Ten new markets, plus expanded coverage in Capitol Region

AT&T's nationwide 4G LTE rollout continues this morning with the news that it's network has expanded to cover ten new markets. These include Linglestown, Penn., Shelton, Conn., Ocean City, Md., Salem, Or., Port Townsend, North Whidbey Island Camano Island and Longview, Wash., Casa Grande, Ariz. and Goldsboro, N.C.

In addition, AT&T sends word that is expanded coverage in the Capitol Region. The network now covers Ballston Spa, Clifton Park, East Glenville, Malta, Mechanicville, Milton Center, Niskayuna, Rotterdam, Round Lake, Saratoga County Airport, Schenectady and Schenectady County Airport.

If you're seeing AT&T LTE lighting up for the first time in one of these regions today, shout out in the comments. 


Reader comments

AT&T lights up 4G LTE in new markets


I am just east of Clifton Park in Halfmoon/Mechanicville and saw AT&T LTE for the first time yesterday evening.

Now, if only they would improve the coverage so I have more than 1 bar.

AT&T turned on LTE a week ago in Asheville, NC. The surrounding rural areas have been blanketed in 4G so this is just icing on the cake.

This is horse poo. I live in central California. The International Ag Show was a few months ago now. Until then we had not seen LTE and ATT reps said they didn't know when we would see it. The Ag show comes into town and what do ya know. The tower next to the show has LTE turned on. It was AMAZINGLY fast. A day after the show (one week) and LTE is no where to be found. ATT again says they dont know when its coming to the area. What CRAP ATT! Way to take care of you're customers. Obviously you have the capability in this area!

I had LTE light up on Cannon Beach, Oregon up to Astoria, Oregon. I haven't been out farther, but I know the North Oregon coast has it.

Edit: This is for AT&T.

LTE lit up in Spokane, WA at 3:50pm today. Pulled out my phone, nothing special. Used it again 10 minutes later, LTE at the top. Ohboyohboyohboy. :)

Yup, noticed it when I got home and went to turn on my WiFi. Super stoked, but it's worth pointing out that Verizon turned on LTE here something like 3 years ago.

It's about damn time, AT&T.

it also rolled out in Rexburg, Idaho. Not as fast as Utah yet... averaging 12mbps... Utah is constantly above 20mbps.