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Teaser image shows what looks like a new Android tablet to be shown off in 4 days time

ASUS is no stranger to Android tablets, and if this teaser is anything to go by it looks like we might be seeing one in just a few short days. Not much is known other than what we see here, which in the top right hand corner shows what is clearly the standard Android status bar. The "We Transform" moniker would also indicate that we could be looking at a new Transformer Pad device. 

4 days time puts us in Berlin for IFA 2013, but ASUS is not directly exhibiting at the event nor has a press conference scheduled. But, that doesn't necessarily mean the new tablet won't be on show somewhere through a partner, perhaps such as a European carrier. We'll know all next week, but as ever with ASUS tablets, we're interested. 

Source: ASUS (Facebook)


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ASUS teases new Transformer Pad unveiling next week


I think that ASUS is my favorite brand when it comes to Android right now. I really wish that they made a phone that was being sold on Verizon's network.

Still rocking my TF-100 and it doesn't seam like it is going to quit any day soon.

Still have that same tablet. It's gotten me through 3 years of college and is now helping me for the 4th.

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I like the utility of the Transformers, but I don't know if I'd get another one. Asus needs to stop using proprietary connectors, or a least provide a micro-USB port. I can't use my external battery with it and I don't want to carry the dock around just to charge the tablet. I also find it frustrating that they keep mucking around with the bootloader. It makes it nerve-wracking to use custom recoveries and ROMs, and has resulted in quite a few tablets being unnecessarily bricked.

Yeah I get the connectors and agree completely with you.

The boot loader isn't their problem. We like to muck around with our phones/tablets, but the company can improve their products as they see fit, and if you get bricked, that isn't their problem.

We know the risks going in.

I seriously don't get your complaint. The multifunction keyboard dock is the only reason why anyone would find value in the Transformer series, especially now that the Nexus 10 exists. Plus, the dock fits tightly in the laptop when it is "transformed," and protects the screen. The only reason I even own a tablet at all is because of that awesome keyboard dock with the extra battery and it's included ports. The Transformer already has one of the longest lasting batteries of all tablets, and with the dock it is unrivaled in battery life. A micro-USB port would double charging times, and I prefer to fully charge both in under two hours than to have to wait four because of micro-usb.

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But it is easier to charge on the go with at least the micro USB option

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I am very interested Asus always makes high end tablets with unique ideas.

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I'd like to know which tablets and why, "always." The Prime was a joke with bad camera, craptastic wifi, nonexistent gps, and the bus was on the slow long road to China, and only the screen and wifi was improved on the Infinities. Everyone knows that Android is a dev playground so why advertise an unlock process then screw that process? They are beautiful and the keyboard dock is great, but make the performance of the tablet the main thing.

Really? The Asus tablets I've had the pleasure of using were great!

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If you think the most important feature of a tablet is the camera and GPS your using it wrong.

As for the WI-FI, I've never had issues with it.

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I appreciate that you think that you know how I should use my tablet, but you're wrong, dead wrong. You are in the minority of users with no problems. The Primes have documented engineering flaws. I was invited to join a class action suit against Asus because their Primes were sold without working features as advertised.

I could tell you that if you didn't have problems with your Prime then you weren't using it correctly. But I won't.

Those were made with input from Google. They haven't allowed ASUS to use the cheap ass memory they have used since the TF201. My Transformer Prime ran like absolute crap all the time, even after I factory reset it. The only reason I got a New Nexus 7 is because Google pressure OEMs to stop being cheap fucks.

Ummmmmmm, what?

The Transformer Prime TF201 was unequivocally the worst piece of tech I have ever purchased. It was made like absolute garbage, and the "support" was equally as bad. I refuse to ever buy another Asus product again. Total. Absolute. Garbage.

Edit: Didn't mean to rip on you, and sorry if it came off that way. I'm just saying that Asus is the worst.

I had a tf201 and it was a great tablet at the time it came out. Wanted higher rez so I sold it and bought a N10. At the time I thought I would really like the dock but in the end didn't use it much...

I have a TF300t and his comments are correct. While the tablet is okay (and dock), I will never own another Asus product again.

I agree wholeheartedly. The tf201 is the number one worst purchase I have ever made in all my years. I will doubt forever the quality of their products.

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I have the TF700 and it is great. It is slower than my Z Ultra of course but the overall concept is great, the keyboard is very nice and it works fine with CleanROM Inheritance. Very stable too.

The only thing I say is that when I am going for a successor, I would like a smartphone that docks into a tablet that docks into a keyboard like the original Padfone. The hardware is so powerful now that it makes sense to liberate the computer that lives in the devices (like Canonical says about Ubuntu).

Asus is my favorite brand when it comes to PC computers (really love the Zenbooks) and certainly with tablets.

The previous ASUS transformer tablets were crippled by nvidia tegra chips, which are some of the worst SoCs ever made and relied only on marketing and hype to sell.

I'm interested to see what their new tab will incorporate though.

the common "feature" of asus tablets (prime/tf300/tf700) is bad IO. I've had a HTC One x (tegra3) and the it's quite zippy so the CPU itself has no problems when paired with the right components.

Correct, the problem is the I/O bus not the chip. The Tegra 3 chip has or had been incompatible with LTE radios, I believe.

ASUS have fantastic ideas, but the build quality really should be better. My TF300T docking system is not totally reliable. The Tablet has a habit of spontaneously rebooting sometimes for no apparent reason; it clearly has a bug. The ASUS support system (via Curries) is almost entirely useless. A total rebuild did not help BTW. If this keeps happening to you INSIST on a replacement.

I still like it a lot and would be interested in a version that actually works properly.

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I totally agree. After owning a TF300t for a while I won't buy one again. I really enjoy the tablet but I would look elsewhere. Customer service is a joke for Asus.

Nothing new here. We were told exactly what to expect back in June when they had their event. They also unveiled a dual os laptop and a phablet. We were to expect a Q3 release too. I believe they indicated with 4K support, Nexus 10 level screen resolution, and tegra 4. Google it; it was a big deal 3 months ago.

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Awesome willl use all the gift cards I won from Samsung to buy this

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After owning a TF300t and seeing how Asus treats their tablets, I probably won't be getting a new one anytime soon. This tablet has had many problems plaguing it since updates that came out almost a year ago. Customer service for Asus is par for the course at best. In my humble opinion I would to with a Samsung or an Apple honestly. Just my opinion guys!

I have a galaxy tab 10.1 and it's awesome. I use CM10.1 and thus have android 4.2 even though it's an old tablet(and it's lightning fast if I OC. Battery life is still good), I don't know how their new stuff is but their old tablets were pretty solid. The Nexus 10 looks way better :D

The Nexus 7 is perfect for me. Everything I want in a tablet including the low cost. Can't imagine anything better.

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I have this tablet and love it, too. But I can still imagine an sd slot or 64gb of internal storage would make it even better :-) ...

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I have owned the original Asus Transformer and the Infinity - both with the keyboard docks. I think the Transformer form factor is great. And the Infinity is a gorgeous tablet. But after two years, I have had it with the clunky implementation of software with this beautiful hardware. On the one hand, Asus is more prompt than any other manufacturer with Android OS updates. That's good. But they ruin it with the bugginess of the updates, which often require cold boots and even factory resets to eliminate the conflicts. Their refusal to make changelogs available is now tiresome. After the last Asus update, intended to break rooting, my ability to view Google Play movies is now broken. This, even though my tablet has only run stock. I have a help request in to Google, but I have a feeling I'll probably have to do yet another factory reset and cross my fingers. The aggravation is totally unnecessary. My next tablet may be a Samsung. It may even be an iPad. Sadly, it just won't be an Asus.

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Hope it comes with some improved features in sorts and ui. Hopefully this has the nexus 10's resolution, and some ui features from the note 10.1, like pen support and side-by-side multitasking for two or more apps. Toss in a Tegra 4 chip, and I'll buy it even if it costs more than $499, but I'd like it to start at $499.

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No thanks. I'm with the majority of other Asus tablet owners who won't buy another one from them.

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Although I love my Infinity, I don't think I'd buy another Transformer. The specs are still great but on all the transformers they are bottlenecked by the painfully slow NAND chip. If this was sorted the TF700 would still be one of the best around. Hopefully they give it 4.3 so that we can at least get TRIM which should hopefully improve the performance of it.