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AT&T CEO has met with EU regulators ahead of any potential bid

Verizon has just recently agreed to buyout Vodafone's stake in it, but the European carrier is now the target it seems of AT&T. Around the time the Verizon buyout was getting going, we first heard AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson talk about Europe as the next potential target for expansion. But instead of going after a smaller carrier, it looks like the target is one of Europe's biggest, with a potential $60 billion takeover of Vodafone in mind. 

Ahead of any bid, Stephenson has been meeting with EU regulators to discuss the U.S. carriers European ambitions. The two giants coming together would create a combined entity with a market value around $150 billion. The Vodafone deal with Verizon hasn't yet been completed, so no formal approach has been made by AT&T, but that is expected to close soon. AT&T has apparently already begun discussing financing for a the potential takeover bid. 

Acquiring Vodafone would certainly be a big entry into Europe for AT&T. Some of the biggest mobile markets in Europe are covered by Vodafone, including the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. 

Source: Sky News


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AT&T making eyes at Vodafone for a $60 billion takeover


They can try:

Dear Euro Friends:
Its time to get your signs and Guy Fawkes masks out and picket any organization that can prevent AT&T from setting one foot on EU soil.

You do not want these people running your network. Run away from this like your hair is on fire.

Dear Dollar.
Europe should prevent AT&T buying Vodafone !!!
Vodafone never succeded in buying the remaining 50 % of Verizon beacause always prevented...

I hope Europe dishes out so many regulations it thwarts ATT efforts to want to get into Europe. The same way Verizon backed out of Canada once they realized Canada was not going to put up with B S they get away with hear in the states. If these companies paid taxes they wouldn't be doing these buyouts. Sad that they want the freedoms and securities in the US without paying a single sent to reinvest in the US.

VZ wireless paid $115b for full control of vzw. So vzw should be worth well in the $200b

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Holy hell that's a lot of money! I wonder if AT&T would offer better international roaming if this goes through.

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Doubtful. They know that most international travelers from the US don't know how to get their phones unlocked and use a local SIM, so these people are a captive audience to be milked for as much money as possible.

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Now Europe can enjoy the same kind of cell phone service and carrier interaction that we enjoy in America...hope you guys appreciate that.

No I haven't, but I guess I should have put a /s at the end of my comment.
Randall Stephenson doesn't even want a AT&T service contract

That would be a nightmare. Although, maybe they could sort their coverage out because it's rubbish - if I set my Vodafone to 3G only it's like being with 3 was back in 2003!

Holy crap...that's some major league capital they got to spend! If it goes through, when I go to the EU for vacation, hopefully I can get a good deal on coverage. :-D

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They would make a great team. Vodafone is already basically the stupidest and most overpriced of all the carriers here, so that would just make it all the more easy to ignore them in the future too.

Good for Europe... They will make sure the subsidy model gets popular there /s

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Att telecom business in Europe will be tough. Europe telecom competing each other is healthy. Att will also own 45 percent Verizon wireless if they buy Vodafone. What a plan att, and yes owning 45 percent of Verizon wireless will revive ma bell era.

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No, Verizon bought back Vodafone's stake.

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I assume you didn't read the article. Verizon has already begun the process of buying out Vodafone's share.

This is 'Murica we don't needs no fancy readin

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No they wont. Vodafone sold it's stake in Verizon wireless to Verizon. Verizon now owns 100% of Verizon wireless. Same as att and att wireless.

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I disagree this bad news for u.s consumers. Att gonna own 45 percent of Verizon if they buy Vodafone.

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As above, you're wrong. Verizon is buying out Vodafone's stake as I mentioned in the article. Therefore Vodafone will own precisely 0% of Verizon. 

An AT&T purchase of a European carrier might actually be good for U.S. consumers. More revenue, the potential of good roaming agreements finally, who knows. But one thing is certain; AT&T won't own any part of Verizon.

imagine a world where you can use a singular cell phone and carrier anywhere in the world. you have high speed data, and can call/message to and from anywhere - no matter where you are - all for the same rate or less than you are paying now. no roaming, no long distance, no SIM card changes. it's coming.

How'd that work for Tmo?

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It just happens that the same situation is what a lot thought with Tmobile/DT. It really never came to fruition and is ending messyish. The only difference was that DT went afte Tmo.

Not everything is me indicting Tmo/Nexus/whatever. It sometimes is relevant

It's all good, brother. It probably would have helped to spell that out in your initial reply, though.

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Don't assume it'll be a bargain, this is ATT after all.

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Yeah instead of paying $5 per MB you'll get to enjoy a fantastic low rate of only $4 per MB when traveling.

Richard told me to say its not going to happen cause plain and simple nothing beats T-Mobile.

Nexus 5...enough said

Well, at least he's been spoken for. Lol!

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Present and accounted for lol

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And, that's a good thing?

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We wouldn't have to outsource at least

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As a Vodafone customer, I sincerely hope this doesn't happen. I envy none of the US telecom services.

Looks to be a sign of desperation. Hard to believe this will be profitable in the long term. I doubt it will happen.

With all these offers to take over each other, I feel like I'm in a Monopoly game. We all know what happens at the end of the game.

I hope the EU doesn't allow this.
If they do, the moment AT&T buys Vodafone I change carriers. No way I'm sticking with, from what I've read and been told by American friends, is the worst US carrier of the major 3 ones.
Also, the last thing we need in Europe is another door for the US Government to spy on us. No, thanks =P

I would rather have Deutsche Telekom buy Vodafone.

The only thing worse than AT&T buying Vodafone would be Verizon buying Vodafone. They both earn my loathing.

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Verizon already owned a portion of Vodafone. Verizon communications recently bought it back

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You do realize everyone spies on each other AND share information right? The NSA already has your data if they were inclined to want it

Sheez!!! It seems like ATT wants to run the whole world!!! I'm surprised De La Vega hasn't shown interest in being the head of the United Nations!

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T-Mobile international data is useless. why do you think it's free? you get what you pay for. there's coverage literally nowhere.

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It would be interesting in my part of the world as in the mid 1990s Vodafone bought out Bell South. It would be a 360 degree circle.

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You would have thought that Verizon would have just stayed partners and worked out a great roaming plan?

Well I will be dumping this shitty sim out if that's the case. Heard lots of crapp story's. That will give me the excuse I need for 4g with EE.

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American contract customers seem get treated rather badly. As a Vodafone customer I hope AT&T get shown the door.

Awesome A C

Not all. I am perfectly happy with ATT. They provide a service, and I pay them. They have a fast LTE network where I live. I travel nationwide and the network works well most places. And with my corporate discount I am happy with plan. I find it amusing that people bitch the most about ATT & Verizon and they are the largest carriers by far.

I am not even on contract as I switch phones so often, I just pay for the phones. ATT also bring to market and has the best devices of any carrier by far. But I think for ATT to spend 60 Billion on anything is a sign of desperation. No European telecom is worth that.

Seems that money is far to cheap by now...

Did this multi-billion-dollars take-overs/mergers just paid once?

Europe please don't let this take place. If it does, at&t will be one step closer to changing its name to Skynet. at&t is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't just talk about Europe people, although Vodafone is indeed based in Europe it is the largest mobile carrier in the this deal should be the other way around. That would be so much better for America as then they could enjoy the super low prices and great coverage that most of the world already has.

Is that so? I do not know anything about the US/CAN mobile market but in germany a lot of people always praise the US mobile market for the reliable services, good coverage and low prices.

At&t would only make vodaphone better. Plenty of other companies to prevent a monopoly. Plus they'd have to adapt to the euro market.

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