks ago.

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Hopefully AT&T users don't have the stupid battery issues that VZW does.

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Finally AT&T is not the last one of the big 4 wireless providers to get an update from Motorola hopefully, depends on when they send the soak test update

Hi there! Is there anyway. Is it possible for you to pass it on to someone else! ? I would love to do it!!?? I am part of the feedback network but haven't gotten anything. Would it work for me do you think if you forwarded me the email..?

Its a little strange that the unlocked Moto X hasn't gotten the update to 4.4.4. What makes it more strange is that as far as I can remember the unlocked one got all the first test builds. I've been apart of the Motorola feedback network for a long time, and I'm curious why no 4.4.4. Could we be the first testers of "L"? I sure hope so!

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L will be beta tested by Nexus owners a always... ;p I say that tongue in cheek despite the fact that I use a Nexus 5, but I doubt anyone's seeing it before November.

I agree. We def know that the Nexus owners will see "L" first. But I believe that Unlocked(T-Mobile) Moto X's, will be the first on the Moto line to test "L".

I was sitting here thinking all carriers got their moto X phones to 4.4.4. Catch up, AT&T. What about Sprint?
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