ASUS eeePad Transformer update

We know, we know. Now that the Motorola Xoom's getting Android 3.2, everybody else wants in as well. Can't blame ya. And while the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (read our full review) appears to be in the throes of yet another OTA update, it's still showing Android 3.1 in ye olde about page.

Before anybody gets all out of whack, ASUS has said this week that Android 3.2 is in testing for the Transformer, so it'll likely be coming sooner rather than later.

Source: Transformer Forums

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Lil21kev says:

Downloading and installing.. now

Lil21kev says:

Well.. I went into the new market I downloaded a few days ago and opened it. Now it looks like the phone which is a good thing. But.. then it reset lol. Also seems a bit snappier!

Fumetsu says:

It seems like the tablet manufacturers are a lot quicker with updates than the phone manufacturers. The updates are coming in weeks instead of months.

Elimental says:

That is because they not blocked by carriers like phones that need approval.

briankurtz79 says:

Plus all the tablets are vanilla.

patrixl says:

The lg Optimus pad is still stuck at 3.0.1 with no word yet about any updates....arghhhh

krusty46 says:

WooHoo! Seems snapier.

PAC757 says:

Or you could own an Acer Iconia A500 on 3.0 and still wonder when they will be able to roll out 3.1 without any problems, or at all, for that matter.

AmishMafia says:

It seems faster and some of the forum sites that used to always crash the browser work great now. Switching apps also seems faster.

Coop1979 says:

Much faster, better wifi range. All around a solid update.

Coop1979 says:

Anyone notice that the Video app now has the Market rentals?

Lil21kev says:


reticuli says:

Video app? You Tube? Where?

Coop1979 says:

It's a stand alone app called "Videos".

reticuli says:

Hmmn... I don't seem to have this App. A territorial thing? I'm in the UK!

Ronindan says:

I don't what Asus did. But my transformer is snappy, even the keyboard lag seem to be gone.

Is it just me or has the larger photo frame gone?

blackbyrd says:

I do not have this update. Where should I see it?

otherbot says:

I searched the market before the update for Netflix app and it was not there. I installed update last night and now Netflix is in the market. It doesn't work. Can somebody confirm?

My update failed. Is there a link to install manually? A way to restart the update? It won't find an FOTA update any more.

My update failed. Is there a link to install manually? A way to restart the update? It won't find an FOTA update any more.

liquidxit2 says:

Havent looked for the update, but Im glad I didnt go with the acer (almost did).

Sh3ngLong says:

Here's the changelog (from xda forums):

* Build number:
* Kernel changed.
* Upgraded Wifi driver.
* Upgraded GPS driver.
* New Tegra boot animation.
* SRS sound profile updated.
* Nvidia TegraZone app added.
* Video gallery app added (videos are now separated from the image and video gallery). (possibly US only)
* Option to hide keyboard notification popup on dock connect.
* Splashtop app updated. (not HD, yet)
* MyLibrary now shows a book count.

duvarneyn70 says:

I have an Acer Iconia tab... with 3.1. I am in the U.S. though. Im not sure where you are but the 3.1 update has already happened. At least in the us. if youre in the us, then im not sure why you havent gotten yours yet. Might wanna manually check for it in the about tablet section.

Waffles says:


This update wasn't to bring the Transformer up to 3.1. It simply improved on the current installed 3.1 firmware. So it was more of a 3.1.x update, not a 3.x update. If that makes sense?