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ASUS is to manufacture this year's 10-inch Nexus tablet, according to reports from

In addition to being behind the highly-praised second-generation Nexus 7, ASUS might be about to replace Samsung as the manufacturer of a refreshed Nexus 10. That's according to's Russell Holly, who has a pretty reliable track record in pinning down unannounced Google hardware.

Holly reports that "multiple sources" have confirmed the arrival of an ASUS-built Nexus 10 before the end of the year. Like the current Nexus 7, the new device is to be available on the Google Play Store and brick-and-mortar retailers "in time for the holiday season," according to the report. Given the success Google and ASUS have had with the Nexus 7 line, an ASUS Nexus 10 makes a lot of sense, and shows that the relationship between the two is in good health.

There's no word on what's to come in terms of internal hardware, but we'd expect an equally dazzling high-resolution display in the upcoming tablet, along with a suitably beefy CPU. It'll also be interesting to see whether ASUS is able to offer a 10-inch Nexus tablet at a lower price point than Samsung's 2012 Nexus 10.

So would you be in the market for a larger ASUS-made Nexus tablet? Be sure to shout out in the comments!



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ASUS-made Nexus 10 refresh reportedly arriving this year


How about an Asus Nexus 5? Huh? Huh? Lol it's great that Asus is making the Nexus 10 and not Samsung :P.


An Asus Nexus 10 would be very nice! Asus makes some really nice hardware and would love to see them make a bigger nexus. However I probably would get it (my new nexus 7 is being shipped though :D) but it would be a great replacement for my moms xo.. Which really needs to be replaced!

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Guess you never had an ASUS TF300... They put great components together with the bus from a Palm Pilot. That tablet lagged horribly no matter what version of Android you had. Small but significant oversights like that have been pretty characteristic of their 10" tablets.

Biiig problems with the i/o bus on the Transformer tablets. ASUS's method of dealing with the problems, the RMA nightmares, mismatched motherboards and serial numbers rendering the unlock tool useless pretty much steers me away from ASUS.

They seemed pretty inept at problem solving and thought that they could stick their fingers in their ears and avoid their customers. Not excited about trusting a company that uses its customers as guinea pigs and not acknowledging their errors. It took a class action suit to force them to take responsibility for false product representation. Not excited about a Nexus 10 by ASUS :-(

I'm so happy if this is true. ASUS seems the only company (with LG, even if very late) that wants to bring Nexus devices in Italy.
I'd buy one, if it's as good as the new Nexus 7.

Would be awesome. I like the idea of Google using the same manufacturer for all of their Nexus tablets. Wonder if that wild rumor of Asus making the Nexus 5 has any more validity as in a pattern is developing. Either way I look forward to seeing what this tablet has to offer.

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I'd rather it was the samsung to manufacture the next nexus10, since asus is known to have made ​​some mistakes with some nexus7 devices (some dead pixels, Traces of glue, panels and screens misplaced and the left or the rigth sceen side raised) but lets wait and see

I haven't had any problems with mine. No dead pixels, no light bleed, no screen lifting. Messed up devices always get shipped. I have had Samsung devices that had to be returned because of defects. You can count on there being at least a few problematic devices of every manufacturer.

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The Nexus 10 I had for two days was a hardware nightmare. My OG Nexus 7 is perfect.

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Samsung isn't perfect either. I went through 7 Nexus 10s at launch before I found one with an acceptable level of light bleed. Granted they probably wouldn't have been an issue for most people by I am very particular about my electronics. Also, one of the units emitted a buzzing sound around the volume buttons. I was told it was probably an issue with the voltage regulator on the volume control.

Yeah, they have awesome battery life and awesome hardware. Let's just hope the specs are 2013!

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It's only August and we already have conflicting rumours (Samsung first and now Asus) about up coming Nexus devices. Let the games begin. It's gonna be a rumour filled few months.

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I'm glad to hear Asus is making another. It the new Nexus 7 is any indication it should be all kinds of awesome!

I vote for a move to a Snapdragon 800 processor and a lower resolution 1920x1200 display. Why? Four reasons: 1. little content is created to utilize the 2560x1600 resolution, 2. you don't need 302dpi on a 10" tablet and 226dpi, which it would be, would still look excellent while being useful for native display of 1080p content, 3. The lower resolution will improve frame rates (not that that will be concern for the Adreno 330), 4. the lower resolution will reduce power consumption

This. It's highly unlikely that Google would take a step backwards in hardware, for a successor.

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I agree it's unlikely but I don't think it's impossible. A strong argument could be made that it's right-sizing rather than taking a step backward. There is no benefit to the higher resolution but there are drawbacks like less natively utilizing content, lower frame rates, and reduced battery life.

I think it's possible for the same reason they right sized the Moto X, 720p instead of 1080p, and a higher clocked dual core with a faster GPU rather than a quad core. Those were very smart moves.

The technical people need to take back control from marketing for us to get better devices that perform better and have better battery life!!!

I have always had the feeling that despite all the praise for its amazing display and front-facing speakers, the Nexus 10 is the unloved stepchild of Google. I don't think Google has put enough marketing and support efforts to back the Nexus 10 as they did for the original Nexus 7. So no, I would not buy a 10-inch Nexus tablet and would go for their 7-inch tablet instead.

Yes, marketing is why I buy something too. I would never buy something unless I were flooded with commercials telling me to do so.


my thoughts exactly.
I'm just not sure what this guy is thinking commercials and advertisements will bring his tablet that he doesn't already get.

Absolutely love my Samsung nexus 10, my first nexus device. Won't be in the market for another
That said, it wasn't without hiccups. 4.2 was a pretty bad user experience on the N10 and 4.2.1 just as bad with chrome freezing the tablet almost daily. Finally delivered a relatively smooth 4.2.2 and the romming community is outstanding (nexus)

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Hmm, trying to sell a Samsung product and advising to never buy a Samsung product at the same time... XD. But is it really that bad?

Trash Samsung products while trying to sell your samsung, not a very smart salesman are you?

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While I would love a new Nexus 10 made by ASUS, I personally don't think they're going to put all of their eggs in one basket.

I still wouldn't rule out Samsung or even Motorola for the Nexus 10 refresh.

As to benhmadison's comment, If LG doesn't get the Nexus 4 refresh, I wouldn't be surprised if htc or Motorola got the job. But just like you I'm excited to see what happens.

A Nexus phone based off the HTC One sounds good! Oh wait there's already a Google Play edition.

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If it came with a optional keyboard dock like the transformer series then I will be emptying my bank account. I have a transformer infinity which is brilliant apart from the software optimisation. If they did that with just stock rom I would be over the moon.

Gotta echo some comments here on the keyboard dock thing. Plus hoping the keep the idea of the strong facing speakers from the current N10.

I'll be looking forward to this! My Transformer Prime is showing its age already and I want to get something new later this year.

I would love to see a great price on this but the 7 is such a great deal already and the perfect size. I'd rather buy a chromebook. But at the right price this is probably going to be a great seller, plus the opportunity to add even better specs.

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I really liked the Samsung Nexus 10 though. Don't get me wrong, I love both gens of my 7 but I wanted a badass Samsung tab since they fucked up the Galaxy's.

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Even though I'm not the hugest fan of tablets in general (11.6 inch sub $400 laptops do more and better), I do have an iPad 4 I'll be selling later this year to buy whatever the next iPad is or maybe even one of ASUS's tablets. If Google and ASUS can impress me with both specs and price, this Nexus 10 might be my next tablet.

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I've had some build issues with my TF300, so I'm slightly concerned about that aspect. However ASUS do seem to deliver great value, so this could be worth trying.

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I would buy one, if the price is reasonable - below $400.00 USD.

7 inch displays are too small for these old eyes!!!!

No 7, 7 the key number. Seven chipmunks twirling on a branch, eating lots of sunflowers on my uncles ranch. You know that old children's tale from the sea! ... Who works out it 6 minutes?

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I don't hate it like I used to. I'm starting to dislike Qualcomm, even though their products are good. Poor JBQ.
I miss TI OMAP... =(

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Absolutely interested, asus makes good stuff and I'm not a fan of the 7 inch tablet. For my uses its just too small, it's only marginally better than my 5 inch smartphone. 10 inch is the sweetspot for me and I'd love to trade my ipad3 for a good 10 inch nexus tablet.

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They aren't because Google doesn't want to so favorites. And plus Asus's Transformer Pad line are some of the best android tablets ever.

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I have nothing against Asus, in fact my laptop is Asus made. But I think I'd be happy with last year's nexus 10, it's about time all tablets had front facing speakers regardless of manufacturer. I have played with my brother's N10 and it rox, the audio is great which for me completes the experience.

Nah. A 10 inch tablet is too much for my liking. If I watched more videos on my tablet then maybe, but I just don't watch much media on my tablet, especially since the chromecast came out.

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I had a Nexus 10 and it was a great device. Very fast and beautiful display. But the body had too much flex in it. It wasn't a very sturdy tablet. If they made the new one a bit more sturdy, I would definitely get one. Also, for having front facing speakers, they were very quiet. I was expecting much louder sounds. But it was still a fantastic tablet nonetheless.

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Only reason I would want Asus to make the Nexus 10 is that we might actually see a keyboard dock. Love my OG transformer so a Asus Nexus 10 would be an awesome replacement.

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2013 Nexus 7 is plagued by HW or SW issues. Still no work from Google whether the touch screen issue is HW or SW. I'm a huge Nexus fan but very disappointed in my new Nexus 7.
Going to return it and wait until it's resolved or flushed out of stock.

YESSSS!! I've been saying I don't feel Sammy should be allowed to make Nexus devices, only GE devices. They do not want to put every effort into making them the best they can possibly be. The piss poor QC of the Galaxy Nexus (tons of screen and modem/radio issues) compared to the GS3/GN2 (I had both too) made it very obvious. The N10 did seem nice though.

I'm a bit hesitant on asus tablets.

I had the transformer prime. It was a nightmare. Awful signals, poor speakers, and the screen, while very bright, made annoying ripples when pressed.

Added to the fact that asus used poor quality memory that made it really laggy on that tablet

I guess, if true, i will need to read reviews so I can decide if I will replace my ipad with the nexus

I guess this makes ASUS the official Nexus tablet maker, eh? I have no issues, since I own an original Nexus 7.

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This is the only time I think Samsung should be kept as the company to make the next gen product because Asus makes Great computer parts and nice laptops but their tablets tend to fall short. The 1st Gen Nexus 7 had sereve screen peeling issues, the 2nd Gen is having GPS and WIFI issues, and all the Transformer Pads had the same GPS and WiFi issues aswell. Hardware wise on the on the first gen Nexus 10, their haven't been any major faults I've seen or heard about.

I'm glad that a lot of people have had good experiences, but personally, I've never had any luck with any Asus product. I may be in the minority, but if I purchase something with the Asus name on it, it is always defective.

The Transformer Prime was a customer service nightmare, seemingly totally opposite of what the N7 was. Mixed feelings about a N10 by Asus.

My S3 is my first Sammy product, I despised their feature phones back in the day and I have been impressed.

This sounds just like the timing prior to the original Nexus 7. Asus had a Memo 7 planned. News became scarce, and the Nexus 7 appeared.

Asus had announced a new Transformer Infinity a little while back.... news is now scarce on that... now a Nexus 10 is rumored. Hmmm...

This is great news. If the price point is right I will finally be diving into tablet ownership. A nice refresh of the 10 is exactly what I've been waiting for.

That's what I thought maybe something changed or he was trolling us.

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Im still waiting for a 12" nexus...think that will be great for magazine reading for mostly at home use which is what I want it for.

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I already have a GN2. But sometime in the future im gonna look for a different tablet. I like my Galaxy Tab 2 7" But i want something a little bigger. Might look at getting an 8" or a Nexus 10. But since all my devices are Samsung ill probably stick with Samsung

I have the original Nexus 7 and although I like the portability of a small tablet, my next Android tablet will be 10 inches. It is just better for video viewing and web surfing on a larger tablet. I don't really care if Samsung or ASUS makes the next Nexus 10. Just looking forward to see what changes (hopefully improvements) over the current Nexus 10.

I have the transformer prime, its not pure google put its pretty damn close. It does have a crack on the upper left hand corner so this rumored ASUS Nexus 10 would be a great buy for me. Been a fan of ASUS hardware for quite some time,cant wait for official specs


I'm more concerned with the weight of a 10 inch tablet. The Xperia Z Tablet got it right by making a 1 lb 10 inch tablet resulting in a more usable tablet. So regardless of who makes the next Nexus 10, I hope they follow Sony's lead by shedding some weight off the original.

The Nexus 7 is perfect for me. Not big on Android when it goes to the large tablet.

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So now speakers on the back?
Then I will never buy it.. not again tablets must have speakers towards you, it doesn't make any sense to have them on the back, even on phones to the front would be better but I can live with that on a phone

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Please give us a 64GB storage option (don't even BOTHER with 16) and wireless charging. Those are about the only negatives I have with the existing Samsung Nexus 10.

Oh, and don't take away anything we already have- I want the same excellent front speakers, same excellent screen, same great battery life, same great thinness and performance, etc.

Sounds great to have more Nexus experiences from Asus - my only concern is whether it gets 3/4G or not. I am not buying another WiFi only tablet, ever (have the org. N7)...

Hell yeah!!! Was contemplating the new nexus 7, but only because I didn't want a Samsung/Exynos tablet. Don't get me wrong, I have an s2, which I love. It's just that from now on, any Android I buy must have available source code. Enter hopefully a Qualcomm-powered Asus :D

I was hoping Samsung would make it again that way two tablets with the same form factor might result in us having more accessories for the whole Nexus 10 line.

Given how crappy the current line of Samsung tablets has gotten, I think it's a great time for Asus to pick up the ball.

I really don't understand the appeal of the 7" tablets given that I already have a 5" smartphone and what I really want for a second screen is something with the size and resolution to read without needing to zoom in and out.
If Asus can match the resolution of the current Nexus 10 and match or even increase the screen size for $299 or less, I'll snap one up. Any more than $299 and I'll stick with my old budget 10.1 or pick up a Surface RT.

I've been waiting for a refresh. The 7" is too small for me and the current Nexus 10 already feels last gen. I just wish they'd stick with a normal Res of 1080p, keep performance and battery life up, and ppi is still more than adequate. It'd also be cheaper to manufacture!