She's not at all impressed by your puny phone and its lack of a release date. Turn it into a tablet, however, and that's more than enough to woo any member of the female sex, AT&T would like you to know.

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The ASUS PadFone X will get you all of the ladies


Okay. Considering most of AT&T's customers are non-tech-savvy individuals (normal folk), why would you try and advertise to these people in a tech-savvy way?

The girl in the commercial obviously doesn't realize that he just added a battery pack with a bigger screen to the same phone.
The tech-savvy person sees this ad and comes to the conclusion, I need to buy a bigger phone.


I don't know why any phone couldn't have a tablet shell. Just need video out, which they all have now a days. I want a nexus pad phone :-O.

I wouldn't be too sure, after watching that ad I think "woe" is more appropriate. :p

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...right, didn't seem to make her all that impressed, then again, dude be fugly. She probably only like tiny phones(iphone), first one was too big and he shows her a BIGGER one. If you can read lips she was telling him thats very nice, please delete my dog off your phone or tablet or whateva

That was horrendous. At first I thought that was Steve Carrel, but not even he could save this ad about guy randomly going up to a girl and showing her his harky phone & tablet devices.

Note also the time between him inserting the phone and when the shot changes to showing the front of the device- those 3-4 seconds is probably in real time, they just tried to disguise it by not showing the front until it had loaded from the phone. hah.

That commercial wasn't even worth the cost of the lunch the ad rep bought for the AT&T executive that said okay.

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