AT&T has confirmed that it will offer the new version of Motorola's Moto X smartphone for sale, along with the company's new Moto Hint wireless earbud.

AT&T did not offer any information on a release date or pricing yet for Motorola's second version of the Moto X, but did say it will support the Moto Maker customization service for the smartphone. It also provided some information on the Moto Hint earbud, saying, "Motorola Hint is a discreet, wireless earbud that incorporates in-ear sensory and voice command technology. When used with the new Moto X, wake up and open certain apps hands-free with voice controls."

moto hint

Will you be buying the new Moto X from AT&T?

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AT&T confirms it will sell new Moto X and Moto Hint wireless earbud


Unfortunately normal people will buy the crapped up carrier versions with that ugly carrier logos. But normal people may even not know or buy the Moto. They will walk into the store and ask for a iPhone or Galaxy. If they buy iPhone they will be fine, if they choose Galaxy then they will be stuck in that lag hell for 2 years.

This is why my 2 lines will never again be in a contract. Its also what kept me from buying the LG G3...No unlocked version. So I will skip it. Its just that important to me I guess.

I would add that any Android Phone I buy Fall 2014 needs to have Android L on it already. My reason is you never know when the device gets upgraded and what kinds of glitches he may have

They have a LG G3 that is unlocked. they were selling them on Ebay for 450 a month ago but they were 16gb models instead of 32gbs because the unlocked models seem to just come in the 16gb haha

I'll stick with unlocked versions too; the problem for me on this upgrade is I'm not sure I can justify upgrading for my 2013 edition Moto X... I may be waiting until the 2015 edition. The ear piece is pretty intriguing, though - especially if it doesn't lose any functionality by sticking with the 2013 Moto X.

And still no word on if Tmo is going to sell this device. Probably have to buy it from Motorola again. Just wish they have the wifi calling in it. That though has to be one that is sold in the store.

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Hmmm, yet another phone that I will want this fall. This one solves the only thing that I don't like about the original Moto X, which was the small screen. The small battery on the new one concerns me, though.

Too much money for the unlocked version especially when you can get a One Plus for far less not to mention 64gb storage. No more locked/bloated phones for me either. I think the Moto is cool but not cool enough to spend that kind of dough in a crowded market that has more cutting edge devices

I love my 1+1 but I loved my moto x more. Cannot wait to see the new moto x in action.

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And 22 ATT apps to go with it...actually the moto x on ATT had minimal bloat. Going unlocked though.

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