ASUS Transformer Prime

Ye olde inbox this morning is alerting us to an update headed into the ASUS Tranformer Prime. The quad-core tablet, which is still awaiting its promised Ice Cream Sandwich Update, is now at software version And in addition to some overall increased snappiness, we're hearing that the camera's launching much faster as well. Seeing any other improvements? Let's hear 'em!

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ASUS Transformer Prime getting a speed boost with latest update


Yep read about the locked bootloader this AM on XDA... My prime is going to be delivered on Wednesday, but it may be going back if they don't unload the bootloader... :(

This tablet had great potential and was looking forward to getting it, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't preorder. Locked bootloader, GPS that doesn't work, Wifi issues....Asus really messed this up. Think I might just wait for CES to see what else is coming out.


Dunno... Mine seems to be beating ass since i got it.

My friends Gtab 10.1 doesn't stand a chance.

Sure, there will be better stuff out in 3 months... But you can apply that statement to absolutely EVER consumer product that exists.

The Prime is hands down the best tablet on the market... for the moment.

Agreed. The wifi issue is way overblown. Sure, the signal strength indicator seems a bit wonky when I'm at home, but I think its actually just a bit too sensitive to slight changes rather than an actual issue. The speeds are always fine and benchmark test reports I've read are generally positive even when the indicator is a bit low. I've seen a few posts on other forums about how people are surprised at how fast the wifi benchmarks are even when the signal indicator is low, so my suspicion is just that this is an issue with the indicator--definitely not a hardware issue and as far as firmware issues go, probably cosmetic than anything. I just read about some of the GPS issues, but I haven't noticed any problems. Background GPS usage has been pretty dead on so far for me, and just testing it now (with wifi on admittedly) on Maps it nailed my location in a few seconds. And again, whatever issues it does have are more likely firmware issues than hardware issues, and thus fixable through updates. Its the same with the locked bootloader. There really isn't any reason for them not to unlock it if there's enough demand, as a wifi only device they don't have to worry about their precious data network being "abused". Its strange that they have it locked initially, but my guess is it has something to do with how fast they plan on putting ICS on it and the difference they imagine it will make for people who are on the fence about rooting to begin with. I can't imagine they won't provide a method for unlocking the bootloader after a month or two similar to what HTC has been doing with their recent locked devices.

I got my Prime 12/21 (Gamestop preorder). I agree the wifi issue may not actually reflect signal strength as I can have the minimal bars and see no effect on speed and connectivity. I have had random issues with GPS being slow when a program outside of Google Maps is trying to use it. Haven't checked it after today's update. I did notice the startup no longer flickers but aside from that haven't noticed a change. I'm hoping the Asus weather widget is fixed as the "refresh failed" message is annoying but I've continued to tolerate it because the widget looks great while being minimal. Only have 2 complaints with the Prime so far: Asus wasn't prepared for demand. Though I was lucky to have my preorder ship on the release date, Gamestop has changed my shipping estimate for the keyboard dock 3 times with the latest being a vague late January. And second, I hate hate hate proprietary cables. I have 5 zillion devices that use microusb but I have to plug up an Asus cable and if I need an extra (I do) it'll run me $40.

I haven't gotten that error message with the weather widget at all. Maybe its related to the background GPS issues? As I said I haven't had any problems with that so maybe that's why you're getting the error message. I did read the GPS issue seems inconsistent from unit to unit. Hopefully this isn't a hardware issue, but that does seem to make it more possible (my money's still generally on firmware with most GPS issues, but I suppose hardware is a possibility in this case). Otherwise, completely agree. I was lucky enough to be lurking in a forum when Newegg got a batch in stock right before Christmas and got an order in before they sold out within a few minutes, so I cancelled my preorder (which I made pretty late) at But at the same time, I've heard some complaints that Newegg shipped mine before some of the preorders. I imagine (or at least like to hope) part of this is that the preorders they didn't ship were other models (either 32GB Grey, mine is Champagne, or the 64GB), but I'd be annoyed too if I was in that boat. They also didn't get any docks in, so I'm still waiting on that from And the proprietary cables thing is obnoxious, but that's not really exclusive to the TFPrime, its something we're just going to have to live with until Android Tablets become more standardized, just like it was with the early phones before they all finally shifted towards MicroUSB.

Also, while it may not be the "best" tab on the market for all that long, it should damn well be pretty "future proof," so long as no major hardware issues arise (I haven't experienced anything that fits that descpription in owning it for a bit more than a week).

you need to keep in mind that people speak up when they have issues and not when everything is working. A lot of people don't have issues and the tablet is working great. I am one of those people. This is an amazing tablet and the best one available. If you always wait for something better you will never have a tablet. And guess what! All new devices have some type of issue. It will get worked out.

Also agree that the "issues" are way overblown. My Prime has been perfect since day 1. I see no wifi issues (better range than my Droid X anyway, which is what I have to compare it to). Limited production problems are understandable for the initial run, but hopefully are small in number. As long as Asus (or retailers) make good for legitimate problem devices, everything should be OK. I'm not saying that a substantial number of problem devices is acceptable, but we really don't know the numbers.

The ASUS logo no longer flickers but the start up time seemed to actually get a little longer. I timed it twice after the update and it took 3.5 minutes on both start ups. Before mine was taking 2 to 3 minutes.

Locked bootloader and AC didn't mention it first. It took a commenter to do so. Shame on AC. I assume this means impossible to root then?

The prime was #1 on my short list and now just exited it. Since I rooted my phone and started using the plethora of root capable apps that are available, I can't live without root now.

A locked bootloader does not necessarily mean it can't be rooted, and it's actually more of an issue for custom roms, than rooting.
Even with a locked bootloaders often they can be cracked open like on my thunderbolt, the bigger problem is locked and encrypted bootloaders like motorola devices often have.

imho root is less important on a tablet, but I'm guessing they will find a way around it soon.

My GPS Doesn't work at all. WIFI is fine. everything else is fine.. But i'm still within the return period. I hear other peoples GPS units are working so maybe it's just me. i'll return it maybe if there's no other updates in the next few days.

By the way the Update for me what I noticed was no more flickering for the most part and maybe a bit faster. but it did not resolve my GPS problem.

WIFI is okay for me. not sure how strong the signal is suppose to be, i just know it works good enough..

I still like the unit but i might replace it for another one..