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AT&T has just released its plans regarding a massive investment in both its wireless and wireline infrastructure. Over the next three years, AT&T plans to invest a total of $14 billion -- $8 billion in wireless, $6 billion in wireline -- to improve all aspects of its services. Although its 4G LTE network has been rolling out at a steady pace, it is upping expectations with this new influx of spending. The new goal is to cover 300 million Americans with 4G LTE coverage by the end of 2014.

AT&T plans to leverage its recent spectrum acquisitions in the most populous markets to help improve 4G LTE networks that have already been deployed. Hopefully with this new round of investment AT&T will offer a truly nation-wide LTE network in the near future.

Source: AT&T Newsroom


Reader comments

AT&T to invest $8 billion in wireless infrastructure


So would this also improve their "4G" for say... a possible future AT&T sim Straight Talk user with a Nexus 4?

Only if improvements in backhaul to towers and new towers deployed improve HSPA+ signal. I'd say for the most part this is focused on LTE, but a rising tide lifts all boats...

Moving more users to LTE will lessen the load for their HSPA network. Unless ATT removes some of the spectrum and re appropriates it for LTE. In other words, we will not find out for a while.

Actually, if you are an investor in AT&T you are very happy to see this rather than steady eroding of the network and the risk of market share loss. Investment in infrastructure does not harm stockholders, as it just swaps one asset type for another.

They badly need this. There are great regions of the Northeast where all you can get is edge.

For the love of god, i hope they use part of that $14 billion to buy a better interlacing system for UVerse. I am dead set on getting rid of Uverse as soon as football season is over because of how crappy it looks compared to digital cable delivered by QAM (of course i say that every year).