Transformer Book Trio

ASUS' latest dockable device boasts dual CPUs and three usage modes

ASUS has announced the latest member of its Transformer family, the Transformer Book Trio, at its pre-Computex press conference in Tapiei. The Trio is a dockable laptop/tablet hybrid device running both Windows 8 and Android "Jelly Bean." To take advantage of both operating systems, the Transformer Book Trio packs two CPUs -- a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 U4500 for Windows and an Atom 2580 for Android. It's also got two banks of storage available -- a 1TB traditional hard drive and 64GB of flash storage. Other notable specs include a 1080p IPS display.

Being a Transformer device, the Trio can be docked and used as a tablet or a laptop. But it also boasts an additional usage mode -- the docking station can be connected to a monitor to create a full desktop PC experience. So it looks like the Atom chip lives in the display, while the Core i7 likely resides in the dock.

No word on pricing or availability just yet, but considering you've essentially got a full-powered laptop PC along with an Android tablet, we imagine the Trio won't come cheap.


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ASUS Transformer Book Trio announced, runs Android and Windows 8


If this thing hits the shelves at around 800-900€ I would definitively buy one, bad thing that I'm quite sure this will start at a minimum of 1200 propably even at an even higher pricepoint =(

Too bad there are no alternatives maybe with lowered specs for the dock part (Core i3/i5 and a smaller HDD maybe?!?)

^Since the Windows 8 part lives in the keyboard, it really is more of a headless windows laptop that can use an android tablet as a screen.

This is great, also would love to see a Chromebook that runs both Chrome and Android.
But I would totally be into this, need to replace my old pavilion desktop, I wonder how well this thing could do with gaming if needed didn't see anything on a graphic card.

I think it's more like Android tablet, Windows 8 notebook (when tablet is docked in keyboard), and Windows 8 desktop (when keyboard is attached to desktop monitor, tablet screen being used separately as android device). I haven't read anything about running android while the screen is docked in the keyboard, but knowing Asus' track record I'm sure it will be possible. Making the Trio relly a quartet of devices.

According to an Engadget article there is a button right on the keyboard for instantly switching between the two OSes in laptop mode.

"And, you know, twice as many operating systems. If you're wondering how that works, there's a physical hotkey allowing you to switch OSs, similar to the setup on the Transformer AiO, which was announced last year at this same show. It's important to note, though, that that hotkey will only work if you have the tablet latched into the keyboard dock; once you unplug the tablet it will only run Android Jelly Bean."

Can't include the link to the article, it makes AC mark my comment as spam

Am I the only one wondering why Google and Microsoft allowed this? As the boot screen has both OS logo's together, I thought companies would fuss about this as they'd prefer it being their sole OS on a device. Google and Microsoft working together for once maybe?

Why would either of them have any say what-so-ever? The OEM licenses Windows 8 and licenses the Google Apps and they can do whatever the hell they want once they've done that.

Or what if it's like 800 for the tablet part 250 if you want a keyboard.
"but you can choose choose different colors" says the Microsoft engineers working on this Trio

To get my attention, it would need to run Linux desktop instead of MS-Windows. THEN it would be really interesting. Still somewhat skeptical about Android on X86, though.

Oops, brain fart! You are, of course, correct. My eyes saw ATOM, my fingers typed ATOM, but my brain thought ARM.

The things I don't get is if both Intel Atom and Haswell possessors are x86, then why do you need the Atom? If Android can run on a x86 Atom why can't it run on the new Core i7 Haswell?

I believe Android x86 CAN run on a Haswell; but, in this case, the i7 is kept in the keyboard attachment while the Atom is inside the tablet portion. By dedicating a separate chip to each OS, they're able to switch between the two OS' on the fly much more quickly because you'll never have to shutdown either OS to switch to the other.

AND by the tablet having its own dedicated atom processor, one can use tablet while having the keyboard attached to a desktop monitor with its i7 haswell inside, giving it the TRIO name (notebook, or tablet, or desktop)... if both processor were housed in the tablet, or if it only had the haswell chip, it would be no different than a dual booting tablet with a dock, no TRIO there.

Woah! I want one of these if the price is right. Windows 8 and Android! Tab and Laptop. How good can it get!

I'm hoping it will be affordable, say in the $700 range.

This is pretty interesting. Android along Windows 8 and Windows 8 sounds like a potential glut of excess. How many versions of chrome can you run at once? I look forward to hearing more about it.

Did I miss it? Where did it say what size the screen is?

Not a lot of usability in a 10" laptop, and I'm not quite sure I'd want a 14" tablet.

Either way, sucker isn't going to be cheap.


@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the cool post.

yeah hope Asus will make a landmark on this item in the market, though the price will be very high.

Thanks in Advance

I need an option to run Windows 8 in tablet mode, and im sold - this thing offers best of both worlds, but without the option to run W8 in tablet mode, i dont see it as being a viable solution - I guess you could remote into your W8 from android, but it seems counter productive.

You could always install teamviewer or something else on android. Control your win8 machine with your android machine. You could have the keyboard in your bag and play Civ5 on your android.

I can't wait for the Asus book quad. I want that tablet to be a shell for my phone padfone style. The ultimate mobile device....

It seems like an interesting device but it will probably too much for me. Perhaps I will go with the new transformer infinity.