ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity

Good morning to you, great people of Earth and owners of the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, aka the TF700. (Read our complete TF700 review, won'tcha?) Word from our forums and in our inbox is that the slightly delayed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the top-shelf tablet is now available. So get your update on, then get into the forums to update us on how awesome the update went! 

More: ASUS Tranformer Pad Infinity forums; thanks, Jay!


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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) Jelly Bean update now available


updating now, just in time for my birthday (tomorrow)! woot!!!! =)

if you're rooted make sure you back up with rootkeeper and have supersu installed and unfreeze anything you may have frozen with Titanium. Find out in a min if it worked for me

*edit* Successfully Kept root, took about 30mins to go through the motions of updating everything.

Any word on the next Transformer tablet? I'm really looking to pick up a Prime or Infinity at a lower price once the new tablet comes out to replace my current Acer netbook.

If you do pick up the Infinity as the Prime has slow memory issues but got JB on my TF201(Prime) yesterday it is faster but not Nexus 7 Fast. How much better is this on the Infinity guys?

Bought my gf the nexus 7 but I've had my infinity for 2 months now. Really can't even compare the 2. Nexus is nice but with the jb update the infinity is so fast it's silly. I've only begun to scratch the surface with this tablet but any memory problems you may have been experiencing ( which were, no offense, prolly your own fault, as in operator error) are non existent.

updated mine and it seems to be working fine after I let it settle in for a few minutes. Doesn't look much different honestly.

Got the update and it installed, but now the tablet is hung at the ASUS screen with the spinning circle. It's been a couple hours. I don't know if it's re-encrypting or hung up.

It looks the same, the movement from screens is smoother. The font of the notification has changed. The clock font is the same. That's about it, it looks totally the same to me LOL.

Just got it! Long install though. around a half an hour. everything is nice and snappy, and SMOOOOOTTTHH! (although chrome seems to be acting up) Also, I was rooted, and as expected lost my root. But I didn't really even need to be rooted right now.

Got it in Calgary Alberta. So far its works great, did a factory reset though because it was an entirely new o/s. My problems with Wifi being a little unstable is completely gone. Very pleased , thanks Asus

Apparently I am one of the "lucky" people who got the Jelly Bean update. Now my infinity pad reboots every time I try to connect to my Blackberry with blue tooth, which did not happen before the update. Any suggestions on how I can undo the update or ask for a fix to the problem?

Please help!

F***... Im not the only one!! Its not connecting with my Blackberry anymore!!!! Someone save us... PLEASE!!!!!

I just purchased the Infinity TF700. It did not come with Jelly Bean and I have not received the notice to upgrade, nor can I get it when checking for firmware updates. Is there any other way to get the upgrade or must I wait until it is sent? Thanks.

Does anyone have an answer for drjlee? I have the same exact issue. Just got my Infinity TF700 a week ago. I see that you can download the update from the ASUS site but I see no clear instructions on what to do with the file once you have it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, and I figured it out. If I can, you can too. here is what I did. Disclaimer.

1) otr update was not working for me either. I have had my infinity for a few days

2) I was running the X.26 firmware (settings>About>Build #). I thought it might be safer to to update to ics x.30 before I tried jb.

3) I downloaded the x.30 firmware and extracted the file by clicking on it. It creates a zip file. make sure you get the firmware for the "us" if you are in the USA. select android and then the download link.

4) then, using file manager, moved the zip file into the root directory of the internal Storage. I dragged and dropped the newly created zip file to internal storage on the left column.

5) I rebooted the tablet and it then detected that an update is available. You will see a triangle symbol in the lower right system tray. Launch the update and the Os does the rest.

6) I then repeated the exact procedure for the jelly bean update firmware.

7) I deleted the zip files and downloaded files post firmware update

Tablet works perfect and is very, very very fast. It Def. uses more ram now.

Note, no hacks, no unlocks. this is super easy. proceed at your own risk. I hope I did not forget any steps.

Great input Ken. I found a similar procedure, at another site, yesterday.
I went through the steps and it worked out fine without a hitch. Update works well so far.

No, you understand that when you install the jellybean operating system, you're installing an operating system right? So it's not a "rooting problem" it's a new os so it's no longer rooted. You have to root it again, this time using the process for rooting hardware running jb. Remember to back up your device before you root it, and as far as rooting your device it's not something a layman should even be doing.