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The price for AT&T's Galaxy S5 hits the sweet spot

AT&T has announced price for its Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 line. The Galaxy S5 will be $199 on a two-year contract, $25 per month with AT&T Next 18 or $32.50 on AT&T Next 12. If you're looking to buy without a new contract, AT&T's full retail price is $649. Pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 will begin tomorrow, Friday March 21.

AT&T will also be selling Samsung's new Tizen-powered Gear smartwatches. The Gear 2 will sell for $299, while the smaller, camera-less Gear 2 Neo is $199. Samsung's exercise-focused wristband, the Gear Fit, will go for $199. To sweeten the deal, the carrier's also offering $50 off a Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo when purchased with a Galaxy S5 between March 21 and June 5, while supplies last.

AT&T says the Galaxy S5 and Samsung's new smartwatches are due to ship from early April.

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AT&T Galaxy S5 price — $199 on contract, $649 outright


Yep. And, if you ask me, the camera isn't worth the extra 100 dollars.

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That's assuming the 360 is even cheaply priced.

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Not really, that's why it didn't do so good. Oh well. Sell me gear 1 at $99 and I'll buy it. I wouldn't even pay $200 for gear 2. The Moto 360, well that's another story.

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i would pay more for the 360 just because its compatible with android, not just samsmug. I hope android wear just KILLED the gear launch!!

The 360 and G Watch will probably be cheaper.. I will wait fo change my Sony Smartwatch (that i love by the way !)

I just want Google Now on my wrist. Moto 360 preferably, but the G Watch will satisfy my needs. Not to mention I like having tech with G's.

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I have bought many galaxies on ATT off contract. No mas. Too many good phones much less than that.

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So much for the rumors about the GS5 being cheaper than the GS4. No thanks. I'd rather buy the Z2 off contract. Or the Oppo Find 7.

Just like the rumors about the QHD display and the metal casing...don't pay attention to rumors.

Why not? The leaks and rumors have been spot on for almost everything last year and this year, even many of the iPhone rumors. Sure, not everything pans out, but there was no reason to think that Samsung wouldn't have wanted to be a little more competitive, given the stiff competition at MWC.

That's all fine and dandy, but until an official announcement is made, nothing is concrete. And Samsung has been one of the few phone makers that avoid having their stuff leaked out.

I can only comment on what the Moto360 looks like and what Android Wear looks like but if those two combine well I would have hesitation paying £300 for it.

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Not really. They released the Moto X at a high price point and it cost them. They are just now learning, but that doesn't mean that the 360 release will be any different, especially if it has top tier specs.

The Moto 360, as will all devices running Android Wear, price will be more determined by build materials, not necessarily specs (as traditionally discussed).

it was sold to the carriers for $350. which was cheaper than any other flagship device (cant really speak for n4 n5 pricing). so i tend to blame the carriers for the $549-$599 16gb release pricing.

Are you basing this on the Motorola that existed before the Google acquisition? A lot of people have a habit of assuming that it's the same company that it was before Google purchased them. Which is wrong, of course.

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Well I'm basing it on the Motorola that exists now that Google has sold it to a Chinese company.

Until everything is finalized and Lenovo officially announces its plans for Motorola, any judgment passed now is utterly worthless.

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they are pretty bad. they tend to do a lot of lying and making promises that they know they cannot keep. it has a lot to do with the chick that runs customer service. she holds absolutely zero standards for those under her. i gave her my two cents on the moto support forums.

It'll probably only be available online from AT&T's website, similar to what T-Mobile is doing.

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I thought they were supposed to announce the full metal version of the S5 before the plastic version started going on sale or pre-order...

Who the hell told you that? It was a rumor. Period. Not all rumors pan out.

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C'mon Man $199 for the Gear Fit. Bring the price down AT&T you will sell more. I guess I will keep my fitbit

I'm disappointed, you're looking at 500 dollars straight up for both phone and watch... That's crazy and that's only a 16 gb model or 8 gb if you think about it
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Is that JUST a 16GB Galaxy S5 for $199?

Will they have a 32Gb and 64GB option, for $299 and $399 respectively, also available? (with contracts?)

Samsung will never release a 64GB handset. The last time they announced one was when the S3 debuted. Even then, we never saw it. I'm not sure if it was a market exclusive (i.e. restricted to Korea) or if just never actually materialized.

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Going to wait for Costco to stock up on this. 3 month exchange policy, don't like it, get something else.

I'm wondering if Samsung collectively shit their pants when the Android Wear announcement dropped along with the Moto 360 and LG G Watch. I'm betting they will announce either a new Android Wear watch in the next couple weeks or maybe that their new watches are compatible with AW and it can be loaded on them once released.

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Yes I don't see Samsung sweating bullets, but probably taking notice and making a few adjustments. I'm sure they could easily make an Android Wear version of the Gear or something totally different they probably have hidden behind the curtains. Samsung keeps a plethora of options in their portfolio and has the means to bring it to market pretty fast. I'm not going to count them out just yet.

If this is any hint at what we can expect for pricing of future smartwatches this year, my guess is they're all dead on arrival with the general public. This will be a tiny niche market until they can reduce these high prices to around $150-200 at the most. These things aren't going to replace traditional fashion watches or fitness bracelets at this rate. I'd rather just pull my phone out of my pocket like I have been doing and leave my $300 in pocket for something more useful.

Who would want a Gear 2 with the new Motorola and LG watches coming out this summer? Still over priced for a product that only works with one brand.

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It amazes me the amount of people on this website who seem to think that the opinions here are those of the general populace. The fact is, most people in the real world only see two options when it comes to mobile tech. You either have iSomething or a Galaxy.

Motorola, LG, Sony, HTC, Pebble etc. all make some very good products. The problem is that to the average consumer these companies are not even on the radar of discussion. In reality they deserve to be every part of the discussion because their products are in many instances far superior, and often times less expensive, than the likes of Apple & Samsung. But none of that matters!

When the everyday Jane and Joe public sets out to buy mobile technology the only brands they can wrap their mind around are Apple and Samsung. Samsung did what other Android OEM's were not able to do or were unwilling to do. They, Samsung, created brand loyalty, recognition, and a "cool factor" with young people (middle and high school ages) that the others OEM's have not been able to match.

If you ask a young person who is about to get their first piece of mobile tech what kind do they want, the likely answer will be iSomething or Galaxy. That's just the reality. Fair or not, like it or not, wish it was so or not, that's what's playing out at retail shops all across the world.

Which is why I believe that Samsung is not worried about how many of us on this, and other tech websites like their products or their pricing. They've created a "following" with the masses that they believe will enable them to reach whatever internal sales goals they have set.

I disagree - every day the amount of people that only know those two brands shrinks. Even my 60 year old Dad knows HTC, Motorola, Nokia and the Nexus devices without paying much attention to the mobile industry as a whole. Information from other brands is everywhere these days.

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You may disagree, and I respect that. Your 60 year old Dad is obviously a knowledgeable man and despite your own words that he doesn't pay much attention to the mobile industry, he pays enough attention to know that there are options. But that's not the case for the average consumer.

Most consumers believe Galaxy is Android. It's funny because in a strange way many on this very website seem to think so to, based on many of the comments when the first Galaxy Gear was announced. Many thought, and unreasonably still think, Samsung had or has some obligation to make their smartwatch compatible with all of Android as if it was their responsibility to do so. Many couldn't understand why they would make it compatible with only their products.

Well, I understood, and believe it makes perfect sense from their perspective. Samsung has sold over 200 million smartphones worldwide. If they were able to convince just 10% or 20 million customers to purchase their branded smartwatch, at say an average price of $215 that would be over $4 billion in sales. If they sell just half that amount, representing only 5% of their smartphone sales, then Gear sales would be over $2 billion.

Samsung done what other OEM's have simply failed to do. They have a brand loyalty and recognition that assures them a certain amount of sales no matter what. Sure there are people who know better and realize that HTC, Motorola, Sonty, LG, and Nexus have some really nice products and offer other alternatives, but clearly these folks are in the minority and Samsung knows this.

This. My sister in law has an S2 and has been waiting on this to buy it...even though there are so many better phones out there, a lot of them for less money. But she wants nothing to do with them...won't even read about them...she just wants an S5 because it's a Samsung.

I have to agree with DAS. I worked at Best Buy in the mobile department and all that we sold all day long were iPhones and Samsung Galaxy products. By the tons. Very rarely did we do other phones. In most of those cases it was because they were free with an upgrade.

So much for getting them to drop the price on the phones.
$650 for a phone with 16 GB internal storage? No thank you

This. The Note 3 is 700 dollars, and it comes with 32GB of storage. If this is 650, that means the Note 4 is going to cost in the ballpark of 800 dollars...

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I do not think the Note 4 will be $800.
Just remember that this is through ATT.
They will charge as much as they can,
But the pricing has been pretty close to consistent with past models.
I will pay the $299 on contract to replace my Note 2.

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Was hoping for a cheaper off contract price for the phone. Wil l there be a developer version?

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$649 outright is MUCH BETTER than the ridiculous $700+ in Europe. I'll be waiting for the T-Mobile version for the unlocked boot loader. AT&T can su** my b*lls.

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So you don't have to pay State sales tax on a $649 phone, subsidy or not? I believe that would generally amount to over $50

What would the comparable State sales tax be on a $499 phone like the unlocked 32 GB HTC One?

Someone answer me this... buy using att next, pay off the phone after 26 months, you own the phone, right? You only own the phone if you pay off entire amount correcT?

Also, is there a dev edition coming out?

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With AT&T Next you pay monthly for the phone and at the end of the contract its yours in either 20 or 26 payments. You can trade it in after 12 months. If you want to upgrade sooner you have to pay the entire phone off immediately and then you can do another Next plan.

You also get a discount on your Smartphone access charge, so if you take the 10GB plan they cut $25 off the $40 charge. Not bad.

I was in contract and not eligible for an upgrade, but was able to do the Next pricing and paid it all up front. I ended up getting a LG G2 for $550ish, which was much cheaper than the $650 plus outright price everywhere else had it listed for (Best buy was so expensive) You can also just pay the monthly amount and upgrade in a year, which I had no plans of doing at the time.
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So no word on the 32GB announcement and I suspect we won't until end of April or early May at the earliest. So is it $699 for a 32GB or $749 for a 32GB?

The off-contract price for these is ridiculous. I feel sorry for anyone who drops over $700 for a 32GB phone, especially an all plastic one. Hopefully the new HTC One 32GB will come in at $575 like last year.

I feel sorry for someone that drops $575 on a scratch and dent phone that has a camera that is crap. OH WAIT, I forgot, we have not really seen evidence to support either of our suppositions.

I have used the Gear 2, it is very nice compared to the original, but the wrist band is still not final. That pricing is nuts. I wouldn't personally pay ver a $100 for a COMPANION device which uses the phone as its server, essentially.

Man, the price of the Galaxy S goes up every year even though they haven't started using more premium materials. The 16GB GS3 was $549, the 16GB GS4 was $629, and the 16GB GS5 is $649. They've finally matched the price of the iPhone. The GS6 is on track to break the record for most expensive 16GB phone ever next year.

Hopefully the new HTC One will come in at $575 for 32GB like the original One did last year. Much more reasonable.

Alright 649.00 to buy something which will try to lock Me out of the bootloader, come so overly bloated with carrier bloat/spyware that I won't have anywhere near the space the space the device ships with, a whole plethora of Samsung S-crap on a carrier that nickel and dimes me to death... where do I sign up!

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awe, sounds like you need to change carriers. My note 3 lets me in the bootloader, I can disable the crap, and runs like a charm.

Get over the Samsung hate or at least place it where it should go.