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AT&T adds new Mobile Share options, with more savings if you're off-contract


T-Mobile really is changing the landscape. This with my employer discount I just may have to switch back. It's definitely a step in the right direction.

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Yup. Nice to see TMo making this kind of difference in the industry and nice to know that people have noticed. ATT wouldn't have made this change if TMobile's uncarrier approach wasn't making a difference.

That is correct for sure. I just switched to tmobile and couldn't be happier. With this move by att their will be even more choices for those that don't have good tmobile coverage.

Methinks they're seeing a lot of number ports to T-Mobile (and seeing the positive subscriber growth from T-Mobile is reflective of it) and trying to stem a potential coming tide of subscriber loss.

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Isn't this bad for T-Mobile? If AT&T were as cheap as or close to T-Mobile then why would anyone chose to go with T-Mobile?

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I think T-Mobile is causing the change and it is a good change for subscribers. Even if people don't always think it is cheaper to pay for the phone outright and have a discount on the service.

How is that?

ATT normally changes their rate plans to whatever high rate plan/ideas Verizon come up with.


1. Verizon ditches unlimited data, ATT does so as well.
2. Verizon copies T Mobile's phone financing/upgrade, ATT follows suit.

For the most part, most of ATT's plans mirror Verizon's Plans. That is not competition whenthe top 2 carriers are pretty much the same in phone selection and plan options. At least T Mobile and Sprint are trying to shake things up a bit!

The main difference between ATT and Verizon is that one uses GSM and the other CDMA. Both have LTE, but on different frequencies.

Not to nit pick but AT&T dropped unlimited over a year before Verizon did.

Again not the point of your story but worth noting that AT&T was the test case, and after more than a year of new customers still flocking to AT&T for the then exclusive iPhone Verizon did the same thing.

That's great news.. For some. Just renewed my contract with a subsidized phone after bringing my own phone for years to AT&T.

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AT&T Unlimited Talk/Text/2GB = $95/month (-$15 = $80/month) + taxes, fees etc. 24 month contract.

GoPhone by AT&T Unlimited Talk/Text/2GB = $60/month + taxes, fees etc. NO contract.

$95/month vs. $80/month vs. $60/month.

$35 x 24 months = $840 savings with GoPhone.

$20 x 24 months = $480 savings with GoPhone.

also - my experience is that the fees and taxes on post paid plans are 2-3X higher than on prepaid plans (prepaid are simply state sales tax plus $1 Emergency 911 fee - post paid they nail you with all kinds of misc fees). take a look at your post paid bills.

i'll stick with Nexus 5 + AT&T GoPhone.

Very true. On my prepaid plan, I shell out a whopping...$2.40 over my advertised $30 plan.

Back on my old post-paid plans, I'd easily have another $10 in regulatory charges, fees passed on by the carrier, and whatever else they could dream up. Nothing like the warm feeling of knowing you're offsetting their cost of doing business, while they enjoy billions in profits. Never going back to contracts/post paid services.

But isn't the gophone plan like lesser service or something? You don't get access to all of atts service?

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AT&T GoPhone has same 4G LTE speeds, same coverage network, same roaming, same corporate retail stores/service, same web/online auto billing services, etc. as AT&T postpaid. what you aren't paying for is the overpriced phone subsidy and BS. it's a beautiful thing. the same can not be said for Straight Talk, AIO, etc. where you are forced to go through a proxy and thus slowed down from the get-go. those options are not necessarily bad - they are just not the same as AT&T proper.

good point. single plans. GoPhone's pricing advantage vs. postpaid decrease if you have multiple users sharing a pooled family plan.

gophone is exactly the same as prepaid AT&T in terms of service, I upgraded my mom from a dumbphone for which she was paying $65 a month to a GS3 on gophone for $60 a month.
Saving $5 a month going to a smartphones and her service and speeds are identical to my work AT&T postpaid account.

But when you add a second or third line that is where the savings start to show.

Phone 1 = $25
Phone 2 = $25
4 GB Data = $70
Total = $120

If you can get away with 2GB shared between the phones you are down to $105. Of course there will be the fees, but it is my understanding that you do not have roaming with the GoPhone plan.

That is correct, no roaming with go plans. Most prepaid plans don't allow roaming. But if you have att your coverage should be good enough to not require roaming. I'm on tmobile and over 90% of the time I have hspa or lte but once in a while I'll hit 2g or roaming towers.

False, on a go phone plan you are restricted to AT&T towers only. So if you into a roaming area your cut off. Also note that you may not get access to all AT&T towers as well.

false. coverage is identical. maps are identical. and WHO THE F do you think you are roaming to? T-Mob??????? are you kidding?

No he's not kidding and you are incorrect. Just take a look at Nebraska. Most of that partner coverage is provided be Viaero Wireless. That coverage is not available to gophone prepaid and mvno users but is available to post paid At&t users. The same goes for the partner gsm coverage in Maine provided by VZW(former unicell GSM towers) and US Cellular's GSM network. There are other partners scattered throughout the US where AT&T has no native coverage, none of which provide coverage to GoPhone users.

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As it was explained to me about a year ago from a buddy who works for at&t Mobility as an Engineer, domestic roaming is basically a thing of the past.

Almost anywhere an at&t customer (prepaid or postpaid) goes he or she is registered on a native at&t Mobility cell site.

In fact in those places where an at&t customer might need to roam onto the local provider due to there being no available native at&t coverage at&t does not even sell its products thus, most prepaid users would never be able to obtain their services and thus would never have the need to roam onto that local provider.

Again, for the most part, the average user will never have a need to roam onto that local carrier as there is some (being the operative word) native at&t coverage available.


The GoPhone plans typically don't allow the tablet tethering that the shared plans do. I don't know if this is affected by the pricing changes. I'm looking into that now because my wife and I are switching from Sprint to AT&T in February when our commitment is up. Since we'll be taking our own Nexus 5 phones, we'll be saving a bundle by switching.

no problem to WIFI wireless tether my laptop to my Nexus 5 on AT&T GoPhone via the native KitKat Hotspot App. i never use it but nice to know i can if i need it in a pinch!!!

One thing to consider regarding prepaid versus postpaid:
Postpaid includes roaming on non-AT&T towers while prepaid died not. So if you travel, you will have better coverage with postpaid than with prepaid. I just learned that with my Nexus 4.

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This is for the mobile share plans. Im off contract but I still have an unlimited plan. Do I also get the -$15 or is this another way for them to lure people off of the old grandfathered unlimited plans?

If you keep the unlimited plan then you will not get the -$15 I'm sure. However they more than likely wont make you switch either. Guess we will see though.

This is going to get me off unlimited. I don't really need unlimited. I have a 24% corporate discount. So with the 2 Nexus 5's sharing 2GB of data will net a monthly price of $93/month plus tax for my wife and I. I almost switched to go phone but now I'm glad I didn't. This works out better for me because of my discount and there are 2 phones I have to pay for. It beats the $123 plus tax I'm paying now.

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Bring back unlimited data. I use up to 10GB of data sometimes. And sometimes I don't go over 1 GB. Gimme unlimited so I don't have to worry about going over

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Personally, I tether my laptop sometimes on the road while working. I remote desktop into work machines. I also watch videos while stuck in airports and such. Generally I just use my phone....I can easily use up 3 gb a month just from web browsing.

I go through about a gig a day. Streaming and work stuff.

My phone gets used... Alot

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I download whole ROMs and OTAs from my phone because I'm not patient enough to wait till i get home. YOUTUBE streaming, HD music streaming,I use my phone a lot

I read the whole statement on atts website and I think they still have more info to disclose once the plans are available. But I would imagine that each phone would get 15 off since you still are paying a monthly price for each phone.

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I doubt it because each line is only $10 (not counting a texting or data plan). So if you are only paying $10 for a base phone line addition, AT&T will not discount that line at -$15. that would mean that AT&T is paying you to have an extra line and AT&T is not about to do that.

This is only on the mobile share plans, not the classic talk plans that added lines for $9.99

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It's 45 for the first phone and 25 for additional phones. That's for smartphones. So either you would only get 15 off of your entire bill no matter how many outright phone's you have or it'll be 15 off of the 45 and also 15 off the 25 too. If that makes sense. So if you had 4 full price phones then you'd save 60 bucks... That just doesn't seem like itd happen. But that would be awesome!

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Usual ATT move. Sounds like doing something good, but actually will cost customers more. (They needed to offer a discount to make their NEXT plans make any sense, but they did it in a way that'll cost others more, lowering the data fee but raising the per phone fee, especially hurts multi line accounts).

We have a 10 G plan, 4 phones and an iPad (120 + 30/phone + 10 = 250). The new plan will make that 270 (100 + 40/phone +10).

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I will copy this over from what I posted on iMore...

The no contract option sounds nice, but you're still getting screwed. Let's say your base bill on contract is $80 (doesn't matter what we set this at).

1. No contract ($15 discount on bill): $65x24 months + iphone 5c unlocked ($550) = $2110

2. Contract: $80x24 months + iphone 5c subsidized ($100) = $2020

*The no contract option pays an extra $110 over two years for the privilege of using your own iphone 5c. Now the savings add up if you don't get a new phone every two years, or buy a cheaper phone like a nexus 5 to begin with, but that's the only way to save any real money.

That's a great point. I guess its a matter of calculating. Of course if you don't mind used phones you can cut a big chunk of that full price option and buy on swappa. That's what I do on tmobile.

So in theory It's better to wait till Black Friday to get phones that were released in the spring and summer for "free"?

Compared to now where you save no money at all when out of contract, it does save $15/Mo per phone. $20/mo would have been more like it. But I'll take what I can get.

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Hmmmmm I wonder if Verizon will follow suit and give me a $15 monthly discount off my current plan that has unlimited data? You know since I'm off contract and all. Ok...I just woke up from that dream. LOL

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I wonder how family plans will work? When each line drops off contract will each one save $15? If thats the case, thats a pretty sweet option.....except I just renewed a contract on Tuesday, but still.

I'm sticking with Straight Talk on att. It has been fantastic for my two N4s. I'd be willing to go back to ATT proper if they can match that real value, instead of more smoke and mirrors.

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The sad part about this is that while people are thanking T-mobile for pushing the industry I doubt as many will actually be changing to T-Mobile in thanks. I know they are taking in customers but how many of you here are actually switching??

You say that as if tmob is as ubiquitous as Verizon. I tried tmob and got zero service at my residence. Cancelled them after 1 day. But if tmob can force other carriers to lower pricing and add more value, hey I'm all for it!!

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So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I actually just switched 2 lines over to them. I have 4 other lines with sprint that will most likely stay with sprint but tmobile will be my next choice if I have to switch. I think tmobile is doing good still, especially if they can be high bidders on the spectrum verizon is putting up. If they get that then tmobile will probably start surpassing sprint in the long run.

My current 6gb + 3 SM's goes up by $10/mo with this.

Current $90 + 35 + 35 + 35 = $190

New $80 + 40 + 40 + 40 = $200

Does this affect current customers during upgrades? So when i upgrade my main line it moves my plan to this new one?

Actually the new No Annual Service Contract plan prices would be:
6GB $80 + 25 + 25 +25 + $155 If all 3 phones are off contract smartphones

My problem is that I only have one phone that's off contract and 1 that has 9 months remaining and another with 11 months left. I wonder if mixed plans are allowed?

It's not bad for T-Mobile at all. Same principle as why Wal-Greens is always across the street from CVS.

No, AT&T just fired a nuclear warhead at Verizon. I love it!

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I am paying $75 AFTER fees for 450 minutes payper text message and 3gb of data. Would have to pay $80 BEFORE fees for my 1 smart phone with unlimited talk/text (which I don't need) and 2gb of data. Please someone make a cheaper Data only plan!

I am in a similar boat. I have the minimum minutes for a family plan (550) w/2 smart phones, 1 @ 200mb and 1 unlimited. and a single dumb phone. If I went to the share plan it would be much more expensive.

As several others have said, if you have multiple lines and typically get a new phone at a discount every two years, these plans will cost more $$, not less. This is only good if you typically keep your phone longer than 2 years and go off contract, or if you buy used phones/nexus at retail prices.

So it looks like a deal but all they are doing is shuffling 4 quarters and making seem like more money savings. Example.

OLD PLAN I pay for 10GB 120 dollars plus 30 per phone to share that bucket.= 210

I have 3 phones.

NEW PLAN 10GB 100 dollars plus 40 per phone to share that bucket.= 220

These are just rough calculations. Under then new plan it just went up 10 bucks! Im not saving any money there.

Before you switch make sure you do the math and see where they increased and decreased the fees, In the end you will be paying more.

AT&T SUCKS for Pricing. They really aren't lowering anything if you see where they are sneaking up the fees.

Corporate discount and bringing my own devices put me at $130 for 2 lines with 10GB of data. That's not too shabby. I pay that on Sprint.

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Am I still off contract if I bring my own phone to open a line?

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