ASUS Transformer Prime

A bit of a stink has errupted over the weekend as more and more ASUS Transformer Primes finally started getting into users' hands, and said users discovered the bootloader is locked down tight.  That really shouldn't be a surprise, and the suggestion that ASUS partook in false advertising for not mentioning the bootloader on the box is, at least, ridiculous. (For what its worth, the review unit we received wasn't locked down.)

But fear not, intrepid tinkerers. On its Facbeook page, ASUS has said it's got an official statement coming up. "And in the meantime, relax." That's probably a good sign.

Stay tuned.

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ASUS speaks out over Transformer Prime bootloader brouhaha, says to relax


Lmao... yea like thats gon slow down the Onslaught. They'll getit on allfronts until they have something sensible to say.... just take a look at both Samsung and especially Verizonss Twitter and Facebook when the GNEX was no where to be found.

I bet they'll care when they find out that the GPS and WiFi don't work properly. After that rude awakening, the bootloader issue is framed as a move by Asus that prevents devs from working on their own solutions. And, bingo: Average Joe now understands why he should care.

Sounds like good advice to me. Do all their customers have the maturity of a 3 year old or something?

I don't think it's a maturity thing honestly, as an asus prime owner we've got a number of issues, bad GPS, which admittedly I don't really care about, slow wifi I'm getting 2mbps in the rooms my router isn't in, while other devices get 10 - 12mbps and a locked bootloader.

It's not that we're immature and whining for a response is that many people like me basically really like their new prime, I can live with the bad GPS and even the locked bootloader, though I prefer it was unlocked.
For me issues like wifi have me on the fence about returning the product and for some the locked bootloader is the same thing.
We only have a limited amount of time to make these decisions so quick responses to what they are going to do about these issues are vital.

Maybe you should send yours back. I just tested both my Galaxy Nexus and my Transformer Prime and these are my results for wifi speeds for download and upload:


download - 30127 kbps
upload - 27639kbps


download - 30140 kbps
upload - 24127kbps

My prime seems to be running just fine.

Classes that talk about how to negotiate with people or those that talk about verbal self defense tell their students to avoid telling people to calm down or relax because it usually just irritates the situation. Who ever released this press release needs to be sent off to one of those classes because this will infuriate people.

I cringe looking at that photo of a prime laying face down on what looks like a concrete bench of some type...

Who cares about the bootloader. Do they have anything to say about the weak ass Wifi and non-functioning GPS?

There are quite a few issues especially pertaining to WiFi, one of which is BT and Wifi on at the same time. Try pairing a BT keyboard and BT mouse at the same time. In my experience, the wifi shuts down completely. I tried using the Logitech VX470 android mouse and just using that it disconnects. Use it for more than a few minutes.
That being said it would be nice to have wifi fixed by raising the power, if at least a temporary solution, or having the option of it. HTC has the option in the Evo 3D under wireless settings > advanced settings. You could increase power levels to wifi which led to stronger signal at the cost of battery life.
I would think the GPS could be fixed somewhat with similar scenario, if not a better software fix. We all waited a long time for this tablet and I wouldn't want to send it back - unless its to Asus to fix the wifi. It would be nice to also browse at same speeds as phones such as the SGS2. I'm surprised Dolphin browse so quickly with SGS2 and almost "rewrites" the page in the Prime. Not sure its because of honeycomb or what?? Maybe I have one of the lousy ones? BCO and. 33

I'm all for people complaining about the locked bootloader through forums, blogs, social networks, emails and letters directly to Asus. If it's that important to them, they should also speak with their wallets by not buying the device.

I'm not a fan of tons of people who don't own the device giving it negative reviews on Amazon and other online sellers. All of those negative reviews make the device look poor in comparison to the iPad, making it more difficult for the Android tablet market to grow. As long as we sabotage the Android tablet space in this manner, more people will chose an iPad, and fewer developers will be interested in creating apps for Android tablets.

I agree that if you don't own the device, don't write a review, it's really just simple common sense, however I have to say that as an owner, the devices wifi issues and locked bootloader are a big downer to me and has me considering returning what in almost every other way is a wonderful tablet.

Jus got off the phone with asus support, they want me to send my prime back to fix the known issue with the BT, Wireless and GPS. They stated it will continue to have issues unless i send it to them to have it fixed, then they gave me a rma number and are sending me a shipping label. My only issue with everything now is the working GPS. everything else seems ok for me even my wif.

How exactly are they going to fix the BT, Wifi, and GPS? Did they acknowledge that it's a hardware problem? I was under the impression that there was nothing that could be done about it.

I would guess that "send it back" is a pretty clear indicator of a HW problem. RMAs are expensive and time-consuming for vendors, so if there was any way to fix it with a SW patch I think they'd find a way to do that without an RMA. If true, this probably does point to something flawed in either the antenna design itself or the manufacturing process, as others have speculated.

I too would be really interested in finding out if they can really fix the issues, I honestly love the tablet, my BT works fine and my GPS is good enough with the wifi enabled, I'm not going to use it for navigation

But the slow wifi speeds have me down

With a tone like that I would think Asus will unlock. I mean, the backlash would be just astronomical if they said, "Hey, relax. And regarding the bootloader? Not gonna happen."

While 'relax' may not have been the best choice of words, I do believe ASUS will do right by it's fan base. Because lets face it, that fan base seems to mostly be the hardcore techie crowd, myself included. You don't want to start the year getting shunned by your fans.

I knew I wouldn't be in the position to get a prime until late this month and the wife surprised me with a pre-order from J&R for the 64GB and dock over the holiday. After all the news of issues with the prime I'm actually glad I haven't received it yet.

I'm very curious if there is a hardware 'revision' in the works to resolve a lot of these issues (GPS, BT, Wifi) since release. A lot of people on the forums are talking of ASUS RMA'ing the units to fix the issues. That would certainly go to explaining the delay in volume hitting the market.

Just explain yourselves ASUS, that's all what most of us sensible fans really want. No pitchforks needed. I'd rather wait and get one that works then deal with this nonsense. Unlocked with ICS would be appreciated, too. Thanks.

So, Originally the delay of release was because of wifi issues or at least that's what Asus Canada said. It was delayed here in the states because of what? but yet there still seems to be issues with those radios, what are they using Samsung radios or something