AT&T dumps a bucket full of LTE location news, both currently active cities and coming soon announcements

AT&T just sent out 20 press releases with a bunch of LTE announcements. There's a lot to digest, so allow us to break it all down in one place for easy reading.

New LTE cities that are currently active:

New LTE cities coming this summer:

There's no word on when exactly during the summer these will light up, but I'm sure AT&T will remind us again when they go live -- or you fine folks will let us all know the minute it drops. 

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Qbancelli says:

They still suk!
Die AT$T, God bless TMobile!

Jay Holm says:


At least T-Mobile followed the GSM upgrade path with HSPA+ 42, and didn't just give up with HSPA+ 21 like ATT did.

Jon_Doh says:

@Jay Holm T-Mobile built out a handful of HSPA+ 42 sites in large cities and then abandoned that plan in favor of 2G EDGE.

Jon_Doh says:

Yes, if you love EDGE then T-Mobile is great!

harryg27 says:

Yes! Finally will get LTE in T-Town!

Roll Tide!

Jay Holm says:



I may go to AT&T instead of T-Mobile now. Roll Tide!

Jon_Doh says:

Who in their right mind would go with T-Mobile over AT&T? T-Mobile's network is still 90% 2G.

No its not.

Dirtman16 says:

As an Auburn fan, I disapprove this message.

stogie5150 says:


wicketr says:


Chipras3 says:


Sered says:

Roll tide!

jeeves744 says:

Wish they would put as much effort into pushing updates to their phones

JosephN says:

Roll ride

Jayshmay says:

Why does it say "Roll Tide" in red letters next to

Jay Holm says:

Thanks for the insight.

sublimaze says:

Texas has 30 million people and Athens TX is on the short list? Seriously?
Athens is lucky to have a Dairy Queen.

Jay Holm says:

ATT is following Sprint's example of bringing LTE to villages before towns, and then finally cities, Lol!!!

chuckz28 says:

The difference being AT&T is bringing LTE to twice as many at a time and with twice the frequency.

dbattenfl2 says:

IF AT&T was not dead last when it comes to LTE, then "twice the frequency" would mean something!

dead last???? In markets? Speed?

Sered says:

Dead last? You mean 2nd only to Verizon with Sprint a distant 3rd and TMobile an even more distant 4th? Yeah sounds like dead last.

How about when I go out of range for LTE, I still get HSPA. What does Verizon get? LOLCDMA3G

bangishotyou says:

Hey, the Rio Grande Valley made it on there. We shockingly are also lucky enough to have a Dairy Queen per town. But our T-Mobile HSPA+ 42 coverage is excellent! [looks over at Nexus 4 which has awesome speeds]

I live in the RGV as well, and AT&T has had LTE active for about 2 weeks now in the McAllen/Mission area. The population is about 200,000+ people combined. My mom's Skyrocket, my sister's iPhone 5, and my new One have been getting speeds of 8-13mbps up with the occasional burst of 25-35mbps. I gave up my Inspire 4G at JUST the right time for an LTE phone :)

TimJ100281 says:

Finally getting LTE in Batavia, NY!

Joe H. says:

I noticed that. I'm in a town on the west side of Rochester. We've had lte for maybe almost a year. But it's not too great when you get away from the city. Hopefully they'll keep expanding in the area

TimJ100281 says:

Now if only they'd get 3G in Wyoming County where my gf lives!

TimJ100281 says:

Now if only they'd get 3G in Wyoming County where my gf lives!

TimJ100281 says:

Now if only they'd get 3G in Wyoming County where my gf lives!

Ti Dunbar says:

I'm in Asheville, NC, proud home of the worst Att coverage in the country, and I've noticed a couple towers with LTE the last few weeks.

cboekhoven says:

must be you've never visited Northern Michigan....I'm not even into the UP yet and I'm on edge service 70% of my day.

I visited there last year. I can confirm. It was awful.

xs228 says:

Now ATT is resorting to "coming soon" announcements to boost their woeful roll out rate. Glad I'm on Verizon.

Sered says:

Actually, their rollout rate is much faster than what Verizon's was. Since AT&T existing network was already compatible with LTE and Verizon's wasn't; it just makes sense. Verizon took a full 2 years to roll LTE out here and I got it from AT&T in 9 months. Nearly all of these 'coming soons' already have it.

Don't hate on AT&T because you're stuck with big red and its Verizon billboard phones and garbage off-LTE network :)

lsulaker says:

You always looked like an Alabama fan!

WindRunner says:

These are just silly. As a longtime AT&T customer, I've been enjoying LTE for about 3 months now in a city that has not been announced as either having LTE or that will be receiving it "soon." Not sure what constitutes a roll-out any more, but I've been cruising well above 10 Mbps down for many weeks now.

Press releases are silly.

In McAllen, TX, part of the Rio Grande Valley, I've been getting the LTE icon on my One, as well as on my mom's Skyrocket, and my sister's iPhone 5. Speeds of just under 10mbps(occasionally over 20) for about 2 weeks now with NO press release.

dtreo says:

Paris! Athens! Manhattan! Oh, wait...

Archienj7 says:

A total of 64 are coming this summer. Huntington and Morgantown, WV are both on that list.

Whetzel says:

We (Morgantown) got ours today. Well, technically, as of midnight, it was yesterday (4-12-2013).

ROLL TIDE is right! The number of students in a concentrated area on campus is ridiculous. There is virtually zero data availability during a normal school day. AT&T put up "portable" cell phone tower trucks across campus, but I feel like they just carry voice, to improve calls during gamedays. AHHHH but LTE!!!! There is a jesus.