Samsung Attain on AT&T

Dunno how anyone's going to explain this one. Tucked away on Samsung Mobile Singapore's Facebook page is a smattering of Galaxy S II accessories. And on the desktop dock is none other than an AT&T branded device. That'd make it the rumored Attain. Now before you start screaming that it's just the Infuse 4G and everybody's confused, note that the power button's ever so slightly different than AT&T's current 4.5-inch monster. That said, the power button's also different in a second render of the dock (which looks pretty slick, by the way, with HDMI and 3.5mm jacks). One more pic after the break, and you can check out the whole thing at the source link.

Source: Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook; via Engadget

Samsung Attain on AT&T


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AT&T Attain (aka the Galaxy S II) outed by Samsung on Facebook


If it's an infuse then why is it missing the chrome trim and the logo for the power button is in the wrong place?

I would love it if they did a logo-less (or at least, a logo on the back and a logo-less front) device. Now that would be a beautiful black slab.

Ye especially the new rumored ones for the S2.. "Attain" , "Function".... NOPE. IF it comes to VZW, n pple ask me wat it is... jus gunna tell em, "Oh this beast? It's a Galaxy S2"...

Maybe its a code name? I hope these names are nothing more than code names and get branded with just simply 'Galaxy S II'. Though anyone I see with a Galaxy S device always calls it by just that, not by the name the carriers gave it. So regardless of names, Samsung should do a great job of getting into the peoples mind that these are Galaxy S II devices, period.

They're not calls the GS II because they are not 100% the same. US variants have 4 buttons, and different radios.

If they were the same, one could just flash a GSII rom, but you can't. Even the FCC says they are different. If they weren't, Samsung wouldn't need to submit each as a different model.

Yes, they are spec'd like a GSII, but there's enough differences that they need their own model numbers/names.

First a VZW tease... now AT&T... wtf Samsung?! I BEEN waitin on this for VZW, why it is so hard to release it?! If it was fastest selling handset over in Korea, wouldn't they b in a rush to sell it here in USA????? STOP TEASING

As you can see the US version will look slightly different. I bet that's the hold up. The US carriers are differentiating their version which is taking time.

The American devices have all four buttons. It was the same thing with the original Galaxy S series. Honestly don't know why that is though.

It's a US model which US carriers like to change the hardware features. The original GS had a physical button but none of the US variants did. Also Sprint's version had a physical keyboard.

I WANT IT. But really have no reason since by Captivate works just fine and isn't even a year old yet haha.

Although if this does start the news coming in about the GS2 variant, doesn't that take away from the Infuse? What would be the point of getting that now.

Im getting one of these to replace my captivate
hopefully it doesnt have the problems the captivate had

You might want to check that it was still a tease, either way. All the tech blogs and outlets plastered the story all over.

I can read just fine, thank you very much.

if it werent for the description on facebook, how do you know its not the infuse??????????????????????????????????????????????? any markings on the phone in the picture to be certain this is the sgs2?

On the infuse below the screen it has the Samsung name, but not on the one in the picture also the power button is slightly different, but could just be a bad photoshop job.

Hmm. I also noticed on the two picks they show, the power button icon is located in different spots so who knows

It looks allot like an Infuse
Well , The original Galaxy S II is better looking , even though I don't like the looks of it
I thought the next Galaxy S would've have a better design , like the Captivate

& for the dock , Its ugly
But the beauty is in the eye of the beholder

That is one slick looking package. That dock is a take off of my Nexus One's with some added punch. Only problem, it's on AT&T. In Boston area that is the worst carrier. AT&T's 3G is pushing out on average 500 kbps on download and less on upload. Pretty damn pathetic when you check their coverage map and it states I'm in their very strong data signal area. Verizon has LTE and T-Mobile has a very strong HSPA+ in my area. Sprint's 4G is about 1 mile away but their 3G is pushing out on average 1.5 kbps download and 750 upload. AT&T is a major fail in our area. Hoping any other carrier gets this device because I refuse to buy a beautiful phone and use it on very slow data speed and pay for 4G service. It would be fantastic if Verizon got this device with their LTE radio installed. I would be a very happy camper.

I don't think that's an HDMI out on the back of the dock. I think it looks more like a microUSB plug to supply power to the phone for charging while in the dock.

Sprint and Verizon will be getting this phone too. As for T-mobile, that has yet to be known but some people believe the Hercules is the T-mobile version.

this is a photo shop just check the icon pawer its in diferent position on both pics ass well you can see some buttons on the dock in one pic and the other doesn't.

I really hope the carriers don't muck around with it too much... The Samsung Fascinate looked cheap and ugly compared to the Captivate, I don't want the GS II to come to Verizon uglied up too.

What I hope is that it has NFC, all this goes for all the US flavors of the SGS II. Because the SGS II being sold right now, doesn't. Samsung says they will include it on later models.

The dock is very slick. I am sorry that you have crummy ATT service wherever you are that you are complaining about. I have been on ATT for many years in admittedly a small market area but the State I live in has very good ATT svc and I would not switch to Tmo (whats the point if ATT is gobbling them up) and the Sprint and VZN service in the area is not as good.