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It's an Asus Padfone 2. But, it's an Asus Padfone 2 in white. That's really all there is different here, but as a series of press shots obtained by VR-Zone show, there's a white version of Asus' phone/tablet combination on the way. The phone is all white, and the tablet dock shares the coloring too. Reportedly though the front face of the tablet -- not shown in any of the images -- retains the original black bezels. 

Considering the official looking nature of these shots, it's likely we'll be seeing this line up alongside the black Padfone 2 pretty soon. There's no mention of availability, but since nothing else changes but the color, it's safe to assume the price will remain the same. To see the rest of the images be sure to visit the source link below. 

Source:  VR-Zone via Unwired View


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Asus Padfone 2 spotted in white in a series of press shots


WE WANT IN US! Seriously, Asus would be so much more successful with the Padfone line if the phones had more widespread availability.

Asus would be so much more successful with each of their best products if they had more widespread availability.

Is there a carrier here in the U.S. that this would work on? This would sell so great. Can't wait for Europe to finish getting lte so we might be able to buy them their and bring them here to use on Sprint or Verizon. Maybe we'll be lucky if there is a Padfone 3

i think we already knew that since the launch some weeks ago. it's in both white and black. but the lack of keyboard dock is such a pain after using padfone 1 for so long now. it's simply indispensable.

Not interested in white, but really want a Padphone 2 setup. Would be great if you could just buy it unlocked like a Nexus.

most asus products are sold unlocked. even the padfone 1 was unlocked and not tied to networks. it's just about stock and market availability

I will definitely love to try this out. Can everyone submit a device request at gizmotakeout, they might get it for us to try out.