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If you didn't get the .33 OTA update for the ASUS Transformer Prime, it's now being hosted at the ASUS support site for manual installation.  The update brings an overall speed boost to the 10.1-inch tablet, and it's especially noticeable on the camera interface.  Add in the magic that's done under the hood and unless you're a hacker following your own update path, this is one you'll want to apply -- even if it's not Ice Cream Sandwich.  Hit the link to grab the firmware from ASUS.

Source: ASUS; via Android Central forums


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ASUS Transformer Prime .33 firmware update now available online


ICS Update for the Transformer Prime on January 12th. 5 days away.

I ordered mine from Best Buy yesterday but it was a mission and a half finding it in stock somewhere. Amazon is out. TigerDirect is out. Best Buy is out.

I would trust ASUS to deliver on their promises with updates, based on their outstanding delivery performance to date on the Transformer.

returned it back to the bb store today. lags as hell and I dont want to wait for ICS thank you very much. i didnt sign up for beta testing.

lol im pretty sure they arent worried since the tablet is on high demand, go ahead and get yourself an Ipad, Im pretty sure you will, this tablet with ICS will outperform it in no time.