ASUS PW100 Qi wireless charger

A quick look at an expensive but capable Qi ​charger

We love us some wireless charging here at Android Central. And so we quickly scooped up the ASUS PW100 after it was announced through a YouTube video

The short, short version? It's a pretty cool stand/charger, but it's expensive. And it only charges the Nexus 7 (2013) horizontally, not vertically. It does, however, work just fine with the Nexus 5, or Nexus 4, or other Qi-compatible devices you've got laying around. And you can charge through cases, which is always good.

But the damned thing costs $90.

A few other quick thoughts on the ASUS PW100:

  • There's no magnet or anything in this charger, so you'll need to not bump things unless you want them to go flying. That's especially true if you're using something other than the Nexus 7 on it.
  • There is a little lip on the front edge, so that helps. But, still, be careful.
  • The PW100 comes with a 2A charger that has the biggest suppression core we've ever seen.
  • The rubber foot does a good job of holding things down on the desk.

And, well, that's that. The ASUS PW100 is a perfectly capable charging stand. But $90? That's definitely a bit much.

If you do want to check it out, however, you can buy the PW100 from Amazon, or try the less expensive ASUS Dock for $49.99.

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Jax184 says:

$90... woof

coolbreeze78 says:

Nah, $69 on Amazon, all day long. OOS but they usually ship very fast and way ahead of estimates.

Still too much though. Grab a $35 Tylt w/coupon (they pop up every now and again) or Nexus Qi charger. The light on the ASUS would be blinding at night (on the nightstand). Immediately covered in electrical tape.

Deegan says:

...or just don't buy Asus altogether. :)

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cj100570 says:

I have a Qi charger. It's about as useful as an extra thumb. It's still just as easy to plug my phone in as it is to lay it on the charging pad. And as an added bonus I can still use my phone as usual while it charges when it's plugged in. With the Qi charger, not so much. Call me when we have truly wireless charging.

DaEXfactoR says:

Wonder if it will work with the Nexus 7 Bumper case from the Play Store

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NexusKoolaid says:

Hey, wait - the pictures of the Amazon version don't show the suppression code on the cable. That does it - I ain't buying. >:(

Daniel Beck1 says:

Nice magazines Phil

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Sammyc53 says:

The parts from China for a Q charger base are about $10. That's retail, not wholesale.

They added some plastic and a cord.

$90, WTF?

Not according to eBay after 3 months. :-)

Yeah, it'll probably be $190 on eBay.

It's not exactly wireless, but I like my Nexus 7 (2012) dock. I have to like it, since the USB port on the Nexus 7 is bad and won't take a charge.

Its hideous, too expensive, and offers no extra features or benefits. I'll keep using my Nexus Qi orb to charge my N7 2013.

tdizzel says:

One of these days i might understand the point of buying a qi charger, but it won't be any day soon

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

coolbreeze78 says:

I couldn't live without one, so there's that. Plop down and done. It's pretty amazing.

rchapman80 says:

So I understood everyone's skepticism over qi charging until I actually had it. I love it. So much easier than finding the cord that dropped behind the table. If you have never had it you shouldn't knock it. It really should be standard on all phones or tablets.
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rchapman80 says:

For reference I started with my nexus 4 and now my nexus 7 (2013). I'm on a note 3 now and I enjoy it bit I miss qi so much that I ordered the wireless back and charger and I'm REALLY EXCITED for it to come in.

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I love reading about the laziness of people nowadays. "I'm too lazy to reach down and plug my phone in with the cable it came with, so I'm going to go way out of my way and buy a super expensive charging pad so I can save the whole two seconds and just lay my phone down"

ayg says:

Back in my day Sonny you had to walk over to the phone on the wall in the Kitchen to make a call. Now all you lazy Whippersnappers just pull a little brain cancer causing cellular telephone from your pocket to make the call.

See where I'm going with this... Technology isn't lazy. Being lazy is lazy.

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amrovi2014 says:


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DataHawg says:

This is funny. As a 57 year old geezer I can relate. Back in my day cell phones came in a duffel bag with a huge battery and huge bill

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Well that’s quite an expensive deal and the wireless charger only support Nexus 7 only and not support the other qi enabled Smartphones or tablets, which is the biggest drawback of it. Well instead of wasting my money on it I better look for other option as I recently find a wide range of wireless charger from Amazon under CHOETECH with nice feedback and ratings and range is also reasonable as compare to this expensive piece. Even most of the chargers are compatible with all qi enabled Smartphone.

ChromeJob says:

I'm confused, Phil. One pic shows a flat front, another shows a USB 3.0 connector.

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Doni Mendel says:

Better get the dual ZENS one, same price, but charge 3 devices at once :)

plunder says:

This is more bulky, but more stable.

Awesome A C

I'll pass at that price. If it did more than charge wirelessly I'd consider it but that's pretty unimpressive for nearly $100

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charesa39 says:

Just got this in the mail from Amazon. Works great with the N7. Unfortunately, doesn't work so well with my N5 in a Diztronic TPU case. The bottom lip of the case raises the N5 just enough to be out of the reach of the charging coil. So back it goes. It's a shame. It looks rather sleek, and has a surprisingly small footprint. However, the only way I could justify the $70 price was if it worked with my N7 AND N5.

jazzyclaysly says:

This is convenient if you want to use your phone while its charging. But kind of large compared to my ravpower qi charger. I'm wondering if there's a small holder that can holds the ravpower, then I can still use my phone while it's lying on the charging pad.

choetech says:

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