Example family of four gets unlimited talk and text, plus 10GB shared data for just $160 per month

You want to use the cool smartphone you just got from AT&T to do all the cool things places like AndroidCentral tell you about. Starting tomorrow, AT&T may have a way to save you some money while you're doing it.

Available for any customer — new or existing — what AT&T calls their best-ever prices are also pretty simple. You get unlimited talk and text, plus 10GB of shared data. To use it on two smartphones, for example the new LG G Flex you're thinking about and Grandma's new iPhone 5S, it will cost you $130 per month. Add another line, and the price goes up by $15 — but the data bucket doesn't. AT&T gives an example against the same plan from Verizon, and their reckoning shows you saving $100 a month. Not too shabby.

The kicker is that these are no-subsidy plans. You'll either need to use AT&T Next and finance a new phone separately, or bring your own phone (like the Nexus 5) to get in on these prices. 

You can read more at the link below and AT&T has a short video we've embedded after the break. 

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AT&T launching new family bundles that can save you some cash


The special $15 pricing for each smartphone also applies to lines with contracts started prior to Feb 2nd. Even if their 2yr contract is not over. This is an awesome deal. Lines with contracts started after Feb 2nd will be regular 2yr mobile share value pricing.

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what is a regular two year mobile share plan? is it a lot more expensive than the special $15? Thanks?

I had switched to the value plan just a couple of months ago. Looks like I'll be calling AT&T to get even more data for less!

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According to the AT&T rep I just chatted with, a smartphone under contract prior to 2/2 will be continue to be $40 on the new 10GB share plan. The $15 smartphone charge is only applied to off contract or Next plan smartphones.

I'm concerned by this because I just got off the phone with then and she said I would get the $15 instead of the $35 I currently had per device. I'll be pissed if she just talked me into a higher data plan and nothing more. She specifically said my bill would be $145 a month before taxes. Before I was $185 before taxes.

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Nothing to worry about. I just did the switch online and it clearly showed all my four lines (all smartphones) are $15/mo. Two have a few months left in contract and other 2 have a year left.

I use ATT online management and have no luck making the change.
I have three lines each with a few months left on contract. System, chat rep and phone rep all said I MUST by new phone.
Any thoughts?

When you login, go to change plans. On top, there will be a link says something like 'take me to AT&T Family Value plan now'. I clicked on that and it brings me to choose data bucket size (minimum 10GB. Then let me choose which phones are available to add to my family plan with a rate next to each phone line (all of them show up as $15/mo). I checked all phones and submit. That's it. There is also a checkbox asking me if I want to switch right away or wait until next billing cycle. I choose the next billing cycle because two of my lines are near the data limit and if I switch now, they will pro-rate them and I end up paying overages for those two.

Thanks for the help. Called in and all set. Keep waiting for a catch but doesn't seem to be on at the moment.
Saved $50/month and picked up 4 extra GB data.
Would not want to be an ATT investor right now.

I called today, I was told I don't qualify because 2 of my lines are still in contract ?

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I just added my line to my Fiancé's account in October (she gets a healthy work discount) and was able to switch our lines to this this morning. So one line is 4 months old and the other is like 16 months. We had the 6gb plan so now we'll have more usable data for about $35 less per month.

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No... Att is trying to draw as many customers in/back to their service, as they need power in numbers to execute their plan of "sponsored data" this is the new idea/plan att came up with to save their company. "Sponsored Data" in a nutshell, att explains these new rate plans will grant the customer unlimited free un-throttled data! How? Well, the content providers like (Netflix) or (Facebook) will "sponsor" aka pay for the data their users/customers use. How nice, these companies are going to pay for our data! And att gets to give us free un-throttled data! Let's all line up and grab this great deal without even thinking what the consequences will be... Free data! Is all the ignorant customer will hear. Here's the truth... This "sponsored data" is going to change the internet and how we as users access it...forever! Att will be charging the content providers for every byte of data consumed from their service. This means bad news all the way around. First off, small operations can't afford it, means no more stories like facebook , instagram etc. And the large providers like Netflix will no longer be offering 7.99/month plans, and Facebook will have to charge a large sum as well since the entire world consumes their data. You see, since these providers are going to be charged for the data we use from them, they will also be making the adjustments to pay their newly obtained financial obligations. This adjustment will be directed at their customers having to pay a high premium to access the content providers services. So let's get this straight, att is giving their new customers free data (technically) but in reality, this "sponsored" "free" data the fooled customer just jumped at won't be able to gain access to a single server without paying a premium. The truth, att found a way to make more money and deceive the customer with a play on words. "Sponsored data" guys! Free data! Come on down! You'll get you're free data "plan" from att, and never have free reign of the internet again! The content providers aren't sponsoring you're data, they are paying att to push data over their networks. Since everyone is only going to see "free data" and not take the time and ask "what's the catch" the other major carriers will have to follow. The majority of people will take the bait. The other major carriers will have no choice but to offer up "free unlimited data" thus changing the internet forever. The consequences will be devastating! Instead of paying one carrier for a data plan, the customer will be paying every single data pushing entity on the internet separately, which I don't know about you, but, the way I get around online, I'd have atleast 150-200 separate payments, and I could probably afford just 3-5 services, which means I'll have a maximum of 5 apps on my tablet! Thanks att! BTW, as you can see....I'm not speechless! When it comes to att! And now you know what their future plans are, so if you want to still support them, you must not see passed "free data" either. Hopefully people understand the magnitude of this situation. And the sick and twisted thing is... If you look up sponsored data right now, Verizon is on board already... And they really pitch it as this great thing! When they very well know they will destroy everything that makes the internet great!


Dude, lol I actually did from my nexus 7 2013! I can type very fast on it using the Google keyboard and swipe tho so it wasn't that bad... Now, if you thought that was bad... The female author of the book "Fifty shades of Gray" wrote the entire book from her blackberry!


I have to say...The keyboard on MY Nexus 7 (2013) sucks. I fucking HATE typing anything on it. Love the tablet, but hate the keyboard.

Not a fan of the Google keyboard, that's why I use SwiftKey.

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If people didn't want it then companies wouldn't do it. Consumers drive the market.

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AT&T is about bait and switch. Whatever this "deal" is, you can be sure the only deal that you'll get will be open wound with salt or open wound with salty sand. They only disguise scams as deals. Remember when they convinced the masses to drop their unlimited plans in favor of the 2 gig plan that saved you $5? Then 2 years later they dropped the 2gig plan and gave you 3 GB for the same price that you used to pay for the unlimited plan. They knew Netflix was about to launch on the iPhone so they wanted as many people off the unlimited plans as possible.

I recently switched to AT&T from Sprint which saved me money on a family no contact mobile share plan, and this saves me even more money and gives us more data.

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That's funny since if you have taken math you know infinity is not that max since you can do infinity + 1

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Of all the phones available I prefer the Droid Ultra. My second choice would be the Moto X. The third would be the HTC One. All of those are available on Verizon, so saying VZW doesn't want you to have nice thing is crap.
The HTC One may have been delayed, but by the time my upgrade rolled around it was available. Speaking of which, I had unlimited data, upgraded to the Droid Ultra, and I still have unlimited data. And I pay less than these prices that AT&T just announced.
So yeah, everything you just said is basically a load of garbage.
thank you and have a nice day.

Your upgrade with keeping unlimited data is not what most people who have unlimited data will experience. 95% of people loose it. My statements hold water. Verizon is also the only carrier charging for visual voicemail. I know you can setup google voice, but still more examples of how evil the carrier is. Lets remind everyone that up until the G2 they still asked LG to make garbage phones for them while other carriers got decent LG models (G pro, Optimus G) untill the one they had custom Verizon htc phones.

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Verizon has options for people on unlimited data to keep their unlimited data, but you're saying Verizon is evil because people choose not to go with an option that will keep unlimited data? Wow.
Verizon doesn't force anyone to sign up for their visual voice mail, and like you point out, there are free options for VVM. How does offering a paid option for something make a company evil?
Until recently manufacturers rarely had a single phone that was available on every carrier. How is Verizon any more evil than any other company doing the exact same things?
You're just grasping at straws, dude.

Verizon has very utile options to retain unlimited data. Anyone who had a smartphone before with unlimited data can keep the old plan and take a subsidy and have their data cut back to 2 GB. However, any changes to your plan (i.e. number of lines) is not acceptable, and you will be forced to move off of your old plan and onto a share everything plan.
Face it man, stop trying to defend them. Verizon is making it has hard and unappealing as possible to keep unlimited data with them.
Their screw everyone plans aren't so competing either. That's why I ditched them and my droid RAZR sits in a drawer.

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Except you're wrong. I had an OG Droid, then a Droid Bionic(ick,)both on unlimited data. Now I have a Droid ultra, got a subsidy for it and still have unlimited data. My sister is also on my plan with me. She had a Galaxy S3 on unlimited data. She now has a Moto X, for which she paid $49 for(because of a subsidy) and still has unlimited data. So we both upgraded, got the subsidy, and weren't forced into anything. It wasn't hard at all(except for dealing with the salesperson that tried to sell me a Qi charger for the Ultra)
All I know is I have been paying $23 a month for unlimited data since 2009 and if you weren't smart enough to be able to have or hold on to that kind of plan, that's your own fault, not Verizon's. There are things that Verizon does wrong and I'll jump on them when they do, but I will also defend them against blatant ignorance like what is coming from you.

Calm down.

He's right. Verizon does make you jump through hoops to keep unlimited data. However, you can keep it if you are willing to jump like a trained dog. (Says the trained dog that can't add a texting plan to my wife's 2GB a month plan without losing my unlimited...)


They are also flagrantly violating the 700mhz c block auction rules set by the fcc by not allowing the nexus 7 tablet on their network, claiming it's still pending certification. Certification is irrelevant. They must allow.

Oh and I thought of another against them: google wallet. Lied it was google blocking it in the play store when we knew better.

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Your phone choices are your opinion. Yet what if syndrome stated nice things like the nexus 5 or the galaxy S4 active? Not on Verizon.

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AT&T are being reactionary to just about everything anymore. One carrier does this, Att counters with that. It seems like it would be a maze to try and figure their crap out.

I do not have a feeling about them either way. I use them once and awhile when I have test devices, and they seem like they have the same coverage as VZW (and the same high prices the last time I was shopping around) so I do not care...

You may need to check again. I thought the same thing but with a lot of their new plans that require you to bring your own phone, the pricing is close to being the same as T-Mobile. For around $112 a month with my corporate discount I could have 2 smartphones sharing 8gb of data with unlimited talk and text. Not too bad since my tmobile plan is $98 with corporate discount.

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Honestly I just haven't checked into them in a few years. When I went to sprint 2 years ago, I took a quick glance and they were around the same as VZW so I moved on.

Tmo and Sprint were way cheaper than VZW, and Tmo still had (have) crap for coverage here, so Sprint came in with the winner.

In other words, you could be right, I just do not know or have looked at them seriously.

Their family plan prices are pretty competitive, specially if you have a mix of smartphones and dumb phones (which pay less)... I wouldn't be surprised if you can find a mix of options with 2-4 lines that turns out to be cheaper than Tmo or Sprint, particularly with a combination of the somewhat recent $15 discount for off contract phones/Next and now these new upgrade plans.

It's a pretty convoluted system tho... AT&T loves to make things more complicated than they need to be, like the old plans that had a million added bonuses or features like rollover.

Most of my family is on AT&T, I made them move to Mobile Share because it would save them $10 (with two smartphones, a dumb phone, and 4GB of data). I've been meaning to tell them to move to Mobile Share Value because even tho they're all currently on contact they'll still save another $10 since dumb phones are $10 cheaper on Mobile Share Value.

Why can't AT&T just advise them to do this on their own? God knows... So they'd be at $70 (4GB) + $40 +$40 + $20 (dumb phone) = $160. Now I have to look into these plans too, it never ends.

All that being said, for single lines I believe you're still far better off with Tmo or Sprint, if the coverage is suitable, particularly if you use a lot of data. Cheapest AT&T plans even without a subsidy would still run about $95 for like 4GB ($70 + $40 -$15 no subsidy discount). You pay less than that for unlimited WITH a subsidy on Sprint, or way less without subsidy on Tmo (or like a third less without subsidy on Sprint).

AT&T family rates are tempting for sure tho... I've thought about joining them again, even if I make them bump the base plan by $20 (for another 4GB, 8GB total) that's still only $45 for my line ($40+$20-$15). Or about $15 less than anything Tmo/Sprint could offer.

Got to borrow one of their phones and test out the network some more in saturated areas tho.

I know. However, it is still a good thing for another carrier to be competing on price. That can really put pressure on customers, because AT&T has a better rep than Sprint or T-Mobile in terms of coverage. If they keep the price competition up, I will probably be able to talk my parents out of Verizon

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Meanwhile Rogers Bell and Telus in Canada charge $55 per added smartphone. What a fvcking rip off that is compared to this..

That and they usually have contracts that are 3 years. Last time I checked. From what I've seen, Canada has the worst deals when I comes to cellular service. USA being a close 2nd.

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The contracts are now two years. Canadian government stepped in.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

With 4 phones on ST ATT it's $180. We'll save $20 and be on ATT without the middle man plus the $100 credit. I'm on it tomorrow

Just last month, when they said I could switch my five phones over to the Next program, it didn't make any sense at all, as the lines were now $40 per month, instead of the $30 I was currently paying. Now, the price is $25 LESS per line, and that is awesome.

What I need to figure out is, how are they letting those of us who are under contract "switch" to the Next plan, so we can do this? Are they looking at the phones we bought under contract and giving us credit for the months already paid, or what?

Anybody do this switch last month and care to offer words of wisdom?


The catch is if you switch to next, and upgrade early, they get your old phone in trade-in, then you start the whole process again.

In essence, you just lease the phone, unless you keep it long term, which defeats the purpose of the NEXT program.

Here is the fine print:

*Requires 20-month or 26-month 0% APR installment agreement & qualifying credit. Sales tax due at sale. Qualified wireless service plan (voice & data) required. If you cancel wireless service, remaining device balance is due. Qualifying smartphones only; excludes tablets. Limit 4 financed devices (including devices financed via AT&T NextSM or other installment agreement) per wireless account. Select locations only. If financed smartphone returned/exchanged within 14 days, restocking fee up to $35 may apply. Upgrade: Upgrade requires minimum of 12 monthly installment payments on 20-month agreement or 18 on a 26-month agreement & account in good standing plus trade-in of current financed device in good & functional condition & purchase of new qualified device/wireless service plan. After upgrade, remaining unbilled installment payments are waived. All terms subject to change. All marks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

You don't have to trade in your current phone to move to next, but you for the ability to change phones at 12 months or 18 months you have to trade in your phone (once you are next). You can also pay off the rest of the phone and start the process on a new device.

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Thanks, Jmetta. So if I DON'T trade in phones, how do they know what to charge me? Or, am I just lucky and they say "no charge", just pay the $15 per month?

Thanks for taking the time to help, renegad!

I apologize for still not understanding, but what if I DON'T want new phones? My wife and I love our HTC One's, my son loves his iPhone (sorry), and the folks are actually doing very well with their (Easy-Mode) Pantech's! Are they going to require me to update these in order to take part, or will they just charge me based on what we've paid on these phones, so far?

If your under contract, you dont have to change anything, except the plan. In fact, if you currently use a mobile share plan of 10GB or more, you will automatically be enrolled for the new savings.

Im not familiar with the Pantech's, but if they are not considered smartphones, they may have to be upgraded, or they may not be eligible.

Check out what AT&T says, should help you with your questions:

If your under contract you could look into seeing if customer care would let you pay off the etf to get the 25 dollar discount, but that would be upfront cost with a long term savings. Let's say you have a year left with 200ish etf and paid it off the you would save $25 a month x 12 months for a $300 savings. I would look into a cheap phone on next like the LG G2 that are the website is like 18 bucks a month on next. Then enjoy a 7 dollar a month savings (25-18) and take the free phone. The G2 costs 465 at Att (only 65 more than the nexus with a better camera and bigger battery) then pay the rest of the G2 off when you want a different phone.

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Read my top most post. If the contract was started prior to Feb 2nd 2014 you get the $15 price for that line's access as long as you select the 10gb or higher mobile share value. Call customer care and confirm but this is true.

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Looks like they are competing with sprint framily plans. Can't wait for Verizon to match them, and then I'll finally dump sprint.

So 2 lines= $120 on T-MO with unlimited data vs $130 on AT&T for 10 GB data. Tough choice. Does corporate discount work on this?

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That's exactly what is happening with me. I think corporate discounts work with it. In a couple months I may switch to at&t. The difference right now is only about $10. All I have to do is sell my current phones on swappa and get some att ones. Maybe I'll buy me and the wife a couple nexus phones.

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You can have 20gb for $150 on a personal account. So 20gb and 2 phones would be $180

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The corporate discount would be off the data portion monthly. Not the entire bill.

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I have 3 lines with AT&T; 700 minutes, unlimited text, 2 lines unlimited data, 1 3gb. We pay damn near 200 a month. I have to decide if this is worth dropping unlimited for.

I have no issue with no subsidies, but my wife and kid are iPhone people (yeah I'm a bad husband a dad) and I can see them wanting to finance new phones. However, I really do think 2014 is the year we start to see real competition in unlocked phones.

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Yeah when we were considering switching from VZW the first time, my wife did a big analysis on data usage and how much it would cost to lose the unlimited.

They almost kicked me off the family plans, I am the only one that screws everything up.

We lucked out and Sprint had rolled out a nearly announced LTE network by the time we had to make a decision. Now with the Framily plan, we are saving a ton...

I am in almost the exact same boat. Still on unlimited with two other phones with 2GB plans. Here is the thing with "unlimited" though. Is it really unlimited when they cap you at 5GB? I have never hit it, but It doesn't really feel like I will be loosing unlimited but rather gaining $40 per month!

Well, you haven't really had unlimited data for like a year... Don't they throttle you after 3GB or 5GB? I forget, but true unlimited on big blue disappeared a while ago. I'd just look at your usage and adjust accordingly.

I moved my parents (and my mooching sister) unto Mobile Share last year and it saved them $10, Mobile Share Value would save them another $10 (even tho they're all on contract with subsidized phones, dumb phones pay less on MSV)... They should be at $160 for two smartphones, 4GB data, and a feature phone. Unlimited minutes etc.

Not even taking into account this recent promo, if you went for 6GB ($80), two regular lines with subsidy ($40x2), and one unsubsidized line ($25), you'd be at $185 (unlimited minutes, texting, etc). Might be even less (or about the same but with more data) in light of this recent promo.

It's not gonna save you a ton but $15-25 a month is better than nothing, plus you'll never need to worry about minutes again and you'll probably end up with about the same amount of usable data (only with overages instead of throttling).

Next isn't really worth it unless your wife and kids usually want the newest iPhone every year... Phones tend to run $25+/month so even with the $15 discount you end up paying right around $200 for the phone after the 18 or 20 months of Next payments.

Heck if they ever get something like an iPhone 5c or a cheaper Android phone (Moto X is $0.01 on Amazon right now for instance, for upgrades on contract) then Next ends up being significantly more expensive. It really only makes sense for serial upgraders or someone that buys the newest iPhone every two years on the dot (since that's the one one that's always $200 regardless).

The $15 discount on unsubsidized lines is still great for stuff like the N5 etc tho, or for anyone that keeps their phone 2+ years.

Like this a lot. Looks like we'll save 20 a month. Both are phones are eligible for Next, but my eyes are on Nexus 5. With the BYOD discount this looks like a no brainer.

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I'm shocked every website has missed the big deal going on. If you add a tablet on these for 10 bucks a month you get a $200 credit aka 20 months free.

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There's no s in my last name, now go back to 3rd grade.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

If someone isn't intelligent enough to be able to read a name that ONLY consists of 4 letters, then their the ones who belong in 2nd grade, not me.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

You both need to shut up. Seriously you both sound like first graders. Every damn post you two go bqck and forth. Do us a favor and contribute something meaningful to a topic.

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I have 4 lines on T-Mobile with comparable text & data for around $125, so how is this a good deal?

It's a good deal for those who want coverage outside major metropolitan areas. It may be good for you, bit tmobile coverage in general is awful compared to AT&T and Verizon.

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Don't even go there. AT&T has way better national coverage. You know it. I know it. Everyone and their brother knows it. T-Mobile can only compete on price because they are a budget carrier. And with AT&T's better pricing, it's a much better option for a lot of people especially business people who travel a lot. I, like everyone else, likes what T-Mobile is doing. But it's not a real option for a lot of people.

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Its not a good deal if you are on T-Mobile. You already have the best deal. With T-Mobile you have 10gb of unthrottled data.

10GB's? I have unlimited data on T-Mobile.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

130.00 for 2 phones and 10GB...PLUS you have to buy your phone...hmmm...Calculator, please!

ATT: 130/2 = $65.00 for Unl T, T, and 5GB roughly...Add $20.00 for the phone, and it's $85.00 a month per phone, or, roughly what they were paying anyhow, and now with "Sponsored Data" so your Netflix and HBO Go bills can climb.

Because for $5 or $10 more you get better coverage in urban areas. T-Mobile is great if it's good where you live and you never travel anywhere. Either way I hope tmobile keeps expanding as it will continue to force plans like these from the bigger companies, or At least at&t. Verizon is a beast if it's own.

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Sprint Framily is still better for you. There I fixed it for you.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Well, Sprint works great for some people. The fact that they still have customers means that they're doing something right.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

It is if you have good service where you live. In my town lte is fully available but indoors it's junk and when you switch to 3g it's unusable. At least with at&t and tmobile when lte is not available you get hspa speeds which are definitely passable.

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That's one of the big reasons I switched to T-Mobile from Verizon. T-Mobile's 3G HSPA is much, much better than Verizon useless EVDO 3G.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Yeah...I know all about VZW EVDO...I lived on it for 4 months even though they claimed I had 4G at work...

AT&T has a way better network worth a few extra dollars a month.

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Att is going to be more expensive when the network is bigger. That's called capitalism premium products come at a premium price? Saying att should be cheaper than sprint is like asking BMW to compete with KIA on price. Not gonna happen

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not even close to free. Sure you can get AOSP free, but to get it into a usable state is another story entirely. Yes, programming time counts as cost

And that has nothing to do with anything. He said that AT&T is more expensive because its bigger. Android is bigger than any other mobile OS, but when Samsung goes up to Google and asks for some Android to put on its phones, they don't pay a premium price to Google. Neither does any other manufacturer. Just because you're bigger doesn't mean you have carry a premium price.

The OS doesn't cost anything from Google.

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Hoping you guys can help me. All these plans confuse the crap out of me. My wife and I use AT&T. Can someone please tell me what I'd be paying on this for just my wife and I? We both have note 3's. And I get a corporate discount of 19%.

Thanks in advance!

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Never mind, I clicked the link and it was right in my face lol.

Let's see.... Where's the nearest exit???

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This seems like a great plan. I have a few friends that could/would definitely take advantage of this.

More options are always welcome. Anybody that spins this into a negative is trolling.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Not a bad plan. I think it comes out to be the same as the new value plans they introduced but instead of sharing 8gb between 2 lines you share 10gb. With a corporate discount I see many people rethinking their switch to T-Mobile. Tmobile needs to step up their coverage expansion or in a couple months I may be leaving to att.

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This will be great.
I currently have 4 phones (3 smart 1 flip) on the 10GB Family Plan and my bill is $380ish each month (usually have $15-30 in overages)!
The flip phone is off contract but the other 3 aren't available for upgrades until summer or later.

My question is will I automatically be put on the Next plan to benefit these savings?

I'm not a fan of the Next scheme, discounts or not.

This guys wallet is being raped!!! Lol!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

You gotta be on 10gb mobile share VALUE plan. Next or not, its pointless to do two year contract. You either get your own phone or you do next. with 2 year contract you pay more on your bill + you pay more upfront. Either do next or better sell your phone and get a new own and activate it.

That's not really true, a lot of the time you can get new phones on contract for next to nothing. A new Moto X is free right now on Amazon for an upgrade on a family line. If you do the math it's actually cheaper to pay the full $40 on the line for it for two years than to pay $40 + $26 -$15 for 18 or 20 months and then just $40-15 for the remaining months.

So it's not really pointless to do a two year contract without Next... Yeah a Nexus5 or used phone is cheaper and pays for itself with the $15 discount, but not everyone wants a used phone or a N5 and Next isn't necessarily the next cheapest alternative (no pun intended). In most cases Next is still kind of a rip off, a cleverly disguised one.

Next makes the most sense if you always buy the newest IPhone (since you'll never find it for under $200 regardless) and for people who wanna upgrade often. For the majority of Android users who can buy a One or a Moto X for $0-50 on contract it's a tougher sell (my sister got her One for $50 over four months ago, my mother got her One X for $50 in September of 2012, mere months after it came out).

Your math didn't add up. The new Moto X was on sale a few times for $299 without any contract. So that was only $300 paid full. If you pay $40/mo with 2-year contract, you are paying $25/mo extra for the phone. In two years, you are actually paying $600 for a phone that was $300.

Same could be said with other phones that normally retails higher but can be had on-contract for next to nothing. Those are typically last gen phones, not the lastest and greatest. So a $600 full retail price will only worth about $300 to $400 when you can get them for free.

Am I the only person that cringes when they see all that AT&T bloatware on the article pic?

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So....I wonder if AT&T will pay some for the ETF's and if the corp discounts are still available with this new plan.

I wish they would offer a single phone plan, say unlimited talk/text and 10gb data for 65-70. I'd ditch sprint for that.

ATT, 10GB's of data on a single line? Yeah right! Go back to sleep and keep dreaming.

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Single line need good deals to. Their current single phone line is just ridiculous priced and low data limit

Purchasing a new home soon and I'm already on a 2yr contract so these savings are not only very welcome but right on time!

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So are the smart phones on att next or off contract unlocked???

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When are ATT customers going to realize that contracts don't exist anymore, lol. Get with the times.

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Then in that case congratulations to ATT. Contracts are a thing of the past.

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Rule of thumb for at&t: When they give you something cool, they will take away something needed.

The people that come up with these plans do not think about the families with 2-4 teenaged kids in the mix.

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Actually the people who think of these things do think about the families with 2-4 teenage kids...they think about them while they're swimming in their pool of money

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O agree. But I disagree with your Sig.

Lol, jk. I know its true. I'm probably going to ditch this n7 for the tabpro 8.4

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The Nexus 7 was just too small for me. I love the form factor of the G Pad

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FYI existing customers can take advantage of the $15.00 per line whether they are in OR out of contract. Only NEW LINES as of 2/2/14 have to be on Next or BYOD have to get it for $15.00. Otherwise it'll be $30.00 per line if you sign a contract. This is fantastic. I'm an AT&T COR employee and we are thrilled the company is listening to us from what customers tell us they want.

So I have three lines all under At&t contract. We share 6GBs of data. Are you saying that we can keep our current devices, switch to 10GBs and actually get a reduction in our monthly bill??? If we want a new device then that line would have to trade in their device and join Next? Im so confused. It can be that easy and good. I'm missing the catch.

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yes you can 100 for 10gb and 15 per line. You dont have to trade in your device to do next, only if you are on next and you want to upgrade in either 12months or 18 months you trade in the device for another next upgrade. You can trade in your device if you want credit towards anything though.

I think you meant $40 per line if you sign a new 2 year contract starting tommorrow. att rate plan calculator is up and ready with this new plans already. Although the customers with 2 year agreement before feb 2nd are not reflected on the tool.

$40 per phone was on the OLD Mobile Share Plan. With the New Value pricing and you were an AT&T customer before Feb 2nd all phones are $15/month each. data plans are 10GB shared $100.00, 15GB $130.00, 20GB $150.00, etc (minus any corporate discounts) Under the old Mobile share plan I have 3 lines (2 smartphones & 1 basic) sharing 1GB - pay $145.00 ($40 data(minus corp discount) + $40(smartphone)+$40(smartphone) + $20(basic Phone)) (plus other fees) With NEW Value plan I can get the 10GB plan for $100 (minus corp discount) + $15 per phone. I get a 25% corp discount so I only get $10 off the old plane, but I would get $25 off with the new value plane. Plan numbers to compare for 3 lines (2 smartphones/1 basic:
Old Mobile share: 1 GB shared $135.00
New Value plan: 10GB shared $120.00
And all phones are now off contract.

Am I missing something here? I get 9GB more data capacity and pay $15 less a month? and

Just switched our three lines from the 6gb to the 10. One phone was off contract. Saving $30/mo (plus the $40/mo credit I'm getting for the next four months threatening to switch to tmobile). Good deal for those of us still in contact.

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Just turned on my hotspot. It still works so I assume it is still included in the plan.

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Ill keep my current T-Mobile set up 4 lines 160 a month all smart phones

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Yep I left att for t-mobile and nothing they do will get me to come back. They are a dirty business and do not have true unlimited data. Their throttled unlimited data is as fast as edge with 2 bars at best. This is with full bars of LTE.

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I just called AT&T and now instead of the $40.00 per smartphone charge it will be $15.00. I have 2 smartphones on the plan along with 2 data cards that share 30GB. After the changes I am saving $50.00 a month. I am eligible to move to the Next Plan even though we have 2 Note 2's for 10 months but for now will stay put.

No contract? 10GB unthrottled data? Two phones for 130.00 a month? Goodbye Straight Talk, I am going back to the Mother Ship. My wife gets 18% off AT&T so this is a no brainer for those of us who buy their phones outright and need AT&T coverage!

Yup. I get 28% off the $100. No brainer me. And even cheaper (considering the discount) than tmobiles highest plan (which is what I would get if I were to switch). Finally, att has done something good.

I just signed up for the new plan. I am an existing customer under 2 year contract. Was on the 6gb shared plan. Now on this 10gb plan, my price has dropped $30. Switched online easily to it. Now there's absolutely no incentive for me to switch to tmobile as I was thinking about it. 10gb of data is pretty much unlimited for us. So glad tmobile shook up things and now forcing carriers to change things. Your move, verizon.

I just spent 45 minutes on the line with AT&T customer service because it wouldn't let me switch online. I'm still under a 2 year contract for a few more months, and the rep told me that only people out of contract can get the new 10gb/$130 plan.

Just called 611. Converted my old Family 550, with 3 lines to this plan. Still under contract for 18 months. After FAN discount and taxes they estimated $145. Not bad.

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With 2 lines it might save me some cash. Where does the employee discounts work here though? base price only?

Just the base. 100 - discount, +15 per line then taxes. Customer care breaks it down for you.

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So let me get this right it would look something like this...

100 - 20% = $80 +15 +15 = $110 per month for 2 phones with 10 gigs of data? Plus you turn the phone in ever 12 months for a new one on the next program IF you use Next for a new device? Sorta surprised...If that is 100% correct? Thanks!

I *think* that in order to get the trade in for your phone you would have to be in their "Next" program which is 40/month for the phone instead of 15 (25 to pay for the phone). So your example would be 80 + 40 + 40 = 160. That's how I'm understanding it anyway.

I've got a family plan with 2 phones and a mifi device.. Family plan is 1400 minutes with rollover. My phone has unlimited text and data. The other phone has a mobile share plan of 4 GB. The mifi has 5 GB per month.. All for $220 a month due to my 20% corporate discount.. This is the first time I've truly contemplated giving up my unlimited data... Help me guys!! Lol..

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I left VZ for AT&T last May and I have been very pleased. Not only is my bill less, the service is great. I also like the flexibility of having gsm phones. I switched to the 10GB plan this morning. With my company discount my plan price just went down by increasing my data from 6 to 10. No brainer!

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Just switched myself. Confirm that existing 2 yr contract customers signed up before today are moved over to the $15 device fee. I'm using next and my wife's contract is up in May. So 2 lines, 10 gigs will run me $116 after our work discount but before taxes and stuff. Pretty damn good deal imho.

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I'm on T-Mobile, used 16gb of data at 35mb down and 17up and my bill was only 85bucks. That also includes unlimited talk and text. Oh yah, T-Mobile throws in free tethering with that.
I'm very happy where I am.
Thanks T-Mobile, just getting faster every day.

Made the switch.. I'm now paying $140 a month before taxes for 2 phones and a mifi hotspot.. Saving myself $90 a month from my old plan..

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Have tried pretty much all the carriers at one time or another and unfortunately for the best coverage it's either Verizon or ATT so they kind of have you by the balls. With that being said we're on our second go around with ATT and fully intend on taking advantage of this deal.

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Well, it's just as advertised. My bill for 10 GB with five smartphones WAS $270, before discounts and taxes; it is now $175! Absolutely no strings attached, no asterisks, etc. My two-year contract still runs out at the same time; I can sign up for the Next program, if I desire, or just run out this contract, at this price.

Totally happy with this!!!

I'm in same boat, question is what happens when 2yr contract runs out? Do you still get a new phone for $199ish or are you then paying full price?

I think the options are a subsidized phone but a per smartphone rate of $40.00, a move to the Next Plan to finance a new phone and maintain the $15.00 per smartphone rate, or buying the phone at full price all at once and maintaining the $15.00 per smartphone rate.

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I believe ehosey is correct. I spoke with Customer Service (once via text, once on phone) and they stated there was no need to move to the Next program, UNLESS I wanted to upgrade phones. I am sure that everything will change again in 15 months, so I am not going to sweat it until then, unless one of my phones breaks, or something like that!

This plan does not include subsidizing. So you will either have to buy your own phones or pay AT&T additional $$ for financing it (Next). As long as Google is still in business by then, I'm all set. $350 for a new Nexus 5 is a steal. It comes with no AT&T bloatware. First to receive updates and can work on other carriers (with all 3g and LTE support) sans Verizon. It beats $199 AT&T rip off any day.

I thank Tmob and their competition for making this happen. You know the bigs at ATT were gnashing their teeth but this had to be done to keep step.

I got wind of this yesterday and went to the store this morning. Walked out with a bill $90 cheaper per month - that's a heck of a savings!!

For a family of 4, with unlimited calling and texting along with 500mb of data each, it is only $100 a month. I'm still not too impressed with the big carriers prices yet. Let me know when Verizon and at&t get down to the $100 range

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Please compare comparable plans if you're trying to make a point unless you want your comment be ignored and perceived as bias. If you would ask TMobile to add a similar amount of data that at&t is offering here you'd be at $140 not $100.

4 lines with TMobile with unlimited talk and text and 8 gb of data for $140
4 lines with at&t with unlimited talk and text and 10 gb of data for $160

This is definitely a good move by at&t and anyone who doesn't see it is either blind or a blatant fanboy.

I currently have two smartphones (both with 2-yr agreements) and 1 iPad on the 6 GB Share plan, and I'm paying $170/mo. I just switched over to the 10 GB plan and now I'm paying $140/mo with no extra fees to make the change. I can continue using my two smartphones until the 2-yr agreement runs out, at which point I own them and can keep using them if i wish. If I upgrade, I'll need to pay full retail price for a new smartphone or use the NEXT program to split up the cost of the phone over 20 or 26 months (no interest).

I will give them a call this morning to see what this is really all about. There has to be a catch to this. AT&T does not do anything for their customers. Now once I call if it is a good deal I have no problems letting you know that at all.

THANKS JERRY!!! Android central just saved me over $600 a year on my three phones! I just finished with a customer service rep and it was a painless switch. I am even still eligible for the corporate discount I had on my previous plan. I guess T-Mobile stirring things up has really benefited us.

Now looking forward to more smartphone makers having to compete on price since the general public won't be blinded to the actual prices of phones now that subsidizing is dying.

I see much consumer friendly competition ahead.

In about a year, both my daughter and I will be eligible for new phones and I was going to upgrade her to a smartphone at that point. Right now, I have 2gb of data just for me, plus a ridiculous number of voice minutes on the "family" plan, and shared unlimited texting. The family plans AT&T announced last year would have raised our bill because there are only two phones in our family, maybe this kind of plan will work out better once we have two smartphones.

Tried to read through all these but it's a lot to read. How do messaging phones fit into this equation? If I opt for the 4 phone $160 plan but I have 1 or 2 messaging phones (of the 4) does it change?

Under the New Value plans all phones are $15 each. Smartphone and Basic/messaging phones are treated the same, I have 2 smartphones & 1 basic phone so my smartphones will share the 10GB. $145 for unlimited calls & texting and shared 10GB data on 3 lines. And the only time I pay AT&T to subsidize my phone is if I get one thru the Next program!

Is there a lower data plan? Say 2 lines with 4gb for $80??? I have only two lines, don't need 10gb, and want to switch to Att and save money. Now with Verizon, $60 each line with 2 GB and unlimited talk and text.

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With VZ you're paying $120/month for 4GB? For $10 more you get 10GB and no overage charges for using more than 4GB and up to 10GB of data.

2 lines with 4GB shared could be as low as 120 a month. Just Google search for mobile share value plan (was unable to post direct link).

The Mobile Share plan I was on with 10GB data was costing me a base rate of 280 a month (120 data + 30 per phone for 5 phones and 10 for one tablet). Under the new 10GB Mobile Share Value plan the base rate is now only 185 a month (100 data + 15 per phone for 5 phones and 10 for one tablet). All the devices on my account are less than 3 months old, so I will not need to upgrade for a while. To maintain the new prices I would need to buy future phones under the Next plan or buy outright. The good thing is that all my current devices will not need to be traded in, only future devices purchased through the Next plan.

The savings will make it easier to buy phones outright and then resell them myself later to offset the phone purchases. The numbers work good for my situation. :)

I'm in. Went from $150/mo for two smart phones sharing 4gb to $125/mo sharing 10gb (after employer discount). Still 15 months left on contract for my HTC One, happy to pay nonsubsidized price for service.

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Reporting back after visiting the AT&T store - we still have unlimited text, and unlimited calling (given we had more minutes than we could use before), and went from my 2GB of data to 10GB to share, two new phones (I did not plan to upgrade, but basically the service cost plus one monthly phone payment was the same as the service cost plus two monthly phone payments... odd) - so I got my daughter onto a smart phone and managed to come out with approximately the same bill, just an additional charge for insurance on her phone. This is really a good deal.

This is an EXCELLENT deal!! I was paying for 3 phones and a hotspot 226 bucks! If I had ONLY 3 phones I would of been paying 145 but the hotspot adds 20 bucks so from 226 I went to 165 (that's minus taxes) with 10 GB of Data. I might just up my data! For all the haters, just keep in mind that I AM NOT interested in Tmobile or Sprints shitty service so Id rather pay this for reliability than having to deal with dial up speeds (on Sprint) and shitty coverage (on tmobile). You get what you pay for! (I know I had Sprint!) EDIT- AND the best thing is that I am no longer on contract! I had 1.5 years on two lines and 9 months on the hotspot and the third line!

ok, so heres the REAL DEAL on AT&T's new plan so to speak! I was informed that YES my plan would go down... we have 5 family members and pay 250 a month right now. We have been with ATT for 9 years, all on iphones. 2 years ago we got 3 new iphone 5's. we paid 200 for each and signed a new 2 yr agreement. Well, if we go onto the NEW plan of 10gb shared everything, unlimted everything plan for 180 (we have 5 phones not 4), and after our 18% discount for the company we work for, our bill will be 157 a month, GREAT SIGN ME UP, NOT NOT NOT.. after asking more questions, it turns out that IF we change to this plan and we want and or need new phones (3 of us have almost 2 yr old phones and two others are 4 yrs old phones, so we are all due soon) then we either have to PAY FULL 600.00 EACH phone price in cash up front OR our 157 bill will go up monthly by 25x5= 125.00 per month more because they do NOT give you the 2 yr agreement discounted phone any longer!!!!! you HAVE to either finance each phone at 25.00 a month each new Iphone into your monthly bill for TWO YEARS OR we can do the new plan (the trade in plan i forgot the name of), which is 39.00 per month and you can get a new phone every twelve months if you want to! EITHER way, i will be paying either 282.00 or 353.00 a month OR buy 5 new iphones @ 600.00 = 3000.00 total PLUS 157.00 per month for the service!!!!!!! this is absurd!
So i did all the math and if we live with our old phones and nothing happens to them at all and stay on the same plan forever, then we will be out 6k for 2 years for cell phone service. we would be out 200.00 per phone at the time each phone would maybe have a problem and break, so lets say 3 break then 600 during that period of time or 1000 at wort, making our charges up to 7 k for a two year period of time. if we live with our old phones again but go to the new plan sharing everything and unlimited, we would be out 6800.00 for 2 yrs. with new phones BUT we would not have the luxury of buying phones on a tax return, we would be stuck with one very large payment every month that we cant afford. IF we go with the outrageous idea of renting the phone for a year then trading in, we would be out 8500.00 for 2 years!!!!!! no fing way! That si almost 2k more just to rent and get new phones every 12 months! so i say this, they like to act like they are saving us money but they are NOT saving, they are actually making the price higher! BEWARE and do your math and ask questions. I am so glad i asked details because had i not, i would have been real upset when the time came to get new phones. SURE, i can save 100 a month by keeping our old phones but we all know that after a very short period of time, these electronics take a dive on purpose so we have to keep buying more and more, or they change everything so the young folks want the "newest" of everything, so it is unrealistic to say i would really save 100 a month because we all know these teens will want an upgrade shortly! BUYER BEWARE! watch these fast talkers! ASK TONS OF QUESTIONS! do not jump into this deal without asking! Good luck to all... im staying right where im at at ATT or I may shop around for once!