She's not at all impressed by your puny phone and its lack of a release date. Turn it into a tablet, however, and that's more than enough to woo any member of the female sex, AT&T would like you to know.

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Seems nobody learned from Verizon, the Palm Pre, and your mom.

TechNut79 says:

Video is private, but I know the commercial you're referring to.

epps720 says:

Wow, that is just AWFUL!

DWR_31 says:

Okay. Considering most of AT&T's customers are non-tech-savvy individuals (normal folk), why would you try and advertise to these people in a tech-savvy way?

The girl in the commercial obviously doesn't realize that he just added a battery pack with a bigger screen to the same phone.
The tech-savvy person sees this ad and comes to the conclusion, I need to buy a bigger phone.


DWR_31 says:

Oh yeah, is AT&T going to charge customers to dock their phones in the tablet dock?

erstam says:

I don't know why any phone couldn't have a tablet shell. Just need video out, which they all have now a days. I want a nexus pad phone :-O.


lol had to laugh at this one.

I assume you mean "woo". You certainly wouldn't want to upset the poor girl.

retsaw says:

I wouldn't be too sure, after watching that ad I think "woe" is more appropriate. :p

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A2theC says:

...right, didn't seem to make her all that impressed, then again, dude be fugly. She probably only like tiny phones(iphone), first one was too big and he shows her a BIGGER one. If you can read lips she was telling him thats very nice, please delete my dog off your phone or tablet or whateva

Skyway says:

Holy bezels Batman!

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KarenCVT says:

Sooo... This article was meant for straight men and lesbian women??

Holliwood103 says:

Argh. Leave it up to AT&T to produce a stupid commercial!!

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Gearu says:

That was horrendous. At first I thought that was Steve Carrel, but not even he could save this ad about guy randomly going up to a girl and showing her his harky phone & tablet devices.

Note also the time between him inserting the phone and when the shot changes to showing the front of the device- those 3-4 seconds is probably in real time, they just tried to disguise it by not showing the front until it had loaded from the phone. hah.

plunder says:

As Marvin said. "Just when you think it cant get any worse - it does!"
Awesome A C

Evilnut says:

That commercial wasn't even worth the cost of the lunch the ad rep bought for the AT&T executive that said okay.

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