First Android Wear watch launched at IFA 2014

IFA 2014 We're live at IFA 2014 where, as expected, Asus Chairman, Jonney Shih, has just announced the company's first Android Wear smartwatch, the Zenwatch. Leading up to the event we knew it was coming, we knew the name, but now it's official and we know exactly what it looks like.

The software it runs is a little more familiar – go check out our full review of that if you need a reminder – since at this point Android Wear is, well, Android Wear. But the Zenwatch is now the fifth such smartwatch we've seen that runs on Google's wearable platform. Notable software additions are some utilities to unlock and find your phone, and some gestures like covering the watch to mute an incoming call.

The ZenWatch will be available for 199 Euros. no word on a date or price for the states just yet.

The Zenwatch certainly has its own individual style and we're looking forward to taking a closer, wrist on look in a little while. For now be sure to keep an eye on our liveblog to see what else is new today in Berlin!


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The Asus Zenwatch with Android Wear is official


I thought they said under $199? I guess that means it will cost less than that in us?

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The symbol for Euros is €, but I do agree. The direct conversion to sterling is £160, which is more than I'm willing to pay.

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199 euros is a little over $260. Hopefully it won't cost $250 here in the states, time will tell.

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Prices in EU usually converts from 200€ to $200 (or just a bit higher) in US, as stuff is always a bit cheaper in the US, plus the EU prices already contain tax. So I don't believe it would go higher than $230.. that's the price of LG G watch in the states and it sells for 200€ here in EU :)

Haha, I didn't even know that they were included over 'on the other side of the pond'. :P As an American, I am used to everything being a price, but you have to figure in an additional about 8% sales tax into everything.

Yeah, Oregon is actually where I pretend to be from when I take advantage of US only offers on games and such for this very reason. *whistles nonchalantly*

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It looks really nice, actually, but I can't get over how massively huge it looked in those videos. No way I'd want something that huge on my wrist. Hopefully it looks better in person.

Agreed. The size is the kiss of death on this one. Buy it for $100 in a few months, just like all the others currently out.

I actually love the size and I'm a woman and my wrist is very small lol. I love big face watches tho. I just may get the Zenwatch out of all them it really looks like a watch and the band looks nice.

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Now I have a problem, we now have more and more choices for watches. But I always bought Nexus and I would hate myself if I buy something before a Nexus watch gets out.

Also, what about charging? Battery life? Screen technology?

And beside for example the g watch is the equivalent of a developer edition or Nexus almost because the bootloader can be easily unlocked corrext me if I'm wrong Jerry

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I lived denying this fact all this time, thanks for taking me back to reality. Now that's done. Can you tell us more about battery life, screen technology and charging options? The conference didn't show a lot besides "Yo here's a watch, buy it."

EDIT: Nevermind, should have looked at newer posts on AC. Just got to work, sorry.

Can someone explain how the UI looks so different and how they have so many other functions compared to LG and Samsung?

No mention of ambient sensor. No hrm. Same price? Asus us pretty thrifty about such things. Not sure what happened or I am missing something. I was hoping they would mention GPS as well.

Muting feature is probably using the proximity sensor that is already in the LG G Watch (prob in Gear Live too) for dimming the screen.

Waaaait fooor iiiiiiitttttt.........
ASUS had three watches at CES.

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I work in medicine a every time I have a watch with a leather strap it gets destroyed! I really hope more manuf make rubber straps...don't really like d g watch or gear live....but might be stuck with those

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just think it wud look crappy with a nice body and rubber strap....I like how the gear live strap looks good....I've seen a lg with a metal strap and just looked weird...too picky I guess...hope moto gives me wht I want

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The 360 will look even worse than the G watch or gear live if you put a rubber strap on it.

Pretty much all the wear watches will look crappy, because rubber straps look crappy.

You can't have your cheese and eat it too...

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€199 = US$; current exchange is $262 but are they pricing it at $199 or $249??? I must know now because that is a big difference!

I can deal with it. It's sleek and I like the way it's sort of discreet. I hate when people ask you all these questions about tech just cause they see you wearing a smartwatch.

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I'm intrigued! Price is pretty high (especially for the "budget" rumors that are, apparently, ENTIRELY wrong), but I'll be damned if I don't want one! IFA has not disappointed me so far! :)

Looks nice. I love European unveils, get to wake up to new stuff! Android Wear has some serious selection coming, it's great.

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Yeah, really don't like that design at all. Gigantically, enormous bezels, a weird shape all round to me.

Still not terribly impressed by these Wear watches. Guess I'll wait for something to catch my eye.

Most fuckall conference. They don't know what to speak and how to. Very bad presentation.
Steve Jobs still remains a legend in terms or presentation and intuitive speech.

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Guess I was wrong about the HRM. It is included. It is an AMOLED screen too so, more black you have more battery to conserve :). No word on battery capacity in the spec page yet.

1.4wh whatever that means. I started a thread on Connectedly with all the specs and stuff.

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199€ is not "sub-199$" like the promised, it's official price of LG G Watch or Gear Live here in Germany... Still, it's leather and stuff ;-)

I like how the second hand moves like an automatic movement watch.

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