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ASUS' latest tablet/laptop hybrid comes packing the specs, yours for £429.99

Initially announced back at IFA 2013 in Berlin, UK availability has finally been confirmed for the latest in the ASUS Transformer Pad line of devices. The catchily named TF701T comes with the now traditional keyboard dock included, and will go on sale in the UK via Amazon and eBuyer on October 21 for £429.99. 

While the name may not capture the imagination, this latest Transformer Pad comes packing in the specs department. Some recent tablet offerings from ASUS have been lacking a little in the display department, but all that goes away with the TF701T. It houses a 2560x1600 resolution 10.1-inch IPS display that looks pretty darn nice. Underneath, NVIDIA's latest Tegra 4 chip pushes everything along backed up by 2GB of RAM. On-board storage is a respectible 32GB and the package also has both micro and full size SD card slots. A USB 3.0 port, HDMI out capable of driving a 4K display and a 5MP/1.2MP rear and front camera combination completes most of the important specs. 

Of course, as with previous Transformer devices from ASUS, the dock also houses extra battery power for the ensemble. A 31Wh battery in the tablet and a 16Wh in the dock combines for a claimed 13 hour and 4 hour split on battery life, so around 17 hours claimed when used together. 

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ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T goes on sale in the UK on October 21


That's not a bad price, especially considering previous Asus Transformers were much more expensive (about 50% more).

Never buying an Asus Transformer tablet again.. got burned TWICE with the Prime and the original Infinity. Horrible horrible horrible everyday performance.

Did I mention horrible? I am sticking to Nexus tablets from now on....

I agree 100%! I have the Infinity and it's the biggest POS out there. The thing lags like crazy, pretty much unusable at this point. When you pay around $600 for a product I expect it to last at least a year!! I regret not going to the dark side and buying one of those iThings instead.

If you're considering getting this DON'T! Run far, far away!!!

I also agree. As much as I love the form factor and the actual device, the lag is torturous!

Hey Asus, I will never buy another one of your products.


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I think that has everything to do with the Tegra 3. I have a 2012 Nexus 7 and Xperia Tablet S, both had Tegra 3, and lag like crazy. The 4.3 update to the Nexus 7 fixed some of it, but it took flashing a custom ROM to make it smooth again. Have no idea if it will hold up. I am leary about Nvidia now. Qualcomm has shown me that they don't get a drop in performance over time (I have the Nexus 4).

I'm with BigBrother. I'm VERY hesitant to buy another transformer after suffering through the laggy mess that is my TF300T. I don't know if it's the IO schedulers or the Tegra chip, but either way, I will pass.

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I really wish they'd dump Tegra for a Snapdragon 800. I've never had good luck with any of the NVidia chipsets.

That is a great price. MUCH cheaper than previous transformers with docks. Someone needs to snag these things up.

I have a tf300 with dock and love the thing. The only issue is has is the I/O is not very good. I have more or less alleviated it with custom roms, but it was a misstep for sure. If they fix the I/O on these tf701's, it will be a close to perfect tablet and the best keyboard solution to can buy.

Have they fixed the light bleed? Buyer beware. I will need to read a thorough long term review before giving this a chance!

I was going to say "Seems a bit pricey and why does a laptop need an inch+ bezel?" but I'll retract.

Looks good and I'm eager to read real world use reviews and really how useful are these for the internet browser/work anywhere base.

Bezel still seems needlessly big

Dear sheep manufacturers please half the bezel thickness. Its ok Apple has done it so you can too.

*This post is not pro apple in nature but does contain cynical undertones

People often complain about the bezel on Transformers but they cannot make it any smaller. I think it would look nicer too but think about the keyboard dock. Notice the already ultra slim edge surrounding it? The tablet has to match the dock size because it folds onto it and there is no room to trim from round the keyboard. The only way they could make the tablet bezel smaller would be to reduce the keyboard size or increase the screen size.

Neither of these would be a good option as there is little demand for tablets with screens greater than 10.1 inches and no standard size panel larger than 10.1 that would be small enough to fit in that chassis so production costs would also be higher. As for making the keyboard smaller, that would be even worse. One of the biggest selling points of a Transformer is to have a good typing experience compared with other tablets. Reducing the keyboard size would lessen this advantage.

Other tablets have reduced the bezel size but do not have an issue because they do not have a dock. Also, smaller bezels may be better aesthetically, but make them too small and it is actually worse for ergonomics. It is good to be able to hold the tablet without touching the screen.

Finally. A REAL 10 inch android tablet with a REAL screen. What took so long? I have a Prime right now and I love it. Personally, it does everything I need it to do and then some. Laggy, I don't see it. My Prime flies just fine. Sure, now and then when apps are updating I find the whole thing to lag a bit but I figure that is logical. After all, tablets really are not multitaskers, at least not in the sense of a real lap top or a desk top so I'm willing to let it go. When I click on an app, I don't need it to open in .00000000000000000000000001 seconds. I'm OK with a couple of seconds. Even on desk tops that are infinitely more powerful programs take a few seconds to load. People need to get their expectation in check. And for the record, while I don't own anything from Crapple, I do have friends that own iPads and their systems run almost exactly like my Prime. No matter what, there is a tiny delay when loading an app. You have to expect the tiny delays because the architecture of an Android system is far more complex than the infantile iOS. I equate iOS to running Windows 3.1 on a Dual core intel processor. Android on the other hand is like running Windows 7 but unfortunately the processor is closer to a Pentium II. As for the bezel, I find the one on the Prime to be just the right size. Perfect for holding the tablet one handed without getting my fingers on the touch part of the screen causing even more delays because the touch screen is waiting for something to respond to. Now, all we need is a better speaker system and ASUS will have the ultimate tablet.

I've been using the TF300T (cheap slow plastic option) for 20 months. I agree with some above - it can be a bit laggy. But the firmware keeps getting updated; it is now smoother and App crashes are a distant memory. The main reason I chose this device is the keyboard dock, with full size ports and superb file handling flexibility. This remains the it's biggest plus point.

If you use this mainly as a stand alone tablet, the wide bezel could be an issue - it never has been one for me. I tend to use it as a compact laptop. With great battery life and reasonable performance, it does what I need as a consumption and Email device. I can even do basic image editing on it! As a result my main 17" laptop and 24" desktop get booted up when I have serious work to do; whilst my little plastic transformer is always in use.

I often speak to deeply frustrated friends of mine using iPads. They cant access files with alternative Apps; or simply move them to fit their needs. I can plug in and work with anything, including mice (if you ever want one) external hard drives and cards from my cameras - that ALONE sells the Transformer approach! Practical file management is superb, for an unreconstructed Windows user like me. I could NEVER live with the iOS approach to files; which would stop me using it productively.

The TF300T has a few issues. That docking port needs an occasional dab of contact cleaner; the tablet weight makes it a bit top heavy, so it can tip over. The build quality and feel are a bit "70%". But 98% of the time I'm happy that I bought one. At the time I was considering an iPad - which clearly would have driven me insane after the first month, or ended up smashed against a wall! Why do people buy them?

ASUS should improve quality control and they MUST sort out their "near hopeless" after sales support. However, it is much cheaper that buying an iPad or the Note 10.1 v2 (which I would like, at a saner price). If the price above is true, I may well upgrade, just for the better screen and speed bump.

As a company, ASUS are NOT perfect. But the device itself has become my 24-7 tool of choice. I never dreamed that an Android based device could be THIS useful - but it just is folks.

I love my Transformer Infinity for its incredible flexibility (ports, etc.), its build quality, its dock and its docked battery life.

I hate my Transformer Infinity for its atrocious memory management which I keep having to flush to keep the thing usable.

I want to upgrade my Infinity but I'm going to wait on user reviews to see if Asus have screwed the pooch on any major aspect AGAIN.

as usual Asus is absolutely crap at PR, customer care and the likes. Looks like the 21 Oct sale didn't pan out.
A tablet that has been announced TWICE! postponed 2 months and still missed its day is a definite no. They would have sold it if they could. I'm guessing major CQ issues

Who was the source of this 21st Oct release date? No major retailer in UK has it on their website for preorder let alone purchase...

I have read that there's quite a few major bugs to iron out (random restarts for one) so I don't mind waiting longer for a functional product. I hope it doesn't cost more than £430 though...

The source was Asus UK themselves. They've now taken down the whole TF701T page, news and where to buy.
More signs there is something seriously wrong with the tablet. And simply with Asus everyone has lost that trust to have faith in them that they'll make it work.
This is exactly what gets many frustrated with Asus. They have absolute zero care for the costumer.

My Tf300 was much better performance-wise than my laggy tf700. Rumor has it that the tf700 has bad memormy in it, or low grade memory with very low bandwidth. I have managed to make it usable by changing ROMs and a couple full wipes.

From looking at Amazon UK, that 499 price is for the tablet only. 699 for both tablet and dock.